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Jupiter waits for the Sun

Today the Sun is still in Gemini, the last quarter Moon is in Pisces, and Jupiter is stationary retrograde at 27° Aquarius. This weekend my mind was all over the place about writing this blog. I settled on a toast to the Sun in Gemini – as it not only gathers information, but also applies to trine the one and only Jupiter in Aquarius (this perfects on Wednesday). I decided to collect a few astrology blogs on different subjects for you all to enjoy.

San Francisco astrologer Jessica Murray has a riveting blog, Boom, that looks at the state of California chart. (Hint: transiting Saturn is conjunct the Sun.) California is “epitomizing the country’s outsized economic problems,” and “Schwarzenegger is presiding over a financial meltdown of Armageddon-like proportions.”

Dharmaruci, writing from Glastonbury, U.K., has a great entry, Zeitgiest Update, which has an international scope. He looks, in part, at the Saturn Uranus oppositions, the stellium in Aquarius, the Pluto into Capricorn ingress chart (and how western economies are responding) and why he is “economically optimistic.”

Jude Cowell’s Stars Over Washington looks at transits to Iran’s national horoscope. One specific point she notes: transiting Uranus is now at the nation’s Mars/Mercury midpoint. The chart for the Islamic Republic (April 1, 1979) also has Jupiter at 29° Cancer, the degree of the July 22 total solar eclipse.

On a more personal note, Robert Wilkinson’s very active site has an article on the ongoing Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune connection and the impact on each of the signs. He also writes about Sonia Sotomayor in relationship to longer planetary cycles, including minor aspect.

I hope you have fun enjoying these writer’s ideas from far and wide.

On the day of its station (in Saturn’s sign), I’d like to acknowledge Jupiter in one of its finest roles: promoting breadth of view and tolerance for each and every one of the diverse manifestations possible in this best of all possible worlds. I think as
Jupiter pauses, I am wanting to capture all of its best possibilities and draw that into the heart of all the very important matters of the day. (Dear readers, please excuse the hyperbole; stationary Jupiter made me do it.)