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Great astrology blogs

Nancy Sommers began writing Starlight News as a “response to the dismal first days of the Bush administration.” I have read her work often since then and she has gotten better and better. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Sommers is an informed political observer as well as an exceptional astrologer.

Her astrology is sophisticated: She uses a variety of techniques, including converse directions, solar arcs and midpoints, and they’re always clearly demonstrated.

This morning’s blog includes the transiting Uranus conjunction to the Spring Equinox charts in Britain and France, the current Pluto station opposite the U.S. natal Venus and the transiting Uranus square to natal and progressed point in Israel’s horoscope.

This week’s entry is shorter than usual; I suggest you go back through the archives to see the depth and specificity of her predictive work.

Nancy Sommers has a large following; there are interesting comments added to her blog as well.

TMA readers will recognize San Francisco astrologer Jessica Murray, who has written on the U.S. horoscope and various cultural issues for the magazine. Interested “in pressing astrology into service to provide perspective during the urgent times we are living in,” her MotherSky Blog is a showcase of her fine writing and social justice instincts. Murray is superb at capturing historical and cultural themes as they unfold through astrological signatures.

(You can also read TMA’s review of her wonderful 2006 book, Soul-Sick Nation.)

And, for my last suggestion of blogs not-to-miss, watch a ten-minute (the You Tube maximum) course on the History of Western Astrology, Chris Brennan’s wonderful synopsis.

He’s also got an article on great news for all astrologers – the AstroDatabank database in now online free from Astrodienst! (I can finally move an old Dell computer off my overloaded desktop – I only kept it to access the software.) This is a wonderful service to all astrologers, and Chris warmly and appreciatively explains the story.


  1. Starlight News Blog has not been accessible for the past 2-3 weeks. I’m wondering if it’s getting fixed or has just shut down. I miss the discussions there! Anyone know how to reach members of the community from there?

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