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Mercury stations retrograde

Continuing on the theme I wrote about last week, I spent time yesterday looking at the prenatal conjunctions of the Sun with each of the other planets. In last week’s blog, I described Robert Blaschke’s work and looked at the prenatal Sun-Mars conjunction chart. (link to blog)

Mercury has just stationed retrograde at 6º49′ Aries, and will be at the inferior conjunction with the Sun on March 21 at 1º34′ Aries. I’m going to look at a few things about working with the Sun-Mercury prenatal conjunction.

Carrying on from last week, Robert Blaschke was born one day after the Sun-Mercury inferior conjunction at 23º Scorpio; this is one degree from my Ascendant. Although we always noted that, I have an even deeper appreciation of it now.

About natal Mercury retrograde, Robert wrote that it causes “the mind to be influenced by the feelings and to be lacking in objectivity. Retrogradation exerts an effect on the intellect, causing it to be more internalized and self-referencing.” (1)

He also wrote about Rudhyar’s notion (furthered by Alexander Ruperti) that the inferior conjunction of Mercury is the most powerful point in the Sun-Mercury cycle since there is a “reversal of polarity in the electromagnetic field.” (2) This is when Mercury’s orbit is closest to Earth which is where we will be on March 21.(3)

I have a few observations about the Sun-Mercury synodic cycle to give an idea of how you might begin to look at it in your life.

As mentioned last week, set a chart for the Sun-Mercury conjunction previous to your birth (which will be either direct or retrograde). This is the beginning of the synodic cycle you were born in. Looking specifically at the birth chart will show you exactly where in the cycle you were born (the phase angle return), but for now I’m just considering the prenatal conjunction chart set for the place of birth. (Last week, we looked at the Sun-Mars conjunction chart.)

Mercury relates to one’s mental activity and nervous system. I already mentioned Robert’s Sun-Mercury prenatal conjunction degree on my natal Ascendant; his intellect (not to mention his friendship) has had a significant impact in my life.

When I look at my own Sun-Mercury prenatal conjunction set for my birthplace, there are ties to close people in my life. (I always start with family members, but then a nighttime birth with a Cancer Moon would do that.) The degree of my Sun-Mercury prenatal conjunction is one son’s natal Sun, one sister’s Mars, and another sister’s Ascendant/Descendant axis. The Ascendant of my Sun-Mercury prenatal conjunction chart is my granddaughter’s natal Sun degree, and the Moon in the chart is the degree of her Moon and her father’s Mercury. There are lots of other connections. As astrologers know, with charts of significant people in your life, sensitive degrees pop out all over the place. Looking at the prenatal degrees brings in another level of meaning. I’ve worked a lot with the degree of the prenatal solar eclipse (as per Jansky), but I’m just getting started with the other synodic cycles.

Here are a few other sites you may want to visit.

If you haven’t been to Khan Academy yet, there is a huge section on Cosmology and Astronomy. Here are just a few samples:

The Birth of Stars

The Scale of the Solar System

How Earth’s Tilt Causes Seasons

Parallax in Observing Stars

The Astrology News Service (ANS) website is a joint project of the astrological associations ISAR, NCGR, AFA and AFAN. There are lots of wonderful articles; here are a few:

Computer Genius Linked to Rare Planetary Alignment. Subtitled: Most Influential People in World of Computing and Information Technology Born During Critical 11-Month Period in Mid-1950s (This time period includes Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Bill Joy, Eric Schmidt, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and others.)

Unique Study Links Venus to Romantic Choices People Make by Edward Snow is about the progressed Venus over the course of a relationship.

John Townley’s Derailing Destiny: Some Thoughts on Fooling Around with Fate

And don’t miss Bruce Scofield’s assessment of the 2012 Media Hype. Bruce is one of the rare ones who know astrology and the Maya calendar. In a footnote, he writes: “The square of Pluto and Uranus, which has a long history of social disruption, is presently occurring and will be a factor for several years. This aspect, by itself, makes a strong case for major changes in culture and society. This is, of course, Western astrology and the coincidence with the end of the Long Count is just that, coincidence.”

Kathy Watts writes Astrological Forecasts with a Traditional Twist at World Astrology Network.

For today:

“Mon Mar 12 the Moon is in Scorpio when Mercury goes stationary retrograde. Heads Up. Use this time to check any of those tempting self-indulgent impulses and stay focused on what matters, in addition to yourself of course. Stay calm, organized, and patient with others, with their machines, and tolerant of their bad driving. Safety first for all. You can still be productive through all this, you know.”

Have a great week everyone, enjoy Mercury. (I intend to notice the quality of my thoughts.)


(1) Astrology, A Language of Life, Vol. V: Holographic Transits, by Robert P. Blaschke, Earthwalk School of Astrology, 2006, pg.70.

(2) Astrology, A Language of Life, Vol. V: Holographic Transits, pg. 69.

(3)I re-read Robert and Ruperti’s words on this idea of the change in the electromagnetic field. Robert felt that the change occurred at either the inferior or superior conjunction. “At the superior conjunction, again a reversal of polarity in the electromagnetic field occurs, this time with the Promethean phase transitioning into Epimethean.” Ibid., pg. 72.


  1. Hello Mary

    Thanks for your newsletter!. Yesterday when Mercury was going back it hit exactly my birth card Saturn in opposition.( cups 2/3)
    In the evening I had a phone call with a new friend. Suddenly from out off my chest a emotion was coming up and I was felling a deeply insecurity . It really knock me down, during the conversation and the rest during the evening.So after the shock I was looking at it. I notes that it was linked to my 8/9 age childhood. I have Mercury in conjunction with Saturn in the natal card (2 degrees). In my progression card Mercury will in 1 1/2 years going in retrograde motion,at the beginning in Capricorn on 2 degree.What was uprising? ; the feeling of a deeply insecure about myself as a child off not be understood.Because as later came out that I have a dyslectic disorder. .I can not write everything down here because it will be to much. That was what became clear to my mind during the reflection. Anyway I will try to work on that deep rooted feelings,in coming time . By the time that Mercury will come back on the same degree, 6/7 degree Aries, I hope it will be cleared.??!!
    I hope you can read my English, not my daily language.I was wondering can this period already have connection white the Mercury in progression in my natal progressed card in about 1 1/2 year? There is a ,4 degree, square between the transit Mercury and progressed card .
    With reagards Diviana

  2. Another thought-provoking piece! How would this work for a person born under a Sun/Mercury conjunction (say, less than 25 minutes apart)? Would you still look back for the conjunction prior to that?

    • Hi Kathy,

      I would look precisely as to whether it was after or before the exact conjunction, but the potency of the conjunction would be strong in either case.

      As for degree symbolism, even though you didn’t mention whether it is an inferior or superior conjunction, Robert always looked back to the previous inferior conjunction for “insight about the collective thought patterns and mental inclinations that one shares with his ‘soul group,’and which is being carried over from past lives.”

      The Sabian (or other system) degree symbol would also be helpful..

  3. Interesting that this next Sun/Mercury conjunction is so close to the vernal equinox. We certainly live in interesting times.

  4. I was born at the Sun/Mercury inferior conjunction in Aries (22 degrees) and this has had a profound effect on my work. When retrograde thrice yearly I check out where in my chart it takes place. This time has been very important with regard to family issues and I have been ‘gathering knowledge’ before I submit an important legal document. Yesterday, the last part of the ‘gathering’ came about and I knew then what I had been waiting for. It occurred at the inferior conjunction (the second part of the Sun Mercury phase) when facts which had previously been hidden become available. The document is now ready to be received.

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