January 1, 2014

Sometimes, I become very aware of the complexity and subtlety in the ways we astrologers inhabit this world. This can happen when a non-astrologer friend makes a comment or asks a simple question that somehow requires an intricate response — or, at least, evokes in me a chain of thinking about how to begin to talk about the way I see the planets’ movements and geometries at any particular moment or about any particular subject.

There is, of course, immense variability in how astrologers practice: the methods and techniques we use, the personal philosophies and beliefs that inform our approach, and how we apply our art — that is, to what end are we working? But essentially, we astrologers are living in a shared world of watching and listening to the motions in the celestial sphere, in that charming and olden-times phrase, the vault of the heavens. We know that something is being conveyed or signified by the motions of the planets.

So, we have embarked on this glorious and timeless journey of uncovering meaning (and inspiration, poetry, fascination, justification, explanation, beauty, distraction, amusement, understanding, solace, etc.) as a guide to our days.

The calendar year 2014 begins with a New Moon on January 1. It’s not often that the calendar year starts precisely with a New Moon — a celestial omen for the reunion of body and soul, mind and matter, will and desire. The Roman deity Janus, the god of thresholds, passages, and doorways, gives his name to the month. This year, his look ahead on January 1 carries the richness of a New Moon potentized by Pluto’s lumbering walk in the hidden darkness and Uranus’s magnificent and immediate grasp of the greatest possible view, with Mars striking at both. (Pluto conjoins the Sun and Moon; Uranus and Mars are opposite one another, and both square the Sun and Moon.)

Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer are holding a trine (which was exact in July and December 2013, and will be again in May 2014) in the water element. Our inner resources, our intimacy with self and others, and our faith in the flow of life itself provide a gentle container these days. The emotional bonds of personal connections are perhaps most obvious in households that are welcoming new babies now, or those guiding family members at the end of their life, but we are all moving along in the cycles of birth and death.

There are countless potentials for how we will individually experience the turning of the year. One clue is to be proactive: You can look at Capricorn in your natal chart and infuse that area of your life with a fierce invitation, a tender willingness, and a resounding openness to be changed by the events on the horizon.

What a time we are privileged to be alive in!

Much love and respect to all my astrology friends, near and far, known and unknown, for being my dear and hearty companions on the way.

Happy New Year!

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