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Keeping Track of Time: 2022 Calendars

About Stars products include the The 2022 Notebook Calendar & Ephemeris (EST or PST). Its features include a monthly aspect grid, daily aspects, Moon phases, holidays, retrogrades, eclipses, moon charts, planetary stations, and basic astrological information for each month. The notebook is $17, it is also available as a wall calendar ($20). Another option is to add a spacious and colorful 98-page Astrological Journal with the 2022 Notebook Calendar & Ephemeris ($45). Berkeley Field, the astrologer behind About Stars, is also an artist. Check her website to see all of her products, including Astrological Birthday Cards, Flash Cards, etc.

Honeycomb products have done the leg-work to allow you to easily see your transits and record observations, which is an essential method for learning astrology. Practicing astrologers who don’t have time (or inclination) to micromanage your own chart — raise your hands! “Honeycomb Collective is founded and operated by Madeline DeCotes and Colin Hawkett, with support by Amy Marie Truax. The three of us met while studying at Portland School of Astrology in Portland, OR, USA, in 2017–2019. Madeline, with a background in graphic and information design, and Colin, with a background in technology infrastructure and software engineering, wanted to collaborate and innovate something for the astrological community.”

Their original product is the Personal Astrological Almanac, a customized natal and mundane transit planner, with all kinds of special features. You choose the start date, time zone, house system, and more for a planner/ephemeris with transit data specific to the natal chart, as well as mundane transits. It is available as a digital or printed almanac. ($10 – $22).

The current version (v2.2.1, released June 12, 2021) includes options for asteroids (free), Hellenistic techniques, sect, and artwork. The Personal Astrological Wall Calendar, a printed “at-a-glance reference to the next 12 months of collective and personal transits” is $30. The calendar has many of the same options as the almanac — ephemerides in your selected time zone, personal solar return charts, customizable artwork, and more. A new (and never-too-late) feature if you’re shopping for friends or family, Honeycomb has gift certificates made to your specific order and emailed to you within 24 hours of payment. Contact:

We’Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn is in its 41st year of production. The 2022 Datebook — astrological planner and moon phase calendar is a famously collaborative effort with “over 100 images of fabulous feminist art and over 100 righteous writings by amazing poets and storytellers.” Contributing astrologers offer forecasts, predictions of each Sun sign, intro articles about Chinese astrology, herbs, eclipses, and much more. The datebook is available in spiral binding (English or Spanish); paperback or loose-leaf (English only) ($21.95), and a wall calendar ($16.95). Pacific Time is used with the global time zone conversions.

A note on this year’s approach: “2021 marked the completion of We’Moon’s pattern of divining each year’s theme from the Tarot’s 21 Major Arcana cards. With We’Moon 2022, we begin a new thematic cycle, using the eight phases of the Moon as touchstones for the datebook theme … This is the year we check the corners, dig out the deepest roots, take stock of all we’ve learned about ourselves, and let our sense of meaning, reality, and purpose be forever changed, not just temporarily changed. Forever changed! In this year, 2022? In the Darkness of food-challenge, greed-challenge, violence-challenge, climate-challenge, truth-challenge? Yes, in this very Darkness. Magic-full. Vibrant with unseen surprise.” See the website for samples of the work and the full product line.

Michelle Finey is the creator of the Celestial Insights Astrology Calendar: A Comprehensive Australian Astrology Guide.  A 32-page wall calendar with lots of features, including a beginners section, global cycles and trends, equinox and solstice reports, and monthly analysis of key events. Printed calendar $25. Digital version $12.00. (Visit Michelle’s website to sign up for her free monthly newsletter and to see her full product line.)

Phaedra Mitchell of Mystick Physick has a Stargazing Collection featuring The Ultimate Astrological Day Planner designed for ease of use — “you don’t need to be a professional astrologer to use.” It is available in sidereal (Fagan-Bradley) or tropical zodiacs and is color-coded for “the best days for love, business & good luck through January 2023.” The user can choose a cover design and there is also a downloadable PDF version. ($24.99 – $59.99)

There are other products at Mystick Physick, including a Planetary Observation Journal for noting transits and creating a personal astrological journal. For a limited time, she is also offering Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference attendees a discount on the 2022 Ultimate Astrological Planner.

The 2022 Astrological Planner from Magic of I. is a “powerful tool for creating magic and living in alignment with the cosmos,” suitable for beginner to advanced astrologers. A beautifully produced book, the designers are careful about quality, materials, shipping, packaging, production process, and the carbon footprint. Available in black, white, or rose vegan leather, they have small, high quality print runs (printed in Europe) using highly skilled artisans.The planners are available for the Northern Hemisphere PST, Southern Hemisphere AEST, or European time GMT. The Astrological Planner is $45 (with an optional interest-free payment plan available); a pocket-sized planner ($30) and other products, i.e., stickers, Moon phase poster, and journal.

The 2022 version is “a botanical edition merging plants with planets.” Along with astrological features and planning and tracking features, there are botanical illustrations —“Magical plants and potent herbs paired with their respective planet and sign” — Moon Planting Guide, Decan Tarot Wheel, Planetary Days + Hours, Astro codes, and more.


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