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Mars and bedlam

Hello friends,

I have a few immediate impressions about the events in Washington, D.C. yesterday.

I was so happy to wake up yesterday to the news that Raphael Warnock won the Senate seat in Georgia! Yay! Go Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius! I was tracking the live feed of Congress so I saw the striking and confusing moment when the chamber was hastily emptied as pro-Trump mobs stormed into the building.

I noted the time was 2:15 p.m. and saw the the Ascendant was then at 8°48 Gemini, partile conjunct the Sibly Uranus ..uh oh, doesn’t look good. It was shocking to watch as the mayhem continued to escalate. (The lack of police presence was one especially distressing visual to behold.) Uranus is in the 6th house: the work and health of the nation, those in service to the nation.

U.S. Sibly chart with transits to the insurgency in the Capital
Placidus houses, True node (1)

On November 30 a lunar eclipse at 8°44 Gemini/Sagittarius was on the Sibly Uranus — that planet at that degree has recently been triggered.

Transiting Mars at 29°56’ Aries had a last inflammatory burst in the sign of his rulership (toxic masculinity?). One reporter described the “aggrieved and infuriated Trump supporters.” Trump’s Ascendant is 29° Leo; he easily fired up his fans that morning. “Fight for Trump!” was one cry in the crowd of supporters.

Mars transited into Taurus a few hours later, and the members of Congress collected themselves and reconvened to complete the immediate task at hand: verifying that Joe Biden won the electoral votes and was the next president — having that job settled brought a moment of calm. (Mars in Taurus, now co-present with Uranus, squares Saturn on January 13 and perfects the conjunction with Uranus on January 20 — obviously, extreme challenges ahead. This was a moment in time where a concrete action was taken.)

Transiting Mercury was at 27° Capricorn, conjunct the U.S. Pluto (27° Capricorn). The U.S. is approaching our Pluto return. Transiting Pluto was 24° exactly opposite Sibly Mercury at 24° Cancer. The Sibly chart (the national character) has Mercury opposite Pluto. There are lots of ways to think about this, (plutocracy, etc.) but I’ll just mention the streak of paranoia that is part of the temperament of the U.S. that has been noted by historians. (2)

Transiting Moon is 21° Libra, in the Sibly 10th (“the whole world is watching”) and applying to the transiting Mercury-Pluto conjunction, which is picking up the natal Mercury-Pluto opposition.

As I mentioned above, there are myriad ways to analyze this moment, see how we got here, and consider what’s next.

There are reams of causes and meanings and interpretations that we will be thinking about and discussing and integrating for a long time. For now, I’m going to let my nervous system settle down.

We have a guest writer tomorrow with another view.

Take good care everyone.


(1) United States (Sibly chart), July 4, 1776. 5:10 p.m. LMT, Philadelphia, PA.; transits: January 6, 2021, 2:15 p.m. Washington, D.C.

(2) U.S. historian Richard Hofstadter wrote “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” in 1964. “American politics has often been an arena for angry minds.”
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  1. Excellent analysis, Mary – thank you, once again.

    • Hi Valerie, thanks..appreciate you commenting..



  2. Stellar clarity!
    Thank you as always, my friend.

  3. Very good article
    Helps me to understand the situation.

  4. Thank you dear Mary! This helps ground and make sense of all the craziness. And prepare us for a bit more. Much Love.

  5. I was at my kindly country dentist, who happens to believe in antifa conspiracy theories, when it all was happening. He got visibly angry and blamed BLM and antifa and said it was all exaggerated anyway, which his neighbor nurse agreed wholeheartedly. He then transferred this rage into a story about whipping his son for being disrespectful on the ballfield and then relished in another story of said son frequently knocking people out with his fist for bothering him while reading. I just said nothing and wanted out of there!!

    • Yikes! Time for a new dentist.

  6. I think it is important to place natal Chiron in the US chart at 20 degrees Aries. Transiting moon in Libra opposed natal Chiron. I’m glad you did this chart for such a devastating event. Thank you!

  7. On Jan. 6, there was a PARTILE progressed Saturn/Uranus conjunction (rebellion is in the air) in the horoscope for the original May 15, 1776 independence resolution, that “totally suppressed” royal authority in the colonies/states. I have been following the unfolding election crisis in relation to this May 15 horoscope at the Organization of Professional Astrologers’ “community sharing” Facebook page at

    May 15 is recognized as the moment of independence by historians of the Revolutionary era (and I am one of those, having recovered the actual 1776 congressional definition of HAPPINESS in this original May 1776 independence resolution).

    July 4 can be thought of as the BAPTISM or public presentation of the united States of America, and the horoscope of the Declaration of Independence presumably has independent significance, but it is not the U.S. horoscope. In particular, the Sibly chart is based on shared MYTH-MAKING by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who both falsely “remembered” a signing ceremony on July 4. This was proven false when the secret journals of the Continental Congress were released; the Declaration was actually signed on Aug. 11.

  8. Following up on my previous post, on Jan. 6 Mars, having just entered Taurus, was tightly conjunct the U.S. Descendant/Moon conjunction (at 1+Taurus in the May 15 chart), which makes tight squares and oppositions to Nancy Pelosi’s Saturn/Pluto square and Mike Pence’s Venus/Mars/Pluto square. Of course Vice President Pence and House Speaker Pelosi have been very prominently in the news in relation to the events of Jan. 6: Trump said he no longer wants to be Pence’s friend, and Pelosi has gone Scorpio-Moon ballistic against Trump after his supporters celebrated their invasion of her office.

  9. Undoubtedly the victory of the Democrats on two Georgia senate runoffs (and consequently a Democrat majority with vice-president Harris) is a sign that Capricorn stelliun is past 🙂

  10. The same folks who invaded the Capitol last Wednesday are planning more actions for Jan 17th. They say this time bring guns, and not just in DC but also in state capitols.
    That’s the day Jupiter square Uranus is exact.

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