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Good Monday to all

Good Sagittarius Moon Monday, one and all.

I’m listing some of the many lively and informative astrological blogs out there. Some of these sites are hugely popular and some are kind of tucked away; some I’ve listed before, and some I’ve just found.

Robert Wilkerson’s New Moon in Libra – What’s Happening October and November 2010, at Aquarius Papers, looks at the month’s aspects in the context of long-term cycles.

For those TMA readers who haven’t discovered the prolific and warm-hearted Elsa Panizzon, she edits AstroDispatch, a popular site that keeps up to date with many astro sites. She also has her own blog,, where she teaches some warm and wise astrology.

Dharmaruci’s AstroTableTalk has an entry called Jung’s Psychological Types and the Astrological Elements. Among his thoughts: “But if you’re going to write a blog, it helps to be an introverted thinking type!”


Marjorie Orr has another big site that is a bit complicated to navigate. Here are some good starting points: This page is a forum with frequent entries and ongoing discussions on mundane astrology and world affairs. (The site is based in the U.K. and has an international scope.) Heavenly Headlines looks at key themes for October and November.

The Astrology Room is another large and busy site, housing the work of four astrologers. Here’s a nice look at Venus Retrograde, by Jane Lyle, as an entry point into the site. (One thing she says: “If you’ve fallen out with someone, this could be the perfect time to kiss and make up. You reassess the friendship or love affair, and you think – I miss that person. Life’s too short.”)


Sasstrology: The Astrology of Sex, Love and Relationships is another very popular site that some of you may not have found yet. There are many writers on the site. Eric Francis’s The Venus-Mars Conjunction in Scorpio and Gender Experimentation is one of the features this month.

Mundane astrologer David Crook’s Stellar Insights has a new article with the ACG maps for the Venus station. He also wrote on the Eco-Disaster in Hungary, where toxic sludge has engulfed several towns. (Check out David’s  lovely slideshow on the lower left of any of his pages.)

Engaged Heart is a beautifully designed site with has a great section, The Art & Science of Astrology Podcast Series. There are 55 interviews with astrologers who spoke at NORWAC (Northwest Astrological Conference) in May 2009 and 2010. You can hear Darby Costello introduce her thinking on Venus, Adam Gainsburg describing his work with the Venus and Mars synodic cycles, Alan Oken on Astrology and Consciousness, and many more.

Amanda Owen has a nice article on Neptune, When Your Giving Drains Instead of Empowers You. (As my son said to me not long ago, “Mom, ‘no’ is a word.”)

Brightstarlights is a blog on Astrology, Fashion, and Pop Culture. There is an entry on The Brangelina Brood: “The sun sign of 5 out of the 6 children are one of the Sun/Moon/rising signs of their parents!”

Starstruck Astrology is by Michelle Piller. I just found this site, but it looks like she writes everyday on The Daily Planets. Her approach is in the site’s subtitle: “If you are here, you know that a shift in consciousness is circling the globe. People around the world are trying to speak the same language. It’s the language of a spirituality that transcends any one religion or culture – a simultaneous revolution and evolution.”

Mundane astrologer and prolific writer Nancy Sommers’s newest blog, Some Sketchy Election Predictions, is on the congressional races. Since she doesn’t have timed data for most of the people, she writes: “I will go out on a limb and tell you what indications I can glean from the information I do have.” (Once on the site, click on Nancy’s Blog on the left)

An earlier entry, Election Musings, considers the mood of the country and President Obama’s chart. Nancy has many commentators and followers. If you’re interested in politics and haven’t found her work yet, head over there and enjoy her astrological expertise and the comments of many like-minded friends.

And, for some great fun, astrologer Debra Silverman has videos on each of the signs, in which she seems to be channeling the essence of the personality of each sign. Silverman is a therapist as well and has very keen understanding of the zodiacal archetypes. Look to the top of the page where the signs are in a horizontal line – click on any one and enjoy!


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