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New Moon Blogs

The New Moon at 26°54′ Cancer is on July 18 at 9:24 pm PDT (July 19, 12:24 am EDT). The energy of Cancer supports, nourishes and sustains us all. Here are some blogs about the New Moon, perhaps a moment of deep nourishment in these complex times.  I plan to avail myself of some of their gentle wisdom. I hope you enjoy reading them.

New Moon Manifesting offers some ideas for working with the emotions, Cancer’s favorite habitat. “These three steps are a guideline to resolving old emotional wounds:
1) Journal to clearly identify and express your emotions 2) Ask your Creator to remove the old emotions during meditation or yoga 3) Ask your Creator to replace the old emotions with the ones you want.”

Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (exact on July 17) is a strong note these days. WebGenie at The Spirit Science (the site is temporarily down) writes: “Instead consider that perhaps your enemies are merely fans in denial waiting for you to destroy your comfort zone of contempt by making them your friend. There is an opportunity to reach  further and develop courage and inner strength.”

Ruby Slipper calls this New Moon, The Grabber: “Cancer can get clingy if it relies on externals (people, food, situations) to soothe it.  If you have a gaping void inside and you need someone/something else to fill it, you’ll just activate the Shadow side of Cancer (desperately dependent). To use this energy successfully, you must be able to nurture yourself first.”

Stephanie Gailing at Planetary Apothecary writes on the Cancer New Moon: “You may feel you are being urged to begin a new chapter of your life. And yet, it’s natural that you may feel like you are facing some resistance. This may be even more evident today given that structured Saturn is squaring the Sun and Moon. Try to work through the fear of change that Saturn can inspire by focusing on channelling its planetary energy another way.”

Cristina Laird at Deretornoacasa writes: “The new moon in Cancer reminds us that to feel safe we must be in the ‘right place’, i.e. the space, whether physical, mental, or virtual, which we call home.’ If for some reason we are not in that ‘place’ then we will feel a great internal concern that will guide us to get up and go out and look for it. Cancer looks for that ‘place’ eternally, which is rarely next to someone, but in an inner place where our soul, our spirit, and our body are one. It is so elusive that it may last seconds, yet it gives Cancer a sense of peace and security.”

Gretchen Lawlor and Heather Roan Robbins are long time contributers to the We’Moon calendar. Gretchen describes the essence of Cancer in 2012 (at the crossroads of Uranus and Pluto). Scroll down for Heather on this New Moon. She writes: “We may be challenged to let go of old modes of operation and pushed out of our comfort zone, but can rise to the challenge and find capacities we didn’t know we had. Even though strong emotional winds blow through, we need to think and act strategically. A New Moon in Cancer tonight offers a chance to start over and take better care of ourselves and others in the new cycle ahead.”

Healer Kali Johnson writes a blog at Soulistichealing. She describes this lunation as “leaning into faith”: “The Greek word for danger was peria, which translates into ‘an experience.’ What if we had the faith to see what we perceive as dangerous as simply an experience?  Instead of fearing the experience, we can try to have some faith in the experience.  We can have faith that what is happening or what we are experiencing is not harmful, but is a part of our natural and ever continuing evolving and development.”

And, don’t miss Kathy Rose’s video.

Have a wonderful week everyone..


  1. Again, thank you for all that you share, Mary! You are appreciated. Today, I’m having problems reaching one of the articles mentioned by WebGenie at The Spirit Science. I may have found it at Astrolosophy but, since I can’t get to The Spirit Science, I don’t know if this is “it”. Help?

    Many continued blessings.

  2. Good morning tanzanite,

    Unfortunately, that link is not working now..I will remove the live link for now, to avoid confusion..

    But, if you have time, maybe send me the link that you did find?

    Thank you for your kind words,

    Blessing to you and yours..


  3. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but
    your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future. Cheers

    • Thank you…the internet is amazing (but then I may be prejudiced with 3 planets in Aquarius)

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