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Michelle Obama

Although we don’t have a time for Michelle Obama’s birth, we know that she was born on January 17, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois. (1) The Sun is at 27° Capricorn and Venus is at 1° Pisces, trine her husband’s Venus at 2° Cancer. The Moon changed from Aquarius to Pisces at about noon on the day Michelle was born. Mercury had just stationed direct on January 15 at 4° Capricorn. Mercury’s speed is, therefore, very slow. A slow Mercury is a signature of a deliberate, careful manner of communicating, emphasized also by its placement in cautious and thoughtful Capricorn. I think that careful Capricorn has been easy to see in her media appearances. Many commentators noted her composure and poise during the tense days of the campaign and that quality of steadiness and steadfastness are true marks of the mountain goat at its best.

The Capricorn urge and ability to accomplish shows itself in her biography – she graduated from Princeton University (with honors) and Harvard Law School, as well as being married to president-elect of the US.

The north node is at 11° Cancer, and the south node at 11° Capricorn. We can infer from this the great importance of her role as a mother – her personal focus will undoubtedly be with her daughters, especially while they are young, as well as in fulfilling her professional obligations.

Without a time of birth, one thing we can do is set the prenatal solar eclipse chart for the place of birth to get a feel for the big themes and purpose of the life. Michelle Obama was born several days after a solar eclipse – curiously, the same eclipse that preceeded Sarah Palin’s birth in February 1964.

If we look at the solar eclipse chart, January 14, 1964 (2:30 pm CST, Chicago, Illinois) the Sun Moon conjunction at 24° Capricorn falls in the 8th house. This is a signature of 8th house matters being paramount for expression and fulfillment of the the life purpose. The 8th house, of course, signifies resources shared intimately with others. Capricorn will naturally take very seriously the matters involving the intimate partner. Barak Obama’s natal Saturn, co-ruler of his Aquarius rising chart, is placed in its own sign at 25° Capricorn, exactly on Michelle’s prenatal solar eclipse. I think this is a striking symbol of a marriage destined to be connected to governance and the public life.

(1) biographical data from:


  1. At noon, the Moon is at 0:31 Pisces in Chicago and would be conjunct Venus. I think she probably has her Moon in Aquarius, with Moon near Saturn. She strikes me as a mom with a sense of structure and responsibility. Of course, this is just an impression, and we’d have to do a full rectification or get a BC to know for sure. 🙂

  2. Hi Terry,

    Yes, I tend to agree with your impression that the Moon is in Aquarius…
    Any opinion on the prenatal SE? I just thought that was such a simple, yet clear picture..

    Thanks for coming by..

    I love your blog, by the way!

  3. I don’t have a feel for the PNE, as I haven’t used this technique before. But what does strike me is that she was born just a couple of days after the eclipse, which is to me significant. I think it indicates a soul who wants to tap the universal energy and strong focus that the eclipse energy affords. I have been fascinated by Barack’s Saturn-Cap conj. Jupiter-Aquarius straddling that cusp, and two of her personal planets do the same – Sun and Mars. Clearly, they are working on this Saturn-ruled balance between responsibility and freedom – and that the only way to be truly free is to fulfill your responsibilities. Seems they have that one nailed!

  4. Based on her physical attributes I could see her having Sag rising, or perhaps that Jupiter in Aries rising (although that would make a Pisces Moon more likely). If she were born about 8 am she would have Sag rising with very pronounced 2nd and 3rd houses, evidenced by her brilliant mind and her accumulation and management of resources.

  5. The probability of Michele Obama having a late Aquarius moon is strong. It would be over her husband’s ascendant illuminating him, among other things. Also, her unique choice of clothing (i.e., not wearing “traditional first lady type” suits, etc., but rather bright colored non traditional dresses (recall her black/red designer dress the night he won the election). A Pisces moon would have chosen more water-color pastel hues. She’s been compared to Jackie Kennedy who had Sagittarius rising and both women display a significant same type of poise. I could easily see a Sagittarius ascendant for Michele Obama, plus it places her husband’s Gemini natal moon in her 7th house.

  6. I am lucky to know Martin Davis, (Astrological Relocation) a wonderful wise man who told me I was an earth goddess…I thought it was a chat up line… lol.
    I share Michele’s date of birth. 0.47 Pisces Moon
    I also am quite knowledgeable regarding astrology.
    I live in England, and will need to read about her life.
    I would definitely place her Mars in a prominent position.
    I love being a mum.

  7. Hi Tina,

    Martin is a wonderful astrologer and what a good “chat up” line he had for you!

  8. What hospital was Michelle Obama born in?

  9. Hello,

    Although there is tremendous interest in the new President’s wife, no time has surfaced as yet for her, or hospital, other than Wikipedia stating that “She was born and grew up on the South Side of Chicago.”

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