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Hello TMA Readers

Hope you are enjoying our February/March 2009 issue, and look forward to your comments on the articles, especially the articles exploring the Lunar Nodes in-depth. Feel free to post any comments about that issue, or the magazine in general, here. We are currently working on the April/May issue, which includes a major article on President Obama’s chart.

I wanted to write a quick note to call your attention to three new things available on this site. First, we have posted an article written by expert financial astrologer Ray Merriman from our October/November 2005 issue. In that article, he projected likely economic trends and events in the years ahead. Second, we posted the entire June/July 2007 issue as a free pdf download, so that visitors to this site can view a complete sample issue of TMA. Third, we have a special Back Issue sale in effect through March 31; you can get them for only $3.50 each, plus shipping charges. In our “Back Issues” section, you can view the table of contents of the 50 issues we still have available, dating back to 1999. If you are new to TMA, this is an incredible opportunity to get these for your library before even more of these gems go out of print.

We also plan to update our article index in early February, to make it easier to find more of your favorite topics and authors in astrology. And finally, many thanks to our webmaster Mary Plumb for her fortitude in keeping this site updated!
Tem Tarriktar
TMA Publisher


  1. Eclipses and Volcanic Eruptions:
    In thinking about the volcanic eruptions near Tokyo and in Russia, I did a chart for the moment of the Solar eclipse on Jan 26, 2009 at 6 degrees 30 minutes of Aquarius. The cartography map revealed a Sun/Moon Asc line which went within a hundred miles of Tokyo and extended up into Russia. I have not found the exact time of the volcanic eruption for Mt Asama, Japan (which is about 90 miles from Tokyo) but I’ve accessed websites with video of lava flow timing the eruption to just after 2 AM. At that time Jupiter was transiting very close to the eclipse point at 6 degrees 22 minutes Aquarius.

  2. Oh, I am so happy to see you offer up the Ray Merriman’s article.
    I will immediately put up a link on my blog directing people to here. Awesome timing!

    Thank you

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