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New Moon Week

There are March/Pisces New Moon predictions, one short political story, and several links for serious study in this week’s collection of YouTubers.

March 2019 Predictions Emotional Storms Explode is Vedic astrologer Joni Patry’s 20-minute video. She explains this month’s shift of Rahu and Ketu into Gemini and Sagittarius (sidereal zodiac) relative to what 2020 may bring. (She looks back in U.S. history to 1945, 1963, 1982, and 2001 when the nodes were previously in these signs.)

Astrologer Timothy at Rasa Lila Healing speaks to Pisces New Moon March 6, 2019 — Unwinding Into Our Natural Essence, Our Soul’s Devotional Service. This is a 35-minute presentation. I did not watch the entire video, but did hear this: “Pisces is undefined, unknown, never will be understood … as soon as you give a label to Pisces, it starts to become more inaccurate.”

Marina at Darkstar Astrology uploads videos frequently. She includes fixed stars and decans in her work. Mercury Retrograde March ~ Wings of Wisdom is a 17-minute consideration of the topic, which includes the current retrograde for each sign. (Her thoughts on the signs are time-stamped, so you can go right to whatever sign or signs are of interest.)

Nadiya Shah is a much-loved astrology web pioneer. If you don’t know her work, here is good start (21 minutes): Mercury Retrograde + New Moon in Pisces! March 3-9 2019 Astrology Horoscope.

David Cochrane’s astrology site is always being updated. Here is a new 30-minute video for beginners to his method: Natal Chart Interpretation with Vibrational Astrology: An Introduction. “Vibrational Astrology (VA) is a modern system of astrology. It incorporates ideas from many other systems of astrology, some of which are ancient and some of which are also modern.” In this video, he delineates Vincent van Gogh’s horoscope and has written notes to accompany his talk.

Who doesn’t need some new thoughts about Capricorn at this point? Here is Cochrane’s 32-minute talk, Capricorn: Witness Consciousness. “Using the research features and over 85,000 chart data and over 22,000 chart data with AA accuracy in the Sirius 2.0 software, we see if the four people with the most Capricorn actually have Capricorn personalities.” One of his conclusions: “Capricorn gives a person the inclination to adopt a detached view of the world.”

For those following (or obsessing with) the U.S. news, here is The Trump/Cohen conundrum — an astrological marriage from hell, an 11-minute video by Steve Judd. With no birth time for Cohen (born on a day when the Moon changed signs), Judd makes a case for Cohen’s Moon sign based on his widely watched seven-hour appearance at the House Oversight Committee.

And, for longer viewing (and thoughtful listening), Chris Brennan’s Astrology Podcast (aka The Astrology School) has just added an interview (1 hour 45 minutes): Reincarnation and Astrology, with Steven Forrest.

For an impeccable introduction to a timing technique used in Vedic astrology, The Vimshottari Dasha System in Vedic Astrology is a 1 hour 50-minute interview by Chris with Freedom Cole. Along with calculations and interpretive tips, Freedom gives simple ways to start integrating vimshottari dashas into the study and practice of anyone (e.g., modern Western astrologers). There are also links to free software.

For readers interested in Hellenistic techniques, zodiacal releasing (recently recovered from the work of 2nd-century astrologer Vettius Valens) is a time-lord technique “which divides a person’s life into chapters, and helps to establish your overall life story.” In this masterful 4-1/2 hour presentation, Zodiacal Releasing: An Ancient Timing Technique, Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim take us through the technique and make it accessible to start exploring. (As with the vimshottari dasha, the free web calculation sites are amazing and simple to use.) If you’ve been daunted by the complexity inherent in ZR, Chris and Leisa’s clear explanation is an ideal guide to this rediscovered ancient astrological technique.

Onwards, have a good week everyone.