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Michele Bachmann Springs Forth

The recent Newsweek cover, with a wide-eyed photo of Michele Bachmann, reminded me of Pallas Athena springing forth from Zeus’s head. (1) But then, I had already noticed that Bachmann shares Pallas Athena conjunct the Moon with the U.S. Sibly horoscope.

Bachmann was born on April 6, 1956 in Waterloo, Iowa. (2) There is a question about her birth time, so I am using a sunrise chart. (3)

The Sibly Moon is at 27° Aquarius with Pallas Athena at 26° Aquarius. The Moon was in Aquarius until 11 p.m. on Bachmann’s birthday; her natal Moon is somewhere between 18° Aquarius and 1° Pisces. (I am assuming an Aquarius Moon herein.)

Bachmann’s Pallas is at 23°Aquarius; for most of the day it was very close to the Moon. Pallas shows the strategist, the one who recognizes patterns and has creative intelligence.

Considering the Sibly Moon, there is a revolutionary spirit that resides within the heart of the American public (Moon). Bachmann has a revolutionary spirit as well. In her case, it is to return the U.S. to a government run by Christian values. Aquarius can be idealistic, visionary, and radical. Michele Bachmann has a sure vision for the country.

Radical means, “of or going to the root or origin; fundamental” or “thoroughgoing or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or traditional forms: a radical change in the policy of a company.”

She has been educated by the radical theocracy of a sect within Christianity known as Domininism, which believes that “Christians have a God-given right to rule all earthly institutions.” (4)

Bachmann has at least one very strong tie to the Sibly chart: her natal north node is at 10°59’ Sagittarius conjunct the Sibly Ascendant at 12°21’ Sagittarius.

She was born the day after Uranus stationed direct. Astrologers might say that she is deeply motivated by the urgency to express her ideas of freedom and liberty. (In fact, she is quoted in the current New Yorker profile: “If there was one word on a motivation or world view, that one word would be ‘liberty.’ ” )  (5)

Stationary Uranus (co-dispositor of the Aquarius Moon) is also opposite an exalted Mars in Capricorn and square to Neptune in Libra. Mars in aspect to Neptune can have a glamorous, hypnotic feel, and an ability to be savvy about media. (Although this is certainly true of many politicians, the New Yorker article specifically mentions that her public relations team is very careful about what clothes she is wearing when being photographed.)

I have read that her admirers are impressed by her directness and her personal conviction and sense of certainty about her views. The Sun in Aries conjunct Mercury squared by Mars in Capricorn seems to describe that well.

Another side of the Sun in superior conjunction with Mercury in Aries (squared by Mars opposite Uranus): “Part of what’s so appealing about her is that she speaks passionately and off the cuff. But she often seems to speak before she thinks, garbles words, mixes up history, or says things that don’t make sense. At some point, when more people are paying attention, she might go just a bit too far.” (6)

Without a birth time, I like to set the prenatal solar eclipse (PNSE)  chart for the place of birth to see some otherwise hidden qualities of the life. In Bachmann’s case, that solar eclipse was on December 14, 1955 at 21°30 Sagittarius, which is exactly opposite Mars and square Neptune in the Sibly chart.

Maybe this suggests her personal connection to the religious fervor that has galvanized part of the country. The Sibly Ascendant ruler, Jupiter at 5° Cancer, is at the Midheaven of the eclipse chart set for her birthplace in Waterloo.

The PNSE chart set for her birthplace has the acutely sensitive early degrees of the cardinal signs on the angles.

The Ascendant is 4°56’ Libra, an especially important degree now for Uranus (i.e., it stationed retrograde on July 9 at 4°33’ Aries). It’s like Uranus is warmly welcoming Michele Bachmann into the fray.

One more wacky Uranian note: consider this bit from her Wikipedia page (under the subhead Light Bulbs): “Bachmann introduced the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act, which would require a GAO report show that a change to fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) would have “clear economic, health and environmental benefits” prior to enforcement of lighting efficiency regulations that effectively ban conventional light bulbs.”

Your comments always welcomed! Have a good week everyone.


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