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Full Moon at the Doorway to the Solstice

On December 18 there is a Full Moon at 27°28’ Gemini. The Sun is in Sagittarius and the lights create a T-square to Neptune (20°29’ Pisces), with the Moon trine and the Sun sextile to Jupiter (28°10’ Aquarius).

We stand at the doorway to the Solstice, aligned with the Galactic Center, as Sagittarius carries the spark of life from the death portal of Scorpio into the capable arms of the Great Capricorn mother who will give birth to the new Sun.

Sag is the sign of wisdom and Gemini is the sign of navigation, so on this Full Moon we are navigating the deep wisdom of life, death and rebirth.

“Everything on earth is being continuously transformed, because the earth is alive… and it has a soul. We are part of that soul, so we rarely recognize that it is working for us.
I have watched the caravan as it crossed the desert, the caravan and the desert speak the same language, and it’s for this reason that the desert allows the crossing. It’s going to test the caravan’s every step to see if it’s in time, and if it is, we will make it to the oasis”.
The Alchemist, Paolo Coelho.

Venus and Pluto are arm-in-arm as she prepares to enter the underworld for her retrograde journey. (1) This Full Moon shines a bright light to assist Venus, and all of us, as we begin the medicine journey quest into love, and find what we most value in our lives.

Editor’s note: Venus’ exact retrograde is merely six hours after the Full Moon on December 18, 2021. (8:35 pm PST, 11:35 pm EST).

Bio: As an international consulting astrologer, Paetra has helped hundreds of clients synchronize their lives to cosmic cycles, and live with greater harmony and understanding. She is a contributing columnist to The Mountain Astrologer magazine and a part of the editorial team. She was certified as an Evolutionary Astrologer through Maurice Fernandez in 2017, was voted Most Promising New Astrologer at the i-Astrologer Conference in 2018, completed Fundamentals of Astrology, with Austin Coppock in 2019, and in 2021 completed the Practitioners Level Horary Course from the School of Traditional Astrology in London. Paetra has a background in holistic healthcare and all things plants, which she brings into her consultations. She teaches astro-botanical illustration classes, using art and astrology, and teaches a year-long class called the Wheel of the Year, blending astrology, herbalism, and heirloom magic.
Paetra Tauchert Astrologer

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