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Michelle Obama & Ann Romney

I’ve been wondering about Michelle Obama and Ann Romney ever since they appeared onstage after the last debate in the same bright pink garments.

I don’t know of verified birth times for either of them, although there are times for their respective spouses.

Ann Romney and Michelle Obama were both born a few days after an eclipse, which suggests that their lives are colored by larger collective forces and fates.

Michelle Obama was born on January 17, 1964, in Chicago.
Michelle sunrise natal
Her prenatal eclipse was a solar eclipse on January 14. Set for Chicago, the chart has 29° Gemini ascending with the lunation at 23°43’ Capricorn in the 8th.
Michelle PNSE
To quote from a blog I wrote in November 2008: “This is a signature of 8th-house matters being paramount for expression and fulfillment of the life purpose. The 8th house, of course, signifies resources shared intimately with others. Capricorn will naturally take very seriously the matters involving the intimate partner. Barack Obama’s natal Saturn, co-ruler of his Aquarius rising chart, is placed in its own sign at 25° Capricorn, almost exactly on Michelle’s prenatal solar eclipse. I think this is a striking symbol of a marriage destined to be connected to governance and the public life.”

Venus is elevated in the eclipse chart at 27° Aquarius, the degree of her husband’s south node and the U.S. Sibly Moon.

Ann Romney was born on April 16, 1949, in Detroit, the day of a Sun-Venus superior conjunction at 26°33’ Aries.
Ann Romney sunrise natal
On April 12, there was a total lunar eclipse at 23°56’ Libra. When set for Detroit, her birth place, the chart has Aries on the 5th-house (whole signs) cusp, with Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, and north node in Aries, in part, a marker for the mother of five sons and the grandmother of 18.
PNLE Ann Romney

Ann’s natal Juno at 5° Gemini is conjunct her husband’s Ascendant and north node.

Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947, at 9:51 a.m., in Detroit.
Mitt Romney natal
Mitt Romney’s natal Moon in Scorpio is precisely conjunct Jupiter — stationary and turning retrograde — which, along with being a signature of ambition and a drive for power, can show something about his wife.

The eclipse before Ann Romney’s birth was a total solar eclipse on November 1, 1948. This eclipse was at 8°43’ Scorpio conjunct her husband’s natal Chiron. Also, Chiron at this prenatal eclipse was at 26°28’ Scorpio, conjunct his natal Moon conjunct Jupiter at 27°33.
PNSE Ann Romney
The Chiron-Moon connections suggest that some kind of healing, teaching, or mentoring is a theme in his emotional life, activated strongly through his connection to his wife.

The year of his Chiron return (exact on November 4, 1997), Ann Romney became seriously ill. Transiting Juno was also at 8° Scorpio, his natal Chiron (and her PNSE degree) on November 8, 1998. (See chart above, Ann Romney’s PNSE.)

“During 1997, Ann Romney began experiencing severe numbness, fatigue, and other symptoms, and just before Thanksgiving in 1998, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Mitt Romney described watching her fail a series of neurological tests as the worst day of his life. He later said: ‘I couldn’t operate without Ann. We’re a partnership. We’ve always been a partnership so her being healthy and our being able to be together is essential.” (1)

(Mitt Romney’s prenatal Sun-Venus conjunction (November 17, 1946) was an inferior conjunction (Venus retrograde) at 24°50’ Scorpio, with Juno exactly at that degree, too. This certainly suggests a very deep loyalty to partner as an underlying theme in his relationship life.)

I haven’t done extensive research into their lives, but a few highlights stand out. Mitt and Ann were married on March 21, 1969, three days after a solar eclipse at 27°25’ Pisces.

The year she was diagnosed with MS, there was a solar eclipse at 28°47’ Leo. The August 22, 1998 eclipse was conjunct her natal Saturn (29° Leo) and square his natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction at 27° Scorpio.

There is a total solar eclipse on November 13 at 21°56’ Scorpio. This is close to the president’s natal Midheaven (29° Scorpio); conjunct Romney’s progressed Jupiter (22° Scorpio) and opposite his progressed Sun (25° Taurus); conjunct Joe Biden’s natal Mercury (21° Scorpio); close to Michelle Obama’s natal Juno (25° Scorpio); conjunct the president’s Uranus/ASC and NN/ASC midpoints (at 22° Scorpio), and much else I’m sure. (It is also within a few degrees of my natal Ascendant; maybe that’s why I’m so nervous about the whole thing.)

Onwards! Let’s see what the ladies are wearing tonight.


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