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George Floyd & Our Social Unrest

It has obviously been a ghastly time in the world for the past six months, especially in the United States where the pandemic has taken over 100,000 lives. These difficult months were exacerbated by the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is sad to say, as an American of African descent, that George’s killing was business as usual in the Black community. I grew up in West Philadelphia. The police used to come to the playground where we played basketball and train rookies by putting us against a wall, patting us down, etc. — completely illegally, I came to find out. I cannot count the number of times I was pulled over while driving for no reason, and with no reason given. These kinds of actions have been going on since the inception of the country. I am hoping that the strong, turbulent reaction to Floyd’s murder will mark a major turning point in the racial divide that has come to partially define America.

While it would be easy to try to define this social unrest through astrology (after the fact, as usual), the cause — racial prejudice — has been a part of the foundation of America from the beginning. Perhaps both the pandemic and the social unrest are events that are preparing the world for the social, humanitarian changes that we astrologers assume will be a part of Pluto’s upcoming transit through Aquarius.

I had the privilege of teaching astrology in South Africa for the late Noel Tyl, so my frame of reference for the social and human rights concerns of minorities has a little more perspective than most. I spent a lot of time with Black Africans who were raised in Apartheid, none of whom were my students, but people I met socially. When you are a minority, George Floyd-types of events are nothing new. That’s terrible to say, but that’s how it is. There is a LOT of work to be done.

Even in the astrology world, I’ve been fortunate to be invited to speak at UAC a couple of times over the years. I’ve been published in this magazine and others many times, have had a book published, and enjoy a fair-sized clientele, including international students. That said, you’d have to admit that the minority presence in astrology isn’t what it could be. As astrologers, we should be checking all racial and political opinions at the door; nothing should get in the way of helping a client. It is unfortunate that there are some I’ve seen who do not check their negativity at the door. I’ve had minority clients whose first experience with an astrologer ended with them being called a “Libtard” and worse. We are better than that! No clients should ever walk away feeling worse about life than they did when they called us or walked through our door.

There’s not much to say about all of this through astrology. Prior to 2020, no one in the astrology world predicted deep potentials for a pandemic and tremendous social unrest in America this year. Although we do not have a data-proven horoscope of the United States, our consciousness resonates with July 4th, 1776. Any horoscope for that date has transiting Saturn conjoining Pluto in 2020. The most difficult contact in astrology is the transit or solar arc of Pluto to Saturn. Saturn transits to Pluto aren’t quite equal in their potential to suggest an extremely challenging time, but with both aspects, whether natal or mundane, we would expect severe challenges and losses. Some have talked about the presence of transiting Eris and other factors, but only after these problems were already a reality. To be impressive to a largely non-believing public, consistent prediction of events before they happen is needed, as opposed to astrological ambulance- chasing.

I have high hopes that the Floyd incident will be the turning point in race relations, but it is a cautious hope because I remember thinking similarly after the Trayvon Martin incident and nothing changed. Whatever the case may be, as astrologers, we need to be among those who set an example for all that is right and correct, and not be a reflection of the things in society that need to be eradicated.

Bio: Basil Fearrington is the author of The New Way to Learn Astrology, published by Llewelyn Publications. Born and raised in Philadelphia (now living in Delaware), he has been a professional astrologer since 1980, and has spoken at UAC and many other seminars and conferences. Basil manages his late mentor’s site at, teaches the Masters Degree Certification Course, and maintains a full load of clients. He has also taught astrology in South Africa. He is also a professional musician who released his first CD in 2019. He has played with, and/or recorded for, a long list of Grammy-caliber artists that include Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Roberta Flack, and Mary J. Blige. Basil’s astrology blog is at (New Ways Astrology). He can also be contacted at 460 Sweetman Drive, Bear, Delaware 19701.


  1. Hi Basil,

    Do you think some of this has to do with the applying Pluto return of the United States? This may indicate that we are being called upon to deal with some of the darker aspects of our nature as a country. As with most outer planet transits, it required a trigger to really set it off, and the death of George Floyd may have been just that.

    • Hi Beth,
      It is one of those things that sounds real plausible, AFTER THE FACT. We do a lot of that in astrology. An event occurs and then we say why. What would be helpful in a big way is for us to start doing it before the event. Think how much esteem astrology would have if the media knew that the world of astrology predicted a pandemic and social unrest long before it happened.


      • Yes, I think that most astrologers were predicting major upheavals in 2020, but the exact nature of them noone could really say.

  2. Hello Basil,
    I totally agree with you. Not only as astrologers are we in the kindergarten of our art but we need serious schooling and a broader view on life.
    Here is a link created by Mark (moderator on Skyscript) regarding the work of French astrologer Andre Barbault

    Kind regards,

    “When I was arrested, I didn’t know what it would do. It was just another day. What changed things were all the people who joined the movement. ” Rosa Parks

  3. Your article was well written. To me, Pluto in Capricorn reminds me of the last time Pluto was in Capricorn. The American revolution and the revolutionary war. We broke free of Great Britain. Now this is another revolution and upheaval. Pluto (transformation of power) and Capricorn (police and government)…. The protest will bring change, the pandemic will bring change..
    Interesting how the name George during the revolution of 1770’s was the ruler of Great Britain King George lll and in America George Washington led the army to overthrow England. And now George (Floyd) died to change the consciousness and police to revolutionize race relationships….. All this is a perfect description of Pluto in Capricorn…..

  4. Reading this post I was so moved to learn that Noel Tyl has passed. Please could you let me know when this happened. I met Noel at a Masterclass in Manchester many years ago and have a lot of his books – he really was one of my astrological teachers and we had a marvellous Masterclass.
    It is tragic what is happening throughout the world not just with the pandemic – right on time with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction but exacerbated by Jupiter’s expansive role. The sign Capricorn includes Great Britain and the European Union and The United States being a Cancerian country has all the planets in opposition, especially the Pluto return so it was inevitable that chaos would ensue. Remember though, out of chaos comes the beginning of the new, so we must hope that when it subsides, as it will and the move into Aquarius will hopefully benefit the human race without the need to endure the appalling racism that has inflicted planet Earth.

    • Yes, Barbara. Noel passed this past December 31st, on his birthday. I just have no words. We went all the way back to 1976. He was awfully important to me.

      And, I hear what you are saying astrologically. My wish for all of us is that there is less ambulance chasing astrology and more of it that details possibilities of the future. Imagine if an astrologer, in 2018, said, “America is going to have social unrest in 2020,” or, “There is going to be a world pandemic.” It would be wonderful for astrology.

      • Hello again Basil. There is an astrologer called Peter Novak who does exactly what is required. He has predicted social unrest and looting and rioting although he did not predict that a pandemic would be the scourge of 2020. However, he did state that it was created in a laboratory as a bio-weapon. We will find out soon. The many retrogrades now and their reappearance will come with shocking revelations towards the end of the year when they are moving directly again. Peter Novak writes on Facebook and has written on all Saturn/Pluto aspects. I am sure you will be able to locate his work. Like you, I do think astrologers are afraid to venture into predictive work too much. Richard Tarnas has done it with his tome Cosmos and Psyche but others are not so futuristic!

  5. Basil I appreciate your comments on being an astrologer of color who has experienced the extreme disadvantages of being born black in the US and South Africa. It is certainly part of our shadow as the combination of the strict property laws we inherited from England and the capitalistic and materialistic mindset we brought over here led to the disastrous commercial trade in slavery. Putting the acquirement money before the ethical treatment of human beings always leads to problems. But maybe this is the era we are passing out of, as you say.

  6. Thanks, Basil, I appreciate your astute comments. I’ve read much of your work through the decades and often refer others to your chart of the first Africans to come to the Americas. I’ve studied astrology since 1970 and worked as an astrologer for two extended periods. I’ve consistently read Dell Horoscope, American Astrology and The Mountain Astrologer in addition to numerous books. I can overlook the lack of inclusion of black charts in authors from generations where black people were invisible. I read with enthusiasm Marc Edmond Jones, Dane Rudhyar and many others published in the first half of last century.

    But post-civil rights and black power of the 1950s-1960s, there’s no excuse for the pages of the above publications to be practically lilywhite nor for my peers to write in a Eurocentric void. White silence=violence, a protest poster says.

    Sure, we’re included in these pubs when we’re a huge name and have died ignominiously, Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney. But it irks me to no end when the astrology world carries on like black subjects are of little or no interest unless they’re immediate and sensational. An example is when The Mountain Astrologer had a piece on Lizzie, the singer out of Minneapolis.

    There is consequence in the activities of many blacks. But then if you don’t think of or know of them, why would you want to devote time and energy to writing of them?

  7. Judy,I feel you. My mentor was Noel Tyl, a man who went out of his wY to help me without me asking. He just wanted to help, so he had no racial issues. Even there, in one of his first books, a Leo Ascendant was described as having a “mane of blonde hair.” That eliminates Africa, Asia, etc. That is the kind of thing that astrology or astrologers need to be aware of. The world has all kinds of people. Don’t forget that! Thanks for your post!

  8. Rectified horoscope USA.
    4 July 1776.
    39°,56’56,0 N.
    75°,09’00,0 W.
    Birthtime : 14h,20m12s0.
    Timezone : 05h,00m39s.

    Progressieve aspect:

    25-May-2020 009°,15’56 Capricorn Moon * PELAGUS (JUP – MERC )


    25-May-2020 008°,26’19 Pisces Mars 120 Asc
    29-May-2020 008°,26’19 Taurus Ura 180 Asc

    This Uranus transit occurs on 6 November 2020 and the third time on 20 March 2021.

    3-Nov-2020 015°,56’57 Aries Mars 120 MC
    6-Nov-2020 008°,26’19 Taurus Ura 180 Asc

    Biden USA president?

    20-Jan-2021 007°,13’22 Aquarius Jup 60 AR06
    20-Jan-2021 007°,20’29 Aquarius Jup 60 C–2
    20-Jan-2021 003°,56’11 Aquarius Sat 45 mutual Nep
    20-Jan-2021 007°,25’13 Aquarius Jup 135 Nep
    20-Jan-2021 006°,44’27 Taurus Mars 0 mutual Ura

    Horoscope Donald J. Trump.

    Progressive aspects:

    18-Aug-2020 012°,04’05 Leo Plu 135 mutual C–3
    29-Aug-2020 026°,59’08 Libra Asc 90 AR11
    AR11 = arabic part illness.

    2-Sep-2020 016°,52’47 Gemini Drac 45 mutual MC
    2-Sep-2020 002°,27’07 Virgo Moon 45 Jup
    4-Sep-2020 +19°,44’44 Sat // mutual MC

    • Thanks for your post. I started in astrology at age 13. That was 1967. Since then, I have easily seen 50 rectified USA horoscopes. That there continue to be rectifications tells us that we don’t have anything that consistently works before the fact. As well, when it comes to politics, the tendency is for the astrologer to create astrological reasons why the candidate they [privately] want to win will win. Thanks again for your post.

  9. Dear Basil, Thank you for sharing your poignant story about the grief you and black folks have endured for so long, and I weep knowing I didn’t realize how awful it’s been for so many. I’m also cautiously hoping this is a turning point. I am one of the many allies who are with you. F. H.

    • Thanks, Florence. I think this last episode of hatred that was on view for everyone to see will be a turning point similar to the breakthroughs of the 1960’s.

  10. I have always loved Mountain Astrologer so I sought out your blog regarding the zeitgeist of these times.
    I ran a solar chart for the US via my Kepler just to see what is going on for the rest of this year. Like many of those before me, it does not seem to focus on so much of negative as positive for change. Conjuncts between Mercury and Sun, Pluto and Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, Jupiter and Saturn and North node and Mercury. There are what I could count ten Sextiles that were in a word widespread to advance our country and three trines between Midheaven and Uranus, Midheaven and Moon and Moon and Uranus. Five squares drew my attention between Mars and Moon! Mars and Mercury which seem to be the outlashes of our current days 6 mos into the year and the remaining squares did not resonate. There are two oppositions with Moon and Sun and Mercury and Moon.
    Any comment is welcome. I do see stellium 2nd to 3rd house if you accept three close planets as a stellium. Many relate to only 4 planets. These are hefty spiritual planets and economy looms large. Yet I see where America shines is the 8th house of other people’s resources and that which is hidden along with Mercury. and north node and vertex. We can rise again. Uranus will take the hit in the sixth house of work and health and maybe that is the pointing finger of the covid pandemic. But change reveals order. We are all mad for lots of reasons with Mars in the 4th because our homeland has been violated in so many ways.

    • Thanks for your response. Your responses are plausible. It’s just that when it comes to an American horoscope, we have been in quicksand from the onset. That makes it hard to be serious about projecting ahead. Like, one of the easiest ways to determine who wins an election is to look at the condition of the 10th and its ruler and the 4th and its ruler. The 10th is the Party in power ansd the 4th is the Party out of power. We really can’t do things like that because of the uncertainty of it all. But, thanks again for responding.

  11. Donald J. Trump.

    29-Jun-2020 000°,00’00 Virgo Moon New

    4-Jul-2020 +19°,46’51 MC // C-12
    6-Jul-2020 001°,43’43 Leo MC 0 C-12
    6-Jul-2020 010°,02’49 Taurus Ura 90 Plu transit
    6-Jul-2020 014°,54’45 Cancer Sun 90 Chiron transit
    6-Jul-2020 -00°,57’08 Mars // Nep transit

    These are very unfavourable aspects.

    The Trump election organisation sends each day a lot of e-mails.
    I send them previous year the Trump horoscope, so I receive also Trump e-mails.
    If Trump knows his rectified horoscope than he will take a very big step down.
    Biden is very sleepy.
    The USA is in a very bad position.
    We have to wait for better times.

    • Thanks for your input. There have probably been more rectified USA horoscopes than any other and the author of each swears authenticity. You can see how that becomes a problem when in 50 years there have been 50 rectifications. It becomes hard to rely on but again, thanks for your input.

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