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Mars and Saturn – together at last

The long coming, often dreaded — or feared — conjunction of Mars and Saturn is upon us this week. (1) Fear is not a requirement, however; in situations that are ripe for consolidation, there is an anticipation to get on with it.

Although longer trends point to our ever greater sensitivity to the needs of the larger group — whether those in our immediate families, our communities, our nation, or all who are in this world at this time — there is a clear moment now for individuality, determination, commitment, and adequate discipline for our personal projects and material lives. Think about what you are trying to accomplish in your life, be it on the level of business, relationship, health, long-term visions, or spiritual goals, and know that the capacity to stabilize our intentions and be willing (and able) to work very hard is pronounced at this time. Concentrate deeply, even for a moment! The god of will force, desire, and wild and untrammeled passion (Mars) is joining with the god of persistence, steadfastness, and steady movement toward fulfilling our tasks in life — our dharma (Saturn) — to help us know what we must do and to access the strength and moral imagination (Sagittarius) for the next chapter in our lives.


(1) Mars is conjunct Saturn at 9° Sagittarius, and also on the very powerful star, Antares, on August 24th.

Here are some videos and blogs to add to the story:

Steve Judd has an accessible video on Mars conjunct Saturn (7 minutes long). “The positive side of Mars comes across when one is assertive and projective; the negative side comes across when one is confrontational and aggressive … Mars and Saturn are uneasy with each other … it’s like the outlaw and the sheriff.”


Lynn Bell writes Coming to Meet: Saturn and Mars. “For some, August is the time to circle back round to a difficult decision. If there was a near confrontation back in March or April, late August may be the moment to come forward again, perhaps wiser and warier than a few months ago.”


Intuitive astrologer Jean Wiley speaks on Quantum Notes for August 22-28th: Mars conjunct Saturn (16 minutes long). She brings in Mercury’s slowing speed as it approaches retrograde (August 31); its conjunction with Jupiter (today); and Saturn square Neptune along with the month’s title event on the 24th. She says, “Everyone is wrestling with ‘not enough.’ ”


Vedic astrologer Sam Geppi has a thoughtful 20-minute video on Mars and Saturn and Depression. “Saturn teaches Mars that you have to be careful about the structure that you destroy which makes Mars better but it doesn’t make Saturn better. Saturn winds up feeling the pain.”


The astronomy site Earth Sky has lots of graphics to accompany Mars and Saturn put on a show. “Mars is about to move in between Saturn and the star Antares. Watch them form a line on our sky on August 23 and 24.”

Nick Anthony Fiorenza’s long, complex, beautifully illustrated article is called Mars and Saturn in Ophiuchus conjoining Antares, Heart of the Scorpion: Mars Retrograde, the New Mars 780-day Synodic Cycle, the New Saturn Cycle, the New Mars-Saturn 2-year cycle. Among his many ideas: “Saturn-Antares teaches us about the limits we have placed upon our own power, and here it tells us the power is within to change our own self-imposed limits. As Mars moves to join Saturn, Saturn wants to control, to fix or put a hex on Mars, which is our creative force. For those less willing to relinquish false illusory ideals and to embrace the power within self rather than giving that power away, the Mars-Saturn-Antares T-square with Neptune and Lunar Nodes can incite extreme behavior to fight and control to a climax, both by authoritarian factions usurping the life force of the unawakened, as well as by those taking a revolutionary stand against authoritarian rule.”

Tony Howard has a piece called Mars and Saturn: Concerted Effort Wins the Race. “If you’re having a Mars-Saturn experience with fear of inadequacy, focus on what you can do and start to vanquish your fears through daily action. Put a practice in place – like journaling – that will help you take stock of your accomplishments, no matter how small.”

OK, that’s it for now, friends. See you on the other side.

(Our blog will be back in two weeks. I hope we all make helpful and loving changes to ourselves and our world with the September 1 solar eclipse at 9° Virgo.)


  1. Very illuminating..

  2. What exactly occurs on 24th August? Is that a very specific day to look out for?

    • Hello Vanessa,

      Today Mars and Saturn form an exact conjunction at 9 Sagittarius.

      Much can be said about the possibilites, but essentially, I would say to move through the day with care, for example, drive carefully and pay attention to the others…it may be a stressful day for some of us, which can manifest in lots of ways. Some of us may have not feel stressed at all, but have an abundance of creative energy that needs an outlet..

      Be well…

  3. Thank god. Mars will be leading now!!! Let go Saturn….and live

  4. My daughter (turned 47 on August 10) has Mars at 8 Sag. When she got married Pluto conjuncted her Mars. Last week on Aug 14 one of her friends, another Leo who turned 48 on July 30, was murdered by her 78 year old father.
    2 days later my daughter’s boss was fired from his job, and 2 of her fellow employees left for new jobs because they didn’t get along with the boss. Now she is left carrying the work burden alone.

    Sure sounds like Mars/Saturn!

    • Thanks for sharing Jodi.My son was born with Pluto on my Mars- Mars rules 5th. This time has been depressing somewhat- in addition to Mars/Sa, my Moon is in Sag.
      Enjoy the ride

  5. Mary,
    Thank you for this varied and valuable input “…to help us know what we must do and to access the strength and moral imagination (Sagittarius) for the next chapter in our lives.” Such words are a healing balm and life affirming.

    I live on the Central Coast of California in the midst of expanding wildfires where a smokey haze is obscuring the night sky. However, I can imagine the dance overhead tonight with Mars, Saturn and Antares.

    • Thanks Judie for the comment….May the smoke clear!

  6. I enjoyed hearing the posts. Much appreciated. I am an astrologer and it has been my life. I am 89 now and do not have the opportunity to be with other Astrologers these days. I have chosen not to work as a practicing astrologer . I hope I will receive many more posts from you.

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