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New Moon at 2°04’ Gemini: Releasing the Messenger Inside Us

When we stay present and aware, New Moons allow us to set intentions that can powerfully shift our reality. The New Moon at 2°04’ Gemini on May 22, 2020 invites us to communicate in a better way and to improve our social skills. We can set intentions linked to the way we use our minds, including how we communicate and write, how we present and sell our ideas, how we teach others, and how we interact with our local environment.

In this information era, we are constantly exposed to an overwhelming flow of facts and data. The New Moon in Gemini can help us navigate this extraordinary information flow and use the energy to our benefit by inviting us to listen to all sides of the story. Since we communicate in the world through the exchange of ideas, if we shy away from communication, it may mean that we are avoiding seeing or experiencing the duality inherent in life. Having a one-sided perspective may indicate a deeply rooted fear or belief that keeps us from seeing that there is white and black in everything. True communication can’t happen with a one-sided perspective. If, for instance, we are not confident in communicating openly, now is the time to set an intention to be flexible enough to see different perspectives, which will then allow us to feel connected to others. At this Gemini New Moon, let’s set the intention to recognize the duality in life, which may, in turn, allow us to communicate more effectively in our unique environments and life situations.

We may also initiate all kinds of activities linked to communication: writing; developing courses and teaching materials; presenting our ideas; learning to promote ourselves and our talents by focusing on approaches to marketing and sales; connecting with people online; and participating actively in our local environment. At this New Moon, if we employ such qualities as flexibility, wit, and curiosity, we can dissect the larger picture of what we want to accomplish into smaller bites that we can act on one by one.

This New Moon is also colored by Venus’s retrograde in Gemini, as well as the recent ingress of the North Node into Gemini and South Node into Sagittarius. With the North Node in Gemini, we are asked to become comfortable expressing the energy of Gemini — especially communication skills, as mentioned above. Venus retrograde in Gemini tells us that in order to have good connections and relationships with others, we need to learn the art of open communication. Speaking openly is challenging for many of us, as it can evoke traumas and wounds linked to past situations when communicating led to limitations of some kind, or even punishment.

The closest major aspect to this lunation is a trine from Saturn in Aquarius to the Moon in Gemini. This suggests that if we desire positive change and evolution within our societies, we need to be open and unafraid to share our ideas and to seek other opinions. This trine aspect invites us to make new friendships and social connections, wherein our visions and passions can be supported when we are receptive to another’s point of view.

Saturn also reminds us to be responsible for our social connections by supporting and nurturing friends and social ties after they come into our lives. Gemini, the social butterfly of the zodiac, is famous for being flaky and non-committal in its communications, but Saturn in Aquarius orients us to the fact that if we want to create our personal vision, we need to be a reliable friend and partner. Keep in mind that this retrograde Venus may confront or unmask anyone who lies, cheats, or hides from themselves in partnerships.

This New Moon is a great opportunity for us to work with the highest manifestations of the sign of Gemini — the messenger who develops the social skills to spread high-quality communications to every corner of the world, enriching us all through knowledge and connectivity. Let’s use our ability to speak, write, learn, and share — without fear or limitation — in a way that will truly benefit us all.

Bio: Margarita Strashilova publishes astrological articles on her Facebook page (@MargaritaAstroecstatic) which are appreciated by many on a daily basis. Her mission, through her articles and private astrological counseling, is to help as many people as possible to get to know themselves better through astrology. In the future Margarita plans to develop courses and seminars on astrology topics. Her other interests include energy practices, psychology, spiritual and personal development. She can be messaged through her Facebook page or emailed: