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It’s a New Day

Okay, friends — Neptune and Chiron are direct, the Moon and Mars are in Sag, Venus is retrograde back into Libra, and the North Node is conjunct Pluto. I’m looking forward and outward after last week’s very introspective blog. No more whining, as my beloved (Capricorn) sister would (and does) say.

I’ve got a good mix of sites for you to visit.

First of all, in tribute to Vesta who was so pronounced at last week’s New Moon: Bob Marks has a wonderful website with lots of timeless content. Here’s an article with his quite interesting insights on natal Vesta through the houses, signs and aspects. (For the curious, here’s his same treatment for Juno.)

Anne Whitaker, Writing from the twelfth house, wrote very kindly about TMA’s new CD. Since, as far as I can tell, TMA is not known for an overly aggressive marketing strategy, I’ll be pleased to let Anne speak for us.

Ready or not, the elections are over and many of astrology’s political observers have commented:

Nancy Sommers’s of Starlight News looked at Obama’s November last week, finding some good news, i.e., “the Pluto transit quincunx his natal Moon (3 Gemini21), activating the natal square, is now behind him,” as well as plenty of caution: “the Jupiter station (23 Pisces29) sesquiquadrate his natal Neptune (8 Scorpio36) through most of November and the final Neptune crossing of Obama’s South Node (27 Aquarius19) in January 2011.”
In her blog posted on November 7, Minority Leader, Sommers looks at Nancy Pelosi’s (untimed) birth chart. (Her Sun is between 5º – 6º Aries; does she feel Pluto yet?)

Jude Cowell is a keen astrologer and a funny writer. In her blog at Stars Over Washington she wonders about Sarah Palin running for president in 2012. “One thing everyone knows: if she does plan to run, she’s got an awful lot of studyin’ and learnin’ and info-retainin’ to do.” And, she has a fine entry on Neptune’s station at its discovery degree.

Jessica Murray’s articles are always superb. Pretend Politix is an essay on her ever thoughtful MotherSky site. Her subject is Chiron and Neptune, both of which stationed direct on the U.S. Moon last week.

Lynn Hayes writes about Keith Olbermann on her widely read Astrological Musings column at Beliefnet. For a hint: Olbermann, born on January 27, 1959, has an Aquarius Sun opposite Uranus (in Leo) and square Neptune (in Scorpio).

On a different celestial subject, Venus’s heliacal rise was on November 5. David Crook has an elegant description on his Stellar Insights Astrology site, Venus as Morning Star.

I just found Jason Fleming El’s site, Sagittarian Mind: Astrology for the Higher Mind. He captures the essence of Scorpio in Scorpio Mixtape: Power Packed, which includes a soundtrack for Pluto and for Mars.

Although it’s not something I’m proud of, I’ve given up on trying to follow the financial markets. Lucky for us, many astrological observers are staying on top of it. The Forecast for the Week, at Wall Street Weather: Interpreting the Emotional Atmospheric Conditions of the Street and the World, includes analysis of Fed Chairman Bernanke’s decision to start “another round of quantitative easing (QE).” This is a very well-written site with clear astrological correlations and good links to other sources.

John and Susan Townley’s AstroCocktail site is another that is packed with high-quality astrology. Neptuned Out…Outer Planet Leads America Astray describes the current Sibly chart: transiting Neptune conjunct the Moon and the progressed Moon conjunct natal and progressed Neptune. He lists the eight times, beginning in 1791-92 (“The Bill of Rights. Chalk one up for the idealistic manifestation.”), when the progressed Moon was connected to Neptune.
As another sample from this site, here’s a very clear description (with great graphics) of the very intriguing vertex point, The Vertex: Crossroads of Destiny.

And, saving the best for last, in what seems to be a clear tribute to Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, New Reality Transmission is a project that is organizing a global exercise: “On 11-11, 2010, one million people across the globe will mentally project a unified vision of a new paradigm for our species… a new reality.” There’s a splendid slideshow, check it out. Thanks to Tom Lescher for pointing this out in his newsletter. (I love this kind of thing.)

May our destinies all converge in the most auspicious ways.

Have fun, everybody, and have a good week. Thanks for coming by.

P.S. The new Dec/Jan issue of TMA — with a detailed 2011 forecast by Stephanie Austin— is in the mail to subscribers. It’s not too late to subscribe or get a gift subscription for someone you love.