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Here’s to a new era…

We are anticipating the December ingresses of Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius, marking an enormous passage — after over 200 years in earth, the Great Conjunction now changes element for another over 200 year chapter. The partile conjunction is on December 21 at 0°29’ Aquarius, opening the solstice season with a strikingly different tone which we may sense and feel, or recognize and see in life events, both obvious and subtle. By any means, it is a great astrology lesson to observe the outer world, and our own inner barometer when any significant planetary event happens.

Here are a few calendars and journals to accompany us across this long awaited threshold and into 2021. These products will help you stay organized and record insights against the backdrop of the marvelous celestial phenomena always upon us.

About Stars is a new company with products that include the Astrological Journal Starter Pack. Designed for all levels of users, this includes a large format journal with ample space for writing, astrological data and illustrations for each of the signs. There is a glossary, basic astrology information, resource guide and gift suggestions for the signs, and more. The pack comes with a separate (more detailed) ephemeris (calculated for EST), and a handy bookmark. ($63) Berkeley Field, the astrologer and designer of the products, is also an artist — her work is lovely, spacious and colorful. About Stars also offers a Small Book Calendar, with a black-and-white ephemeris and aspect grid for each month ($14). There is also a Large Wall Calendar with colorful ephemeris, daily aspects, Moon phases, etc. ($18), and a set of Astrological Birthday Postcards ($16). Check her website to really appreciate the designs and color.

The Honeycomb Collective, whose “mission is to create tools that support social transformation through the layers of self-awareness, harmonious community, and global abundance.”

Their first product is the Personal Astrological Almanac, a customized natal and mundane transit planner, with all kinds of special features. You choose the start date, time zone, house system, and more for a Custom-made planner and ephemeris with transit data specific to your natal chart, as well as mundane transits. The almanac is available as a digital PDF or printed almanac. ($10 – $22).

The current version (v2.1.1) includes options for asteroids (free), Hellenistic techniques, sect and artwork.

The Hellenistic Plugin (in any house system) adds six Zodiacal Releasing summary pages, releasing from the remaining six Hermetic Lots (those not chosen as the primary lot). The plugin can be ordered with any house system, and is $2.50 for 6-month almanacs, and $5 for 12-month almanacs.

There is also a Personal Astrological Wall Calendar for easy reference to the upcoming 12 months of collective and personal transits. ($25) The calendar has many of the same options as the almanac — ephemerides in your time zone, solar return charts, and customizable artwork.

This is a first-glance list. Please add your suggestions, or email them to me Mary Plumb and we’ll expand the collection.

Happy eclipse season everyone.

photo Nagatoshi Shimamura: unsplash