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New Moon in Leo, August 18, 2020: Falling in Love with Our Creative Power

The New Moon in the fixed fire sign Leo is coming! Leo represents our creative power and the joyful moments in life when we are free and spontaneous. It is linked to our ability to feel admired, appreciated, and loved, and is also an opportunity to connect with our capacity to enjoy life and be happy. There has been lots of intensity this year, and the planets will keep on surprising us with dynamic and transformative energies for the rest of 2020. But we have uplifting events like this New Moon to raise our vibration and stay connected to our power to create and manifest!

This New Moon brings energy for us to pour into our talents, hobbies, and artistic endeavors. On a deeper level it represents a powerful stimulus to our willingness to choose happiness and contentment in the present moment. When we choose happiness, rather than intensity, and connect to our creative power, we can more easily fulfill our dreams. But we need to let ourselves experience joy and bliss, and feel that we deserve it. A good affirmation for this New Moon: “I deserve to be happy!”

Leo’s rays will energize areas where we may feel a lack of movement or resources — we just need to ask and stay receptive. We can access this brilliant Leo energy when we’re in touch with our creative power; beautiful things can happen related to love, romance, children, projects, and new ideas. This New Moon also brings increased confidence and allows us to more easily accept compliments, praise, gifts, and proposals, and to welcome the rewarding opportunities that may follow. Leo lights a spark in our eyes that attracts others to our energy field.

Mars in Aries supports this Leo lunation because it will amplify the fiery energy of the Sun and Moon. Mars adds a healthy dose of anger that pushes us to act with enormous courage and strengthens our raw power to accomplish goals and desires. There can be a renewed capacity to assert our identity, and to be honest and direct about what we want to achieve, leaving behind all compromises to wholeheartedly pursue what we know we want.

The South Node in Sagittarius creates a powerful grand trine with Mars and the New Moon, with the North Node in Gemini completing a kite pattern. The Nodes in positive aspect to this New Moon signal that our ideas will come alive and thrive when we express our passions. New and exciting projects connected to communication may be on their way.

It is truly a wonderful time as the Leo New Moon symbolically invites us to a party after a long hard day. Yet it’s up to us to let go of our heavy burdens and welcome the inspirational mood to reshape our reality. This lunation in Leo asks us to fall in love with the creative resources we hold inside. It is all within our power!

Bio: Margarita Strashilova publishes astrological articles on her Facebook page @MargaritaAstroecstatic which are appreciated by many on a daily basis. Her mission, through her articles and private astrological counseling, is to help as many people as possible to get to know themselves better through astrology. In the future Margarita plans to develop courses and seminars on astrology topics. Her other interests include energy practices, psychology, spiritual and personal development. She can be messaged through her Facebook page or emailed: