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News from The Mountain Astrologer

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The new August–September issue of The Mountain Astrologer is now reaching subscribers and will soon be in stores. It is packed full of good articles, including a feature on how to use Feng Shui with the energies of each New Moon as it activates one of the houses in your chart. In these intense times, we could all use a chuckle or two, so we have posted our astro-humor section for you to enjoy here. We have been running humor in each issue since 1988!

We are busy now preparing the next issue, which will feature a dozen articles that we have specially selected from TMA in the 1990s, from issues have been sold out for many years now. These articles deserve a second look, and some of them have updates. Writers include Bruce Scofield, Dana Gerhardt, Will Keepin, Al H. Morrison, Greg Bogart, Linda Johnsen, and Barbara Schermer. There will also be fresh articles from Donna Cunningham (on aspects) and Jeff Jawer (on the big cardinal sign outer-planet  transits coming in the next few years). You won’t want to miss this issue of TMA, scheduled to be mailed to subscribers the first few days of September.

If you want to invest in your astrological education and keep up to date with astrological theory and practice, we are running a special TMA subscription offer until July 31. If you subscribe directly from this web site, we will automatically add a free issue to your subscription, to give you 7 issues for the price of 6 ($39 for any address in the U.S. or Canada). That is a savings of $16 on newsstand prices, and you can start with any issue you like. This offer is for new subscribers only (you are considered new if you have not been a subscriber for a full year), and your first issue will be in the mail within a few days. Incidentally, we don’t sell or share our subscribers list … ever!

And for those of you who missed the June issue featuring Ray Merriman’s article on the Economy, you can pick it up as a back issue here. We still have a few boxes in stock.

Many thanks to our Web Editor Mary Plumb (and prolific contributor Robert Blaschke) for posting so much timely material on this blog, and thanks to all for your insightful comments and suggestions. Let’s hear from more of you in the weeks ahead.



  1. Here is the link to the new TMA discussion threads on Facebook. You may have to get through a registration screen if you are not already signed up with Facebook. You can also start your own discussion topic there if you like.

  2. Hi Tem,
    It’s been many years since Serendipity Couriers, and I’ve followed your success, congrats on a still GREAT magazine.
    I’m now a truck driver/instructor with Swift Trans. and living in Az.
    Good Luck,

  3. Perhaps a reminder of this link to other ‘puter challenged(12th House Mercury)types. “Something” got me flipping back and I just found this link. Sure is more direct(now on my favorites) than the skip about & fuss & wonder approach I’ve used for a week. There’s so much variety of ‘good stuff’ on the topic board and interesting commentors, too. Thanks for taking on the challenges, Tem.

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