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May’s Top Five Aspects

Where I live, in a small town northwest of Toronto, Ontario, May is when the gardens come alive. The bulbs that burst through the ground in April turn into stunning hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils, filling the garden with colour and scent. This blossoming is hard to ignore — and it’s catching. I too feel like shining a little brighter, and want to put my best foot forward, as if the weather has finally warmed enough to refresh my spirit after the intense and cold winter. I know that for readers in Australia, or other countries in the Southern Hemisphere, May days are cool and dark, as autumn settles in. May in Sydney, where I’m from, can be about hunkering down, nesting, and enjoying a full bodied red wine by the fire.

Whether you’re ready to burst forth like my garden, or starting to pull out your winter woollies like my Sydney family, the planets have plenty of oomph to offer this May.

To celebrate the fifth month, I’ve selected five important aspects for the month ahead. Of course, there are many others, but I went with my personal set of priorities (inner planets in aspect to Saturn/outer planets, and harder aspects over easier ones) to come up with this list of five aspects to note for May 2015. Once I did that, I listed them chronologically. You’ll notice that these five featured aspects all fall in the second half of May.

May 13 – 15: Mars opposition Saturn, 2° – 3° Gemini/Sagittarius

Mars is a planet about movement, ideally movement that is fast paced. Saturn is a planet about “stop!” or at least, “go slow.” Under such an intense angle, questions about going or stopping must be raised. Do you want to do (Mars) something so badly you will overcome any obstacle, or do so at any cost? Or, are you willing to pause and learn what you can along the way, which might include a more efficient use of your time, energy or resources?

Saturn also represents fear. When Mars, the doing planet, touches Saturn, anxiety, worry, or insecurity can arise. “Can I really do this?” “Am I ready?” “Do I still want to do this?” Think of these questions as natural checks and balances. What looks like a brick wall or sounds like a reason to stop may be a challenge indeed, but it may be a challenge of your commitment to the task at hand, rather than anything meant to be a permanent barrier. To do this one thing, you might need to not do one or two other things. Is that a choice you’re willing to make?

So under this thoughtful and measured seesaw-like opposition, it may pay to slow down, step back, and take the advice of a wise elder. Experience has value and the wisdom of those who’ve done what you want to do may reveal an essential piece of advice that you’d overlook if you acted in haste. Under this aspect, it’s a case of “slow and steady wins the race.”

May 21 – 23: Sun opposite Saturn, 1°- 2° Gemini/Sagittarius

The Sun is actually the third planet to oppose Saturn in May. Mercury also made this opposition back on May 2 – 3. With three planets opposing Saturn in early Sagittarius this month, you may notice a pattern emerging, especially around hurdles that are personally significant. While this sounds demanding — and let’s be honest, Saturn always asks for completion and diligence so there will be no cutting corners — it’s in fact a cosmic gift. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have received a preview of the Saturn-in-Sagittarius topics and themes that are likely to emerge for you.

An opposition between the Sun and Saturn pits the brightest light, the Sun, against the darkest planet, Saturn. This is a true pairing of opposites, so expect highs and lows and the contrast between light and dark to seem extreme. This light and dark is not synonymous with good and bad, but rather an invitation to explore opposites. You might consider what it means to be busy in contrast to what quiet time and not busy really looks and feels like. You might explore the line between duty and expression, between what you want to do and what you must do.

Given the back and forth nature of an opposition, you may re-negotiate an existing commitment, contract, or responsibility. Saturn can bring awareness — which grows from a dark, deep place within — about what is and isn’t working. If so, use the strength of Saturn to connect with your backbone and make necessary real-world adjustments.

The Sun always wants to shine. It’s the planet that inspires you to be brighter, be better, and be more you. Under this opposition, you may need an adjustment or a redirection to back up to your most authentic path. Even if it means work, it will be worth it.

May 20 – 22: Venus opposite Pluto, 15° – 16° Cancer/Capricorn; and May 24 – 26, Venus square Uranus, 19° – 20° Cancer/Aries

I put these two aspects together because Uranus and Pluto are only a couple of degrees from their exact square aspect. Venus in Cancer represents the yearning for family, for a nurturing clan that always has your back. There’s an element of tradition within the Cancer/Capricorn axis, and planets in these signs might manifest in a more conservative or cautious way.

As Venus opposes Pluto, family dramas may intensify, or issues concerning trust, truth, and honesty may arise in all kinds of relationships. Venus in Cancer seems most particularly about family relationships, but it’s still Venus, the love goddess, so consider any intimate or close partnership, either at work or in your personal life. The seesaw theme of the opposition appears again. This time the dance is between what helps secure the future of a close relationship and the requirements placed upon you by work or external factors. Cancer/Capricorn oppositions can highlight the eternal struggle to balance work and family. Under this aspect, currently operating patterns may need to change.

Venus doesn’t oppose Pluto in a vacuum. Shortly afterward, Venus will square Uranus, creating a clash-bang theme that is sure to shake up the rhythms in your home or within your most nourishing relationships. Uranus in Aries is all about innovation and independence, values that are at odds with the focus on tradition and security highlighted by Venus in Cancer. This can create an uncomfortable feeling that might indicate a need to experiment. Rather than stick your head in the sand, you might find that a curious attitude to an emerging possibility will help add excitement and reshape home, family, and love so that it’s more relevant for today.

May 24 – 26: Mars square Neptune, 9° – 10° Gemini/Pisces

The typically alert and active drive of Mars is muted now, both by Mars’ proximity to the Sun (technically combust) and through Mars’ interplay with free-floating Neptune. The realm of what might be or a much desired fantasy could interfere with day-to-day reality. If possible, avoid major decisions and reduce demanding commitments. A singular focus or goal may help you get something done, though really, under aspects like these, a break from work or time off may be best.

Anything that allows you to lie low and catch up on rest would be ideal. Music, time in or near the ocean or water, or disconnecting from reality and escaping via your preferred artistic medium can help you recharge. A lack of clarity can impede progress. If you feel in a bit of a fog, go slow or turn your attention inward. Ideas, feelings, and concepts may be hard to pin down, but with a little time or reflection the right choice will crystallise.

May 30 – 31: Sun square Neptune, 9° – 10° Gemini/Pisces

It’s the end of the month, but in the lead-up to the early June Sagittarius Full Moon, you might stumble into a puddle. This puddle might be forgotten feelings, or a neglected dream or yearning you’ve been trying to ignore. Life can be hazy or a bit messy when the Sun and Neptune trigger each other, but this will add depth and richness. If possible, allow space to explore what bubbles up seemingly out of nowhere.

A longing for the perfect experience, or the desire to get a little closer to your dream life, might leave you disillusioned with the way things are. In this discontent lies opportunity. Use any feelings of sadness or frustration that emerge now as clues to what you need to add to your life, especially if there’s an experience or a hobby that brings you joy that you’ve pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. It might not seem practical, but adding it back in now — even in the midst of what otherwise seems like a bustling week — can reinvigorate you. A slight detour sometimes reveals the most exciting possibilities. Try not to over-think your instincts. Go with the flow, without expectation.

Kelly is a consulting astrologer, teacher, writer, and editor who works with clients and students around the world. With more than 12 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, warm, and insightful. She loves exploring astrology’s history as well as escaping into the ocean. Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her specialty areas include Moon Phases, timing techniques like progressions, and incorporating traditional concepts. She can be found lecturing at conferences throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Kelly holds the Australian FAA Practitioner’s Diploma and is an expat Aussie who lives in Canada most of the year. Website: Kelly’s Astrology


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