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Mars – Out of Bounds

Artist: Alessandro Cripsta

I know just enough about astrology to know how to read if and when a planetary body is considered to be out of bounds.

Do I understand, technically speaking, why a planet is out of bound and what it means? To be honest, not really.

While the latter bit of information might prevent some of you from reading on, I invite those remaining to join me in a freeform exploration of OOB, specifically of the Martian variety.

I wasn’t able to unequivocally verify if the term “out of bounds” originated from sports. However, I’m having a hard time coming up with another logical explanation for its origin.

To be out of bounds, is for the player or the ball to have moved beyond the boundaries of the established playing field.

The boundaries keep the game alive. Without them, the rules of the game begin to break down and some degree of chaos ensues. There is no goal without both the boundaries and rules.  We need the container for the game to exist — to have a purpose. As a result, to be out of bounds is to exist beyond the rules.

This brings us to the nature of planetary bodies that are considered to have broken through the boundaries — either in a natal chart or by nature of their transit. Per the study of astrology, the nature of the planets then speak to the essence or energetic signature that manifests as a result of their position.

In researching this post, I read something from Tony Howard that said that the OOB signature doesn’t pursue freedom, it IS freedom. If you are out of bounds, then you are not subject to rules or limitations any longer. You are by definition free.

Freedom has a very positive connotation in our culture. However, freedom can turn toxic if it isn’t properly harnessed. That’s a bit of a paradox, isn’t it? That freedom must be channeled or it can destroy us— or devolve us into a chaotic state.

For example, social norms give us rules that make society function in a somewhat cohesive manner. This is a sweeping generalization with lots of problems, so let’s agree to accept some form of this as a general truth so that we can move forward.

We give a lot of credence to living our lives beyond what others think about us. It has become a bit of a cultural adage: no fucks given. There is a socio-cultural desire to live FREE from the expectations of others. Yet, if we follow that freedom to its most radical form, we arrive at sociopathy. If we’re not tethered in anyway to what others think about us, then our sense of empathy and compassion begin to dissolve. Apathy is a type of freedom but it isn’t the kind of freedom that most of us think about when we seek liberative states of being.

This is the crux of OOB, especially in Mars.

OOB Mars can give us a propensity for radical passion and action.

If channeled properly, this energy can be harnessed to challenge social norms, to go against the grain in a manner that generates enough friction to stoke the fire of transformation on a macroscopic scale.

Un-sublimated passion and action can turn to violence. Sublimated passion can yield boundless creativity, social change, and justice.

The OOB signature doesn’t have to play by the same rules. Perhaps because OOB-ness gives us a degree of objectivity to see the faults in the modes of operation that lie within the spectrum of normality or convention.

Whether we are born with a planetary body out of bounds or we are experiencing this signature through a more temporal transit, there is potential to live, if even for a moment, beyond the norms and rules that create conventional/consensus reality. OOB Mars can spark beautiful outcomes because it can give us access to the creative wellspring to solve problems with solutions that exist beyond the spectrum within which the problems themselves exist.

To quote Albert Einstein, whose Moon was out of bounds is Sagittarius, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This is the true gift of OOB.