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News from TMA — A Digital Option Coming in 2011

Hello everyone, and Happy Holidays:

Mary is getting a well-deserved holiday break from the blog this week. So here is a chance to bring you the latest news from TMA headquarters in Grass Valley, California.

After a lot of hard work by our staff, the new February/March issue of the magazine is being printed this week! It is scheduled to be mailed out to our faithful subscribers on January 4, and to be in the stores by late January. This is a particularly interesting issue of TMA, a theme issue on archetypes, dreamwork, alchemy, and the water houses in the chart. This issue was orchestrated by TMA Special Projects Editor Kate Sholly, and features articles by Ken Johnson, Jodie Forrest, Ray Grasse, Dena DeCastro, Laurence Hillman, Arielle Guttman, Glenn Perry, and Alice O. Howell. We hope you’ll send us feedback after you have time to look it over. (Here’s  a sneak peek at the Table of Contents.)

In addition to keeping up with our relentless production schedule, I have been investigating what it would take to offer our readers the option of accessing a digital version of TMA, for subscribers who would like to have access while traveling, or don’t have the space to store printed magazines, or don’t want to use the paper in the first place. In my discussions with our circulation manager and with a technical consultant, it looks like there may be a logistically viable way for us to do it, while also making extra content available digitally that there isn’t room for in the printed magazine. I plan to post details of how this will work in a week or two, and I hope to have the digital option available to existing (and new) subscribers by late spring or summer of 2011. Subscription options will be: 1) just print; 2) just digital; or 3) both print and digital.

So let us hear from you, readers! What topics and writers do you want to see more of in TMA? What should we add on when we offer a digital option? And how can we expand/improve our forecast section?

I wish each one of you has a happy, low-stress, yet stimulating year ahead,


P.S.: A special thanks goes out to those of you who subscribed or gave gift subscriptions these last few months (the gift subscription sale ends on January 5th). Your subscriptions directly support our work, and I find it personally encouraging that our subscription numbers (as well as our prices) have stayed level even in the hard economic times of the last two years.