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Mars retrograde

We’re nearly at the end of the Mars retrograde cycle. The planet goes direct on April 13 at 3º40’ Virgo. I’ve assembled links to the Mars cycle, and to a key story of these past weeks, the Trayvon Martin case.

I have a brief observation on Trayvon Martin. I’m going back to techniques I wrote about a few weeks ago. First, the phase angle return chart: Trayvon was born on February 5, 1995, with Mars retrograde at 25º Leo and the Sun at 16º Aquarius. This was six days before the Sun-Mars opposition on February 11, when Mars was at 22º54’ Leo. (Mars is always retrograde at its opposition to the Sun.)

He died on February 26, 2012, six days before the Sun-Mars opposition on March 3 at 13º39’ Pisces/Virgo. Even without knowing his exact time of birth, we can see that he died at his Sun-Mars phase angle return.

Now, if we look at the prenatal Sun-Mars conjunction chart for Trayvon, we see that it was on December 26, 1993. We set that chart for Sanford, Trayvon’s birthplace.

The prenatal Sun-Mars conjunction was at 5º20’ Capricorn, right in line with the current Uranus-Pluto shock upheaval, and rising social consciousness. The chart also has a square between Saturn and Pluto at 26º Aquarius/Scorpio. The Ascendant is 22º24’ Leo, the degree of Mars  (22º54’) at its opposition to the Sun when Trayvon was six days old (see above).

The event in Florida is keenly marked by Mars — the planet was rising at the time of his death. (Many of the blogs I’ve linked to show the chart: February 26, 2012; 7 p.m., Sanford, FL)

There are more connections to sensitive degrees in the Mars cycle, but I want to move on to these other fine bloggers.

First, some blogs on Trayvon Martin:

Alex Miller’s Asteroid Files this week is an extensive look at The Trayvon Martin Killing.

He looks at the individuals involved, as well as the time of the event.

The transit Sun at 7 Pisces is exactly opposed a Black Hole at 7 Virgo, exactly squared a Maser at 7 Gemini. Sun/Black Hole contacts indicate sudden, unexpected twists of fate, and perfectly portray the alternate realities competing for dominance in this story.”

Lynn Hayes writes Mercury and Mars in the Trayvon Martin case. Along with an assessment of the individual charts, Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, she takes note of Chiron.

“It’s interesting that at the time around March 20-22nd when the investigations into this case began, Mars in the sky was exactly opposite Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing.  Chiron demands that we examine the root of the wound, and Mars stimulated that examination.  Mars will next oppose Chiron in mid to late May, at the time the Uranus/Pluto square is beginning to tighten.”

Here is an interesting piece by Kannon McAfee, Trayvon Martin Case Part of Major Crisis Building in US. He looks at the U.S. progressed horoscope – he uses 21º04’ Sag rising – and looks ahead to the grand jury on April 10.

“The grand jury will be meeting April 10 when the Sun comes conjunct Venus in the event chart, which is ruler of the 9th house of juries. They will meet in secret, as indicated by Venus in the 8th, and their deliberations will not be so quick. The 8th is a succedent house, which is slow-moving in terms of timing.”

Trayvon Martin – Aquarius Martyr is Ayesha Grice’s blog at her site, Astrology for Life.

“What are the spiritual messages we’re getting from the murder of Trayvon Martin?  Well, Neptune, planet of spirituality is in Pisces now, and we are Pisces People (Black people in America).  Neptune is influencing us to look for the spiritual meaning behind this tragedy.  Can we confront the situation while remaining spiritual? Can we forgive George Zimmerman?”

And here is a collection of work on Mars retrograde:

My sister, Kate Plumb, has a series on different aspects of this Mars retrograde cycle. In Towards a Deeper Understanding of Our Country, she looks at the U.S. Sibly chart.

“If we have any doubts about the effects of Mars retrograding in our country’s chart we can look no farther than the sergeant, deployed for the 4th time, who went from house to house on a killing spree in Afghanistan last week, and the burning of the Koran by US soldier on February 20th.  These two grave acts of aggression occurred in the current Mars retrograde period starting January 24th, directly at 23 Virgo right on top of our natal Neptune square Mars, the misuse or idealized use of aggression potential in our natal chart. We are in a critically dangerous period until Mars passes 23 Virgo again mid June.  We will also be in a critical period six months from now when our progressed Moon passes over that Mars.”

Mars Retrograde: Transforming the Brave Heart was written by Wendy Guy in 2007. This is an overview of Mars retrograde themes that includes Regrouping, Mars and Aggression, Choosing Mars, Mars and Passion, Working with the Mars Retrograde, The Healing Crisis and Courageous Quotes. A sample of her very useful approach:

“During Mars retrograde, if you find yourself overwhelmed by feelings, passion, aggression or anger, it can be important to have a trusted person that you can call on and confide in. It’s easy to feel consumed in the fires of Mars, when your objective judgment can be skewed or absent. It can be very helpful to be able to process and understand what’s happening to you, and this can be difficult to do in isolation. Don’t let your pride, embarrassment or guilt get in the way of reaching out for help and support if you’re having a hard time.”

Leah Whitehorse’s Mars Retrograde 2012 – The Sabian, The Cycle and The Houses explains the cycle and includes the specifics of the transit through each natal house. “I have explored negative manifestations (Hand to Hand Combat!) and what possible actions or strategic position may be useful to take.”

Here’s a Mars retrograde animation. It was made for the 2003 retrograde cycle, but gives a good visual of the phenomena.

Lynn Koiner’s Mars Retrograde 2012 discusses the cycle. There are also extended comments that Lynn addresses – a view of practical astrology in real time.

Marina at Darkstar Astrology also writes on Mars Retrograde and includes fixed stars. She has lots of comments and responses.

Mars stations direct on April 14. Mars passes over Zosma again May 22 and seals the deal as a result of the brave outburst back on March 12. Mars is also still empowered by a trine from Pluto on ruthless Facies. Mars back on spikey Denebola on June 16, which may bring up a bitter and vindictive backlash from whoever got shafted during the nautical shake-up. But that’s just a blip. At the end of our journey we can all drink Rum punch from the cup of Alkes as Mars says its last goodbyes to 23 Virgo and sails off into the sunset.”

Rob Tillet’s article Mars Retrograde 2012 includes world events: “Mars turns retrograde conjunct the natal Sun of Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad, whose chart has just been slammed by the Solar Eclipse of Nov. 25, then double-whammied by the Lunar Eclipse of Dec. 10.”

He concludes: “Fortunately, Mars turns direct again on April 14, 2012, in the fourth degree of Virgo, remaining in that degree for a week on either side of that date. Red is the colour of Mars and Mars stations in conjunction with the red star El Kophra, on the backside of the Great Bear, and Alula Borealis, in the back foot of the Great Bear, associated with female infidelity and revenge. The Great Bear is known for great anger when roused. With Mars stationary, let’s hope that the Bear stays sleeping.”

Have a good week, everyone.


  1. All those inconjuncts to the South Node in the pre-natal Sun- Mars chart are amazing. They indicate a strong karmic reminder for all of us I believe.

  2. Interesting about Alex Miller’s take on this case – I was taught that Asteroids are secondary to the Planets, I didn’t realize they held so much weight. I am curious about the definition of a Maser, had not heard that term until now.

    Thanks! And thank you for your insights Mary ~ very helpful.

    • hi, cat!

      a maser is a deep space anomaly which violently ejects huge jets of matter from its core at random intervals. as its astrophysical nature suggests, a maser astrologically represents volatile, chaotic energy, often resulting in controversy or conflict, but can also translate as an ability to excite or enthuse others (as witness Obama with Sun conjunct a maser, displaying both halves of the coin).

      btw, the mars station at 3 virgo on april 13/14 is exactly atop zimmerman’s natal mars – seems the grand jury may have something to say.

      • Well ~ Hello Alex, and thanks so much for taking the time to respond personally to my inquiry. To me it sounds like harnessing energy, and channeling it into something that has the potential to be inspirational, if made by conscious choice of the individual – ‘if’ they are aware of the potential. In this Universe of duality and free will there’s always 2 sides to the coin, both sides are allowed to exist, we have the conscious authority to choose and create our own reality.

        On some level, this young man chose this experience, and is intertwined with Mr. Zimmerman. It’s not for me to judge what an individual does with his/her gift of life. I hope this situation ends positively for those who care about the outcome.

        Much appreciation,

    • Hi Cat,

      My pleasure, thanks for commenting..


      • Hello Mary ~ Birthday coming up soon, some interesting aspects on the horizon. I hope to visit with you soon, as I value your insights and expertise.

        With gratitude,

        • Thanks Cat, I hope it’s all going well in your world!



  3. thanks Mary for the excerpts of other blogs-you have great editing skills and I rely on you picking out the best parts as often I do not have time to go into each one more deeply.(And thank you for including mine).

  4. First of all the majority of violent acts are sudden and therefore people are not thinking they need to call someone trusted for help alleviating negative feelings.

    Secondly, I’m a white woman and have been arrested, harrassed, stalked and assaulted many times. I dont do drugs or drink and I’m a responsible homeowner and parent. What I see going on w/ younger generation is the need for power over another. Its the Pluto generation and the wrong people are given positions of power and guns.

    Lastly, I do not see this as a race issue. It happens to EVERYONE at some time.

    No offense!!

    • Hello chatti,

      I appreciate your view..

      Not sure, however, what your meant about “the Pluto generation”?

      George Zimmerman’s Pluto is in Libra..

      Thanks for commenting..


  5. p.s. I think what happened to this child is horrific and cried along with Trayvon’s parents.

  6. Today is the 44th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination on April 4, 1968 at 6:01 pm in Memphis, Tenn. The antiscia of Mars = 24 Leo, and Moon = 27.34 Gemini.

    The 2012 solar return for this event:
    Ascendant = 27.41 Gemini = radix Moon antiscion.
    Midheaven = 8 Pisces = Chiron 8 Pisces = Node 6 Sag = Mars 4 Virgo. Retrograde Mercury at 24 Pisces is square the return Ascendant.

    Of course, Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in 1968.


    • Hi David,

      Thanks for commenting…antiscia has eluded me somewhat, but what a great example.

      Are you going to UAC?


  7. Mary,

    There is so much of interest as well as educational in your article and also from the previous commenters. I can’t imagine how I failed to read this until Thursday, but I’m grateful I didn’t miss it completely! Like so many others, I’ve been captured (make that obsessed) by this shocking event and the remarkable links between the charts involved.

    I myself was led to the year 1960 (via a remark in a blog posted at PlanetWaves by Fe Bongolan on March 24), specifically the Neptune station-direct in July. That station happened at 6 Scorpio 22, which is exactly opposite where Jupiter was the day Trayvon died, 6 Taurus 22.

    The U.S. Sibly chart’s north node at 6 Leo 36 and the south node at 6 Aquarius 36 form a grand cross in the fixed signs when combined with the 1960 Neptune and the degree of Jupiter at Trayvon’s death. Many links to 1960 find support in the symbolic event of 2/26/12, but for July 1960 alone there was (1) the 1st display of the 50-star Flag of the U.S. recognizing Hawaii’s new status (1 year before Pres. Obama was born); (2) the novel about racism, To Kill A Mockingbird, was published; (3) Sen. Jack Kennedy was nominated by the Democrats to run for President of the U.S.; (4) Woolworth’s in Greensboro NC served a meal to it’s 1st black customer following the historical sit-ins and demonstrations.

    Those 4 events alone, happening in the month that Neptune in Scorpio stationed direct, all relate to the prejudice against other races and religions so prevalent in our country, then and now. That the 1960 Neptune and the 2012 Jupiter represent the new and old sign rulers of Pisces, and that they square the evolutionary path markers of the north and south (Moon’s) nodes of the U.S., give the death of Trayvon Martin a meaning beyond the grief and anger of the individual act. It seems to me, when included with all the symbolism found in these related charts which you and Alex and others have written about, it is time to evolve, or just plain grow up in this country. We must serve as the example for the rest of the world just what is involved with Neptune in Pisces. Disolving the boundry lines between races and religions must and will be done, one way or another, or the race of man will not only not move forward, but disintegrate into chaos.

    I am especially grateful for your writing about the Mars retrograde effect, and hate to admit I’d not realized that Mars is always retro when opposite the Sun (duh), and intend to use this information with great diligence in the future.

    • Hi Barbk,

      I’m just getting back to these comments..(as I’m writing a new post for tomorrow)

      I appreciate the research you’ve offered on events in 1960 and connection to the US nodes…great observation..

      Many thanks, be well,


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