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Immigration: The Defining Issue of the 2020 U.S. Election

Part 1: Immigration — Left and Right
(Editor’s note: this is part 1 of a 2-part article; there is a link below to Part 2.)

“It’s a Republic, if you can keep it.” — Benjamin Franklin, 1789

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, law, justice, and religion, while Saturn is the planet of constriction, discipline, limits, borders, and rules — especially for marriage, families, and societies. Saturn is more concerned with tradition, material security, and safety. In the planetary hierarchy, the teaching is that rules are needed in the midst of expansion and prosperity.

In many ways, Jupiter represents the liberal philosophy of John Locke (1632 – 1704), the British philosopher and physician who believed in the innate goodness and cooperative spirit in the human being and the human race. His anti-authoritarian views are expressed in his Two Treatises [on civil government], published in 1689.

Thomas Hobbes (1588 – 1679), on the other hand, believed that all people are not inherently good. His more conservative and materialistic philosophy represents Saturn. Hobbes was a British philosopher and ardent monarchist, whose major work Leviathan (published in 1651) concerned the structure of society and legitimate government. He was less trusting in the human being to look out for others, and more willing to let a government have absolute authority over its subjects and its institutions. Hobbes focused more on the innate evil or brutishness in human beings, and how it would be impossible in a political community for people to agree on what should be the common good without a strong executive power — in that era called “a commonwealth” or “a sovereign” — as this would provide and preserve peace and stability within the society.

Scholars and historians likewise associate Liberals with John Locke, and Conservatives with Thomas Hobbes. While both men agreed that social contracts exist to preserve the common good and to protect private rights, they disagreed on how the social contract should be achieved, with Locke trusting more in the ability of people in a political community to reach consent among themselves.

The planetary equivalents of Left (Liberal) and Right (Conservative) views on political matters can help us to better understand the critical issues of our times. Applied to the current red-hot issue of immigration in the U.S. and elsewhere, we see how those on the Left want to decriminalize border crossing and give free health care and other social services to all illegal immigrants, while those on the Right want to tighten border security, build a wall, and enforce the Rule of Law. The Right points out that the “free” health care being offered is taxpayer funded.

 Immigration Crisis in the United States

The U.S. currently has more than 40 million foreign-born citizens, the largest foreign-born population of any nation. Beyond that, illegal immigrants also residing in the U.S now total between 17 and 29 million — up to 9% of the U.S. population — and growing exponentially since President Trump took office in January 2017. Their average length of stay is 15 years (2017 data). Since 2014, there is a 300% increase in immigrants entering the U.S. illegally.

The surge of migrants flooding across the U.S. southern border has taken advantage of weak immigration laws (which Democrats have refused to revise), unguarded border areas, and insufficient staff and detention facilities. In 2012, Democrat U.S. President Obama created his DACA policy (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), an administrative stopgap measure that added to the problem of enforcement by postponing indefinitely a whole category of deportations. DACA has also led directly to a massive increase in children being smuggled across the border, and of unaccompanied alien children (UAC) crossing the border. The UACs are left vulnerable to drug and trafficking smugglers — all this made worse since Democrats passed a provision that ICE (Immigration Control Enforcement Agency) cannot detain or take any action against adults with UACs. Even then, more than 80% of DACA people do not appear in court.

U.S. Immigration courts have a current backlog of over 900,000 cases. Even with more judges being hired, court cases spin out for years, and migrants disappear into the communities, often hooking up with family members who also entered the U.S. illegally, lack documents, and avoid or ignore deportation orders. Up to one million of these migrants have criminal records, including some 10,000 MS-13 gang members from El Salvador, known for drug smuggling and acts of extreme violence. But the Left wants to protect all migrants at whatever cost.

There are eight “Sanctuary States” in the U.S. These include two Border States: California and New Mexico. They have all refused to comply with Federal Immigration Law. Illegal aliens are welcomed and receive many benefits. California gives them free health care and driver’s licenses, which are also a conduit to voter rights. California state “Motor voter” laws automatically register every license holder.

The Right wants stronger immigration laws and enforcement. They want immigrants to proceed through the proper channels, including legal ports of entry. They view Sanctuary States and Cities as rogue operations, since they threaten the viability of federal laws and their enforcement, notably with immigration. By intentionally overwhelming the system, often with ample funding and coaching from the Left, illegal immigrants are pushing a now explosive rhetorical and real political battle between the U.S. Left and Right.

On Saturday, July 13, 2019, a 69-year-old Leftist was shot and killed by police while firebombing the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington. He was a member of the domestic terrorist group Antifa, which was quick to praise him for his actions as a “martyr” and a “fallen comrade.” No Democrat politician or presidential candidate has condemned Antifa or the attack. This includes freshman Democrat Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, who have repeatedly used such rhetoric as “concentration camps” to refer to ICE facilities — the same term used in the Antifa terrorist’s three-page “Manifesto.” Nor has Leftist mainstream media covered the event for the domestic terrorist act that it is. Instead, they quickly pivoted to spread outrage at Trump’s tweets about the radical extremist Democrats above, a.k.a. “the Squad.” Trump called their statements anti-American and anti-Semitic.

Along with trade wars, information technology, and cyber security, immigration has risen to a key issue at this time, due to the current planetary focus on the sidereal Gemini–Sagittarius axis. Since this is also the Ascendant of the United States chart (8°59’ Sagittarius), with four planets in the USA chart in Gemini (Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun — in that order), the U.S. is hugely involved in dealing with immigration issues, and perhaps setting some important precedents. (1)

Important transits to Gemini and Sagittarius
(All placements and transits are in the sidereal zodiac)

• Transiting Saturn is in Sagittarius: January 26 to June 20, 2017; October 26, 2017 to January 25, 2020.

• The eclipse axis (Rahu-Ketu) enters Gemini-Sagittarius from March 7, 2019 to September 23, 2020. Eclipses (Mean Node)  are then predominantly on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis: July 12, 2018; January 5, July 2, July 16, and December 25, 2019; January 10, June 21, and July 4, 2020.

• Transiting Jupiter is in Sagittarius March 29 to April 23, 2019; November 4, 2019 to March 29, 2020; July 1 to November 21, 2020.

• Transiting Jupiter and Saturn are together in Sagittarius: March 29 to April 23, 2019; November 4, 2019 through January 25, 2020.

• Outer planet Pluto spends 15 years in sidereal Sagittarius, on and off from February 8, 2005 through December 30, 2020.

• The Saturn–Pluto conjunction at 28°38’ Sagittarius (January 12, 2020) occurs 13 days before transiting Saturn exits Sagittarius on January 25, 2020.

• Transiting Pluto’s last station in Sagittarius is at 28°20’ Sagittarius on October 4, 2020.

• A Jupiter–Saturn conjunction occurs at 6°20’ Capricorn on December 21, 2020, with three more conjunctions in sidereal EARTH: 2040, 2060, and 2080.

The United Nations and Its 2018 Global Policy on Immigration

The United States was one of the very few nations not to sign the United Nations’ agreement on immigration: The U.N. Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. It was signed on December 10, 2018 in Morocco by 164 nations, having been in the works since 2015, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a driving force behind the document. The agreement makes no distinction between legal and illegal immigration, and declares mass immigration to be “inevitable, desirable and necessary.” A key component of the agreement is this: “Criticism of migration will become a criminal offence. Media outlets that give room to criticism of migration can be shut down.” Thus, according to the United Nations, any criticism of mass migration is now “hate speech.”

After President Trump chose not to sign this U.N. agreement, he was immediately chastised by France’s President Macron and Germany’s Chancellor Merkel for being “unpatriotic” and “nationalistic.” U.S. Democrats also criticized him for wanting to build a wall along the U.S. southern border and for not welcoming all those who want to immigrate to the U.S., even if they enter the country illegally. Not to do so now they consider “racist,” “xenophobic,” and “anti-immigrant.” But Trump’s position is that of the classical Conservative (Saturnian) view that to have a nation, it is necessary to have and enforce national boundaries. Otherwise, the Rule of Law easily disappears. In addition, there are material concerns (also Saturn). Illegal aliens cost the U.S. over $200 billion per year, $18 billion of that on their health care alone. At least 70% of illegal immigrants are on welfare programs — programs primarily intended to help poor American citizens.

The Liberal Leftist point of view is relativist and is known to shift gears and terminology on established laws and trends as they see fit. U.S. Democrats’ views on borders have shifted 180 degrees since 2006. Even in 2015, under Obama, Democrats did not object to deportations. And despite the 300% increase in illegal immigrants entering the U.S. since 2014, the Left refused to believe it until recently, and now views those who support deportation as “racist.” This term is often used now to demonize the opposition.

New words have also come into play, along with outright contradictions, some of them evoking George Orwell’s “Newspeak” in his novel 1984. (Since political and intellectual freedom no longer existed, even as concepts, Newspeak was a language created to meet the ideological needs of The Party.) To have nationalist priorities is now “unpatriotic.” Illegal immigrants are simply aspiring citizens and thus “dreamers” and “undocumented.”

Colorado State University — in the Sanctuary State of Colorado — now advises students not to use the words “America” or “American,” as these are non-inclusive. Otherwise, not everyone on campus will feel “welcomed, respected, and valued.” The Left supports a similar shift in sexual identity; thus, we are no longer just male or female. We can change all that, including the vocabulary, along with much of our national identity and history. Any historic murals and monuments should now be destroyed if they offend someone’s current views. Orwell speaks again: When you get rid of history, The Party dominates. And to disagree with The Party is a “thoughtcrime.”

In France, large numbers of African migrants are now demanding citizenship papers and housing — instantly. Their voices are loud and clear: “We do not have papers, so give them to us.” It should be no surprise that, with the urging of the Left, migrants are now pushing the parameters, especially given the U.N. Immigration Agreement of December 2018 — and now only a matter of switching filing categories.

The fact is that the Liberal Left (Jupiter) now openly embraces a Globalist philosophy that does not recognize national sovereignty and the rights of citizens. It is more focused on a global society and a grand vision of the world, where the rights of migrants are prioritized over the rights of nation-states and their citizens, ironically — as Jupiter also classically rules over the nation-state. To bridge the gap, Saturn has taken over Jupiter’s role of defending the nation-state. And now the Liberal Left (Jupiter) accuses the Conservative (Saturn and the elder) of “nostalgia” and hanging on to some vision of a white America.

Planets do not normally switch roles, but we see it here, with Saturn taking over concerns that Jupiter has abandoned. We shall soon see why, with Jupiter’s weakness in this current era. Coincidentally, it echoes both the U.N.’s support of Globalism and its lack of legally binding authority, though Globalists want it to be “politically binding.” This is confirmed astrologically in the United Nations chart: October 24, 1945, 16:45 EST, Washington, D.C., USA; Ascendant 26°58’ Pisces.

(See Footnote below for links on how to read a North and South Indian chart, and for a circular chart.)

The United Nations: The astrology of why the U.N. has no real legal authority:

• Mars, ruler of the 9th house of legal matters loses the Graha Yuddha (Planetary War) with Saturn, weakening Mars’ ability to enforce U.N. resolutions, including those seeking to prevent war between nations and prevent nations from invading each other.

• The U.N. was born/founded during the Mars-Saturn Dasha, giving even more emphasis to the Mars-Saturn Graha Yuddha. (2)

• Transiting Saturn is now in the 10th house of the U.N. chart; thus, the organization reaches the height of its powers, but could also experience a major fall from grace while transiting Saturn is in Sagittarius, up to January 23, 2020.

• The U.N. enters a new Dasha: Ketu (in the 10th house) on July 26, 2019. Ketu is at 9°59’ Sagittarius, within a 1° orb of the U.S. Ascendant at 8°59’ Sagittarius. The U.N.’s Globalist policies and actions seeking to undermine U.S. sovereignty have now become very clear.

• The Lunar eclipse July 16, 2019 at 29°56’ Sagittarius is close to the U.N. 10th house cusp at 26°58’ Sagittarius.

• Transiting Pluto turns stationary direct (SD) October 3, 2019 at 26°30’ Sagittarius, and again, on October 4, 2020, transiting Pluto turns SD at 28°20’ Sagittarius, its last station in Sagittarius before leaving the sign on December 30, 2020. Both Pluto stations, notably the one in October 2019, are close to the U.N.’s 10th-house cusp; thus, there could be some fundamental re-structuring of the U.N. at this time or soon afterwards.

Globalists vs. Nationalists: The Major Theme of 2019–20

Since 2016 (and earlier), President Trump has established his “America First” or more “Nationalist” priorities. In this situation, we have to assign Nationalism to Saturn, which preserves time-honored and established traditions, along with national borders and legal, merit-based immigration. Democratic leaders and presidential candidates, meanwhile, are making their Globalist position ever clearer, and we have seen how, in the immigration battle, Jupiter more accurately represents the Liberal Leftists. Thus, we have to assign Globalism to Jupiter.

In a press conference on July 11, 2019, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defended her decision to take no action in Congress to debate, change, or modify current U.S. immigration laws, as President Trump had requested for 2½ years (and with more urgency since early 2019). Speaker Pelosi said that every nation is part of a global community and that no sovereign right should prevent other members of “the human society” from entering our country. Also, on July 11, 2019, Democratic Presidential contender and former Vice President Joe Biden laid out his proposal for a “Globalist view” on immigration, counter to President Trump’s “Nationalist view.”

Despite the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants to the U.S. and the number of loopholes in the current laws, House Speaker Pelosi also publicly advised potential deportees how they could avoid deportation. California Governor Gavin Newsom and other Democratic leaders have made similar public announcements. What they avoid acknowledging, however, is that all of the currently scheduled deportees have already had their day in court. They have been given previous deportation orders and ignored them, in some cases for many years. Their pleas for asylum have often proven to be baseless. These people are in violation of U.S. laws that President Trump wants to enforce. But Leftists claim that he is “terrorizing immigrant families” with the aim of “cruelty,” and “committing crimes against humanity.” Trump supporters are also accused of “cruelty” and, of course, “racism.” Thus, a potentially incendiary situation is spinning out of control, though some independent journalists are visiting border facilities to report the facts. That reality was sadly missing for many months, while Leftist news media kept saying there was no border crisis, and it was all President Trump’s “manufactured crisis.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a leading Democratic Presidential candidate, initially proposed decriminalizing illegal border crossings. But by mid July 2019, she went further and said that we need to stop securing the border altogether, stop deportations, stop penalties for hiring illegal immigrants, and offer a pathway to citizenship. So far, she and the other Democrat leaders have avoided using the phrase “Open Borders,” but that is the obvious result. It is also in synch with the public chants of the domestic terrorist group, Antifa: “No Borders! No Walls! No USA at all! No Borders! No Walls! No USA at all!”

Biden, Pelosi, Warren, and other leading Democrats are telling us that breaking U.S. law is perfectly acceptable here. Leftists have also funded numerous busloads of immigrants and coached them on how to game the U.S. system. (These individuals allegedly include George Soros and various U.N. subgroups, among others.) But only alternative media follows this. Perhaps emboldened by the December 2018 U.N. Immigration Agreement (which, as mentioned above, the U.S. did not sign), Leftists want to circumvent U.S. law. They oppose border walls, ICE, and the U.S. Border Patrol — all impediments to their immigration goals.

This is a Jupiterian point of view, as Jupiter is inherently expansive and dislikes limitations on its freedom of movement. Jupiter also represents tolerance and, broadly speaking, benevolent human behavior. But in this case, the philosophy of expansionism has exceeded the basic tenets of nationhood. Nor is tolerance coming from Leftists who insist that laws can be broken, as long as they are laws that they no longer like or that their political opponents favor. Further, freedom of speech can be ignored and political enemies censored when Leftists do not share their views. Technocratic tyranny worsens the problem.

Saturn can be repressive and fearful, but at best it provides structure and order. It is the planet of rules and commitment for a working society, especially for marriage and families — thus its exaltation in Libra. To the Saturnian point of view, a policy of Open Borders is asking for chaos. Saturn says that you do not know who is coming through your national borders to stay indefinitely in the U.S. unless you screen them carefully and require them to come through proper entry points. Among them could be criminals, terrorists, human traffickers, and drug traffickers, along with people carrying dreadful diseases, ones for which U.S. citizens have little to no immunity. As of 2017, deportations of U.S. foreign-born individuals were at 295,000, of which 41% percent had prior criminal convictions. Even higher levels of deportations occurred from 2007 to 2014, highest during the Obama administration. (Source: U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security)

Jupiter also rules over knowledge, journalism, and education. The fact that Jupiter’s role has been so much co-opted for a political ideology can be attributed astrologically to its basic weakness in the EARTH period. This runs from 1921 to 2199, when the transiting Jupiter–Saturn conjunctions predominate in sidereal EARTH signs. This becomes even more noticeable in the core period outside of the Mutation periods. This core period runs from February 18, 1961 to March 14, 2080. The JU­-SA conjunction in December 2020 is the halfway point in this core 120-year cycle, and thus a pivotal fulcrum point when it becomes clear whether previous trends (including on immigration) will continue or be reversed.

Author’s Note: Click here for a brief review of how to read a North and South Indian chart.

TMA readers are invited to read Part 2 of Edith Hathaway’s article:Who Wins the Immigration Battle?


(1) The U.S. Ascendant degree referred to here, 8°59’ Sagittarius, is based on the U.S. chart rectified by James Kelleher: July 4, 1776, 18:30 LMT, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Editor’s Note: Here is a chart of the U.S. Sibly for readers unfamiliar with the Indian style (both charts:Sidereal zodiac, Mean node, Placidus houses)

U.S. Sibly
July 4, 1776
6:30 p.m. LMT
Philadelphia, PA (39°N57′ 75°W10′)

Also, here is the United Nations founding chart:
October 24, 1945
4:45 pm EST
Washington, D.C. (38°N42′  77°W02′)

(2) See Part 2 of the author’s article for a definition of Graha Yuddha.

Bio: Edith Hathaway is an international consultant in practice since 1980, author, teacher, and lecturer of Vedic astrology. Among her many awards and certifications are NCGR’s Level IV (Consulting Astrologer, 1989), Jim Lewis’s Master AstroCartoGrapher, 1988, plus numerous awards from Vedic astrology organizations, U.S. and India. From 1992 she served as faculty and board member of the American Council and American College of Vedic Astrology. Her audio course The Vedic Chart: An Expert Guide Through the Twelve Ascendants(2002) was re-released in 2015 on mp3s with PDFs, and her latest book was published in 2012: In Search of Destiny: History, Biography & Culture As Told Through Vedic Astrology. For her articles, audio course and lectures on mp3s, please see: Edith Hathaway. Email:


  1. Amazing blog. Edith clearly defined the Jupiter/ Saturn seesaw we are witnessing. The conjunction and sign change dates are so far off the tropical dates that I have my head spinning. I used to think that after tropical Saturn left Sagittarius, the immigration crisis would lessen. Edith makes a good case as to why my thinking is misguided. Thanks to the Dear Editor ?

    • Thank you dear Kate for your comment..

  2. America! You folks are so possessed by your divisiveness (Saturn Pluto)at the moment its extraordinary how blinding it seems to be. And not so surprising at another level.
    I’m not taking sides but as an outsider (from Australia)looking in there’s a very obvious slant to this article that I’m surprised by, disappointed by… Too many generalizations about the other side especially with astrological back up is a danger we all have to be aware of..
    Dear M.A editors, it’s great that you have a variety of astrological perspectives but please don’t let be an excuse for smuggling in political side taking.
    I’ve read over this article again to be fair and not just reacting out of my bias even from a distance….and its still comes across as way too one sided and consequently it devalues the astrological reflections.

    • Dear Jefferson Power,

      I have given classic astrological definitions of Jupiter and Saturn here, extended to the realm of mundane astrology to tell the true story of what is happening with Immigration in the U.S. and elsewhere. Both sides are presented fairly, backed up considerably by events, facts, historical references, and solid sources, in addition to the astrological factors. Tr. Jupiter and Saturn are the main planetary characters here, not adjuncts to promote an agenda. I discuss what is actually happening, but the dominant Leftist mainstream media suppresses a lot of that information (which I mention in the article, including astrologically).

      You have said there are “too many generalizations,” but I have been quite specific about qualities and traits that characterize each side, citing numerous examples in the process. The point of the article is to show both sides fairly, supported by fact-based evidence and precise quotes from leading figures in the political debate, in addition to the astrological material.

      Regarding my sources, I am not required to supply any of them, but I do that so that you can read the source material for yourself. My sources (27 of them) at the end of Part 2 are broad and informative, but yes – they do not include typical Leftist mainstream media sources (such as The NY Times, The Washington Post, CNN) as they have for too long published major “news” stories based on totally anonymous sources, and with no fact-based evidence. Case in point is the Trump-Russia hoax, which these media outlets and others like them pushed 24/7 for over 2 ½ years, even though they knew the “Russia dossier” was fictitious. So again, this is why these media sources were not included.

      Edith Hathaway

      • Dear Edith, thanks for your reply.You have stated your case and my concerns still stand. In family therapy there is a saying ” context is everything”. Things look very, very different standing literally outside the context of your nation. Whats obvious from the outside is the great polarity between Left and Right with both sides becoming more entrenched and blaming the other side. And I have seen this spill over to astrologers in the U.S. To take one side politically in such a polarised context is to shut out the possibilty of any truth on the other side. I beleive its the task of astrologers to as much as possible hold these cultural tensions and to keep open to the wider cosmos which is many sided and can work in mysterious ways.To associate Left and Right with seperate planets is at best just doing more of the same polarizing and at worse dangerously simplistic and ignores the wider context. The cosmos, all the planets reside in a diverse communitty within each person, each political party, each nation. Astrology for me has to keep pointing towards this complexity even as it attempts to clarify and bring order to chaos.
        I think its fair to say that the world is watching the U.S with a sense of incredulity. Whatever occurs in the next few years I think it will inevitably be a catalyst for the astrological communitty to do some serious soul searching and reflection on our methodology. lets wait and see what unfolds…take care, Jefferson

        • Thanks for your further comments, Jefferson, and of course it looks different from outside the U.S., but this is much broader than the context of family therapy. Also, I don’t agree that assigning Jupiter to the Left and Saturn to the Right is divisive. I see it as a means of greater understanding for each side. This is not some idea that came blasting into my head as of July 2019. I was writing about this for more than 9 years, including in the Preface and Chapter 1 of my 2012 book, In Search of Destiny. More important, the connection between the Left and John Locke and the Right and Thomas Hobbes is well established by scholars and historians. It also perfectly coincides with the current policies and actions of Liberals and Conservatives. So this context is both very broad and very sound, and it should be applied to both natal astrology and mundane astrology, especially the latter in this case.

          Like other groups of individuals, astrologers are way too polarized, especially since 2016, and this is unfortunate. Often the assumption is that one side is correct and the other side is insane. Escalating this problem, as I said in my two-part article, the Left is supported by a dominant Leftist news media, entertainment media, social media and academia. Jupiter is very important to analyze here in terms of mundane astrology, as it rules over journalism, education, the law, etc. and is weaker in the Vedic sidereal EARTH period. Therefore, it can easily lose its moral authority, while still appearing dominant.

          Coincidentally, two stories have recently surfaced, one on July 24th and one on Aug. 14th from two top Google engineers/turned whistleblowers: Greg Coppola and Zachary Vorhies. Coppola worked with Project Veritas and Vorhies has just now gone public with 950 documents showing how Google manipulates the internet based on its self-defined ideology against Christians and Conservatives. The documents were gathered over a one-year period. Both of them showed that Google, probably the most powerful search engine in the world, has geared its algorithms to eliminate, curtail and/or shadow ban a large number of Conservative and Christian voices. (Google also owns Youtube and Google Maps and does the same thing there.) If you are on the Left, you may love it for now, but this is a very dangerous state of affairs. And if it is being done to the Right – anyone could be censored and minimized in the future in order to promote a preferred agenda.

          Let us hope that both Coppola and Vorhies survive the process, as being a whistleblower these days requires great courage and puts one in great danger. Google sent the Police and the FBI to intimidate Vorhies, while Coppola was soon suspended from Google. They are both standing up to a Big Tech industry that is no longer politically neutral. The good news is that exposure can help to turn all this around.

          All the best,
          Edith Hathaway

    • Jefferson,

      Thank you for your response above, which aligns with my own perspective and that of many of us living in the US. The conservative political slant of Ms Hathaway’s article is strong, and while the astrology may support the facts of her interpretation, the information could have been presented objectively.

      Valerie Baker-Easley

      • Dear Valerie Baker-Easley,

        If my bias were totally Leftist, I think you would not consider it bias at all, only just “normal,” and in your comfort zone. Especially, as I point out in Part 2 of my article: “The Left dominates in many arenas: the mainstream news media, social media, entertainment media (Hollywood), and academia.” In addition, there is a great deal of censorship of non-Leftist news, especially on social media, some of which is finally reaching the courts.

        Evidently it is necessary for me to keep repeating these points. Because of this dominant Leftist media (which you may not be aware of), you may also not be familiar with many of the facts I present, along with the selection of direct quotes, all of this conveying specific viewpoints and actions of both the Right and Left re Immigration issues. If one is only reading or watching the dominant Leftist news, one will not get a lot of these important facts or quotes. This is why, for instance, many on the Left were completely unaware there was an Immigration crisis at all at the U.S.-southern border, since the Leftist dominant media chose to minimize or suppress it. As of a CNN poll July 6, 2019, only 8% of Democrats thought the Border crisis had any relationship to the large number of migrants flooding the border.

        Edith Hathaway

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