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June Astrology and Aspects

The featured aspect this June is an electric trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Forming across the Zodiac from 20º Aries to 20º Leo, this aspect peaks from June 21 – 27, but it will flavour the weeks leading up to it with excitement and a sense of possibility.

This is the third time Jupiter and Uranus have formed this dynamic aspect. The first time was in September 2014, from 14º–15º Aries/Leo, and the second time in late February/early March 2015, again at 14º–15º Aries/Leo.

Jupiter brings luck, gifts, and opportunities. It describes the rewards you receive for your efforts, as well as those magical moments where you seem to be in the right place at the right time. Uranus shakes up the status quo and invites you to explore exciting alternatives. Uranus demands that you resist tradition and routine and instead experiment with a fresh and unique approach.

Together, Jupiter and Uranus create an energising aspect that may motivate you to take a meaningful leap of faith. Ebertin, in The Combination of Stellar Influences, describes this combination of planets as “optimism, a lucky chance, blissful realisation.” (1) He also notes that they can bring “the ability to have fortunate ideas and to realise them.” According to Ebertin, probable manifestations of Jupiter and Uranus include “fortunate turns in life, a sudden change in destiny, and successful speculation.”

To see how this aspect may trigger your life, locate the houses that hold the degrees of 20º Aries and 20º Leo. The topics associated with those houses are the areas in your life where you can benefit from any bright ideas and breakthroughs that emerge from this lively pairing.

Typically, these two houses will have some themes in common because they connect via the 120º trine aspect. For instance, you might have the sign Aries in the 7th house or on the Descendant and Leo in the 11th house. Similar themes between these two chart sectors involve relationships with others, including social, personal, and professional contacts. If you have Aries on the MC or in the 10th house and Leo in the 2nd house, common themes between these houses would be career and work issues and the income and value (2nd house) derived from your 10th-house role.

As this is the third in a three-part process, June may bring completion or a sense of achievement regarding goals and projects that you first connected with in September 2014, when this configuration began.

This exciting angle between Jupiter and Uranus is energised repeatedly by other planets — Mars, the Sun, and Venus — throughout June.

June 5 and 9: Mars
Mars in Gemini leads the charge, making a sextile to Jupiter on June 5th and a sextile to Uranus on June 9th. The month may start with a bang, or a surge in energy that drives you to take on a new challenge. Confidence and determination may help you overcome any previous barriers to progress.

June 8 and 10: Sun
The Sun in Gemini follows, repeating the same sextile aspects — to Jupiter on June 8th and Uranus on June 10th. New forms of self-expression may emerge, or you might be inspired to implement an innovative project. The need to be authentic and to express more of your true self may help you overcome any fear that’s held you back.

June 28 and July 1: Venus
Venus is moving slowly through Leo, in anticipation of her upcoming retrograde, which starts on July 24th. Venus’ involvement with Jupiter and Uranus, this time via a trine to Uranus on June 28th and a conjunction with Jupiter on July 1st, can add a magnetic quality. Powers of attraction may be heightened or you may be blessed with support and encouragement for a quirky or independent dream.

Two other planetary shifts are worth noting as you contemplate the month ahead.

Mercury Direct: June 11

Mercury in Gemini, currently retrograde, will station direct on June 11th. For the remainder of the month, Mercury will retrace his steps through Gemini, gathering up forgotten ideas or helping to remake connections that have been neglected.

In the days immediately following a retrograde Mercury stationing direct can bring second chances on recently missed opportunities or help you catch up on unfinished business. I like to use this influence in my business to follow up on leads and projects, or discussions that have stalled. Often times, a change in circumstance reveals a revised, and usually better, strategy.

Saturn into Scorpio: June 15

Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio for one last trek through this intense and probing sign. Saturn is in Scorpio from June 15th to September 18th, giving you one last season (summer in the Northern hemisphere; winter in the Southern hemisphere) to tie up any loose ends relating to the Saturn-in-Scorpio cycle, which began back in October 2012. This adds an air of completion, or possibly a sense of urgency.

Take stock of what you’ve achieved since October 2012 and what goals remain unfinished. Can you reassess how you use your time to help you create closure or a sense of achievement for something important now?

Generally speaking, June is a month during which the planets mostly move through yang signs, especially Gemini and Leo. Yang, or masculine-toned, signs tend to be outgoing, expressive, and active. They want to get things done, initiate forward movement, or take a stand. May you too be inspired to put plans into action under the vibrant skies of June.


(1) Reinhold Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin-Verlag, 1972, p. 172.

Kelly is a consulting astrologer, teacher, writer, and editor who works with clients and students around the world. With more than 12 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, warm, and insightful. She loves exploring astrology’s history as well as escaping into the ocean. Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her specialty areas include Moon Phases, timing techniques like progressions, and incorporating traditional concepts. She can be found lecturing at conferences throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Kelly holds the Australian FAA Practitioner’s Diploma and is an expat Aussie who lives in Canada most of the year. Website: Kelly’s Astrology


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