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Michael Moore’s Love Story to Capitalism

Michael Moore’s film,Capitalism: A Love Story, opened on September 23, 2009. Moore is the director and producer of three of the top five highest-grossing documentary films of all time. In 2005, Time magazine named him one of the world’s 100 most influential people. [1]

I wrote about Moore and the Sibly chart in 2007, when Sicko, his film about the health care industry, had just come out. [2] (My hopefulness in that article seems a bit naïve after a few years of Pluto in Capricorn.)

According to his birth certificate, Michael Moore was born on April 23, 1954 at 12:45 p.m. in Flint, Michigan (AA data).

Michael Moore natal

Before looking at Moore’s progressed chart, I’d like to start with a few relevant ideas from my earlier article.

“Venus, ruler of Moore’s Taurus Midheaven, is comfortably and prominently in her own sign at 23°40′ Taurus in the 10th house, square Pluto at 22°34′ Leo in the 1st. Moore’s career is described in part by this square: He is drawn to questioning and challenging established value systems in a very public way. Venus–Pluto signifies “big” money and power issues. Moore’s personal presence and magnetism (Pluto in the 1st) can be a disruptive force. How money and power are used — or misused — is an obvious trigger for him.”

And, with transiting Pluto moving through early Capricorn, Moore’s Mars–Moon conjunction in that sign is bound to get even more pronounced.

“In the natal chart, Moore also has Mars (exalted) partile conjunct the Moon (detriment) in Capricorn. Whatever this may suggest about his inner dynamics, we can imagine someone who is uncompromising, persistent, disciplined, and quite capable of using anger for constructive purposes. The Moon–Mars conjunction in Capricorn tightly trines the Taurus Sun, so Moore’s emotional traits are directly entwined with — and find expression — in his public life.”

Moore’s natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint is 29°25’ Virgo; his progressed Ascendant is now at 29°33’ Virgo.

Moore progressed

Saturn and Pluto together suggest an intense energy that signifies both the inevitable need for deep-seated, irrevocable change and the resistance to that change. As a midpoint in an individual’s horoscope, Saturn/Pluto indicates where we are attuned to the struggle between structures that support the status quo and the pressing need to respond to the inevitable call from life itself to experience a new way of being. With the progressed Ascendant now conjunct the Saturn/Pluto midpoint, Moore is in touch with an important theme that we are all irrevocably working through. In an interview last week, he said: “I thought I’d just cut to the chase and propose that we deal with this economic system and try to restructure it in a way that benefits people and not the richest one percent.” [3]

The issues and processes described by Saturn and Pluto are coming into sharp focus as they approach their first of three squares on November 15.

In April 2010, both Moore’s progressed Ascendant and Midheaven will change signs. (The progressed Ascendant will be at 0° Libra, and the progressed Midheaven will come to 0° Cancer.) I think it’s interesting that he’s been saying in interviews, as he promotes the new film, that he doesn’t want to keep doing this any more (making films that attempt to bring about change).

Moore’s public presence might stay strong for a while, however: His progressed Moon squares natal Mercury (from 17°08’ Capricorn to 17°08’ Aries) on November 4, followed on the 27th by the progressed Moon (17°58’ Capricorn) opposing progressed Mercury at 17°58’ Cancer.

The article on the film from Wikipedia sounds (as does much commentary from outside the astrological community these days) like a succinct description of Pluto at work in the public sphere.

“The film alternates between a fierce critique of the status quo, personal portraits of the suffering caused by the recent economic crisis, and comical social satire. Some featured stories include an internal Citibank report happily declaring the United States a ‘plutonomy’ (plutocracy), with the top 1 percent of the population controlling more financial wealth than the bottom 95 percent, along with an exposé of ‘dead peasant insurance’ policies that have companies cashing in on the untimely deaths of their employees.” [4]


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  1. Thanks Mary, you’re ‘spot on’ again..Wow t-Uranus (change) makes a Yod with Moore’s natal Neptune (movies, smoke & mirrors), Venus-value(10th Hs the CAPtialism of CAPricorn). Mayhaps transformation t-Pluto by & FOR ‘the People'(27*Aq Moon-Sibley)through the on-going contacts will shift that 95% wealth t- Jupiter and reverse ‘financial’ wounds t-Chiron that show we’re all in the same boat t-Neptune!!

  2. Thanks Roberta..
    You’re shorthand is so great!!

    I get hung up on trying to form complicated sentence (my natal Mercury very heavily aspected!)

    I love your synthesis..

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