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Happy New Moon Week

We’re taking off into another week, with the bold impulse of six Aries planets and the invisible grace of Neptune’s very new ingress into Pisces. Here are some blogs on the times — some are light-hearted, some are weighing the serious matters of the day — all are informed by the movements of the planets through the zodiac.

To start, this amazing site has been a Facebook favorite, but some of you may not have seen the Interactive 3D Model of Solar System Planets and Night Sky. Have fun.

The Oxford Astrologer: culture, society, astrology from mythopia has accessible and light-hearted fare on lots of topics. This week’s entry is on yesterday’s Aries New Moon. She has recently written on Elizabeth Taylor, Facebook, and 11 Good Things to Do While the Sun is in Aries (includes “fall in and out of love in a day”).

Kathy Biehl writes on many subjects at Astro-Insight for Personal Empowerment. She has a post on yesterday’s Aries New Moon, and recent entries have included Elizabeth Taylor and Charlie Sheen.

At Daykeeper Journal, Boots Hart writes on Neptune in Pisces, New Era, New Age.

At the same site, enjoy Alex Miller’s Black Hole Case Study: The Astrology of the Wisconsin Protests. (You can go back a week and read his LIz Taylor, Black Hole Venus.)

Neptune and Collective Mythologies is Dharmarucci’s evocative new post. He looks at the planet’s discovery chart and the current ingress and suggests that Neptune moving into Pisces “re- creates a feeling relationship that has been forgotten. And when you have knowledge and feeling working as one, then you have a new imaginative relationship, you have a new mythology.” (The article is right below the John Cleese YouTube clip.)

Verena Heinrich is a prolific blogger with a beautifully designed site, Shifting Realities. She incorporates Tarot symbolism and many other graphics, including an aspect calendar for April. Her thoughts on Neptune include: “After his ingress, Neptune will receive a semi-square from the Sun in Aries that happens together with a semi-sextile between Pallas in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn, and stresses personal initiative in order to advance our cause instead of wasting our energy on unimportant things.”

Nancy Sommers is always up-to-date on political matters. Her current entry is Lightning Strikes. Scroll down to read The Course of War, and her March 18 entry for a succinct list of some of the particularly stressful periods of time (i.e., Dates to Watch) through this month.

I missed this when it was first posted, but Erin Sullivan has a marvelous, long article on Egypt 2011 The Breaking of a Complex. A Mundane Astrological Study of the Revolution in Egypt.

Terry Lamb’s forecasts are thorough and multivalent; she describes overall themes and also gets very specific with monthly aspects. Enjoy her current article, Bright New Beginnings: April 2011 Planetary Currents.

Jessica Murray is another fine astrological and social commentator. Her new blog is Death Metal Flying on the US and Libya.

Frederick Woodruff is a wonderful writer. His thoughtful assessment of the times, Your So-Called Life after the Jupiter-Saturn Opposition, includes “the ‘Where’s my Xanax?’ news.”  He adds:  “Neptune’s transit into Pisces corresponds with a renaissance, a revival in longing and the ways we explore that longing so as to feel connected at the deepest level of our being.”

Onwards! Have a great week, everyone.


  1. Mary, I love how you treat us to an expansive view of astrology in this blog – beginning with the interactive 3D model of the solar system. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing your explorations which bring to light an abundance of nourishing perspectives.

  2. Hey Mary:

    Lovely links – especially the 3D solar system link!
    The youtube link below is a video of the current new moon planetary dance manifested by a response to the governor of Maine’s tear down of the labor mural at the state’s dept. of labor. Even the authority figure at the end – who else but Saturn in opposition?

    Best to you and yours

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