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November’s Energetic Landscape

This overview of November’s astrological trends provides an energetic landscape of possibilities and probabilities through the month.

The overall theme for November surrounds the potential of the return of hope. In one sense, hope has felt intangible with all that has and is transpiring on the Earth. Yet, glimpses of hope and synchronicities are finding their way to us if we take notice. This may come as a nice relief for many individuals.

As the month begins, the symbolism suggests a feeling of internal fog, pent-up anger, or frustration. It’s as if we are going nowhere fast, symbolized by Mars retrograde in Gemini square Neptune retrograde in Pisces. We are invited to be still, replenish, and gather our vitality, rather than deplete ourselves further. Jupiter retrograde in Pisces is also making a close enough aspect to Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces, both also retrograde. This suggests the potential to magnify certain issues and information so that we can make better choices, and come out of a frazzled, tangled state of mind and emotions. It is possible through the month to feel overwhelmed or overloaded, and certain feelings may also be amplified, such as yearning for love, compassion, and peace. With Jupiter retrograde in Pisces, we may realize it is best not to keep engaging in extreme self-sacrifice or identify with excessive suffering, as this could be a part of the cause for feeling heavy and hopeless. Wherever the dynamic T-square of Mars retrograde, Neptune retrograde, and Jupiter retrograde highlights our chart, we may arrive to a point that no longer allows us to be complacent or sitting on the fence. There is a strong nudge to grow and make some type of change.

As the Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus begins to separate, we may feel less of the concentrated, pressurized tension this aspect has carried, but we still need to apply key spiritual qualities to the new foundation of self-mastery that we would like to help shape our lives. Saturn symbolizes mastery of where we feel inadequate, and our internal limitations based in fear. Uranus symbolizes awakening and liberation so we are able to live our higher potentials. One theme of this transit (with us since early 2021) has been to become responsible for transforming pessimism about life into becoming more conscious, and waking up to valuing the precious gift of life on Earth. With the Saturn square Uranus transit coming to a completion, we need to strengthen the new foundation and framework, while incorporating innovative solutions to move toward a brighter future. Having faith, trust, and allowing our Essence and the Divine to guide us while taking small steps forward will help things take shape on a physical level.

November continues to unfold through the waves of grogginess and the end of a chapter in our lives, symbolized by a lunar eclipse in the earthy sign of Taurus. The potential to take action and expand feelings of joy, compassion, love, and clarity presents itself by the middle of the month.

November 8
We arrive to a Full Moon and lunar eclipse at 16° Taurus. A helpful metaphor for this transit is plucking weeds and cleaning up the garden. A lunar eclipse occurs during a Full Moon and symbolizes sudden endings, big emotional waves, odd upheavals, and energetic knots. It prompts us to let go of what once held value yet no longer serves our highest good. It is also likely that we take a closer look at Taurus themes such as deep-seated emotional attachments, finances, our resources, physical possessions, and our willingness (or resistance) to change. Think of this phase as a time of shedding and letting go, so that something else has space to grow, take shape, and blossom in our lives over the next six months. This is emphasized for us personally wherever 16° Taurus activates our natal chart.

November 16
Venus enters the enthusiastic and passionate sign of Sagittarius. This suggests that relating with others takes on a more jovial tone while we also embrace the richness of diversity. We have the opportunity to venture toward new horizons in our relationships, both personal and business. We may have the urge to pursue a variety of colors in art, music, writing styles, spices or flavors in cooking, creative expression, and even romance.

November 17
Mercury enters the fiery sign of Sagittarius, suggesting eagerness to learn, share, teach, and write. We may choose to study philosophies, metaphysical subjects, and ceremonies from different parts of the world that can bring greater meaning and purpose to our lives. The overall tone of communication and our mental attitude may become expansive, encouraging, and playful as we are open to exploring broad ideas. Using visual aids to convey ideas will be helpful at this time.

November 19
Mars retrograde in Gemini square Neptune retrograde in Pisces, the second of three exact aspects of this transit. (The third aspect is in February 2023.) This suggests the potential to dissolve internal tension and limitation. Issues around anger, or any patterns that diffuse our assertiveness, as well as behaviors we engage in that keep us caught in duality (or being wishy-washy) will be obvious at this time. There is a slow dissolving of the control, doubt, and anxiety that egoic mind tends to create. We have the potential to birth a fresh state of being and a space for our Essence/Soul to experience a more empowered way to navigate and live life.

With this transit, we may come face-to-face with whatever we have been avoiding, or with any fear-based perceptions that are generating confusion. It is important to ask ourselves what steps will help us to reclaim our power for our highest good rather than remaining in victim- or martyr-consciousness. There could be a sense of dissatisfaction and acknowledging to ourselves that we feel like we are wading through molasses uphill. We may be returning to certain key re-occurring issues that need to be resolved through our willingness to perceive the issue through a spiritual lens for realistic change. Since sensitivities are heightened during this phase, it is possible to feel thin-skinned or unable to tolerate any kind of criticism, but it will help to strengthen confidence from the inside out. By early December, as Mars retrograde separates from Neptune, we have more space as some of the “stuckness” begins to decrease.

November 23
Jupiter at 28° Pisces makes a direct station while widely conjunct Neptune retrograde (22°40’ Pisces). This symbolizes expansion in consciousness and the return of hope. We are invited to slow down, feel gratitude, and celebrate the spiritual gifts being offered, rather than zeroing in on suffering, or what is wrong or not working out in the way we expect. Find fun ways to integrate or update meditation and spiritual practices, and to apply greater compassion in everyday situations.

November 29–30
Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius opposite Mars retrograde in Gemini suggests that people from the past may show up, and issues that need healing can be triggered. Initially, there may be a back-and-forth in addressing issues with people or in situations with this transit. We may even be dancing around issues within ourselves too, until we come face-to-face with the desire to be truthful to ourselves regarding a past issue. Through sincere acknowledgement within ourselves, and authentic communication and relating with others, we can use this opportunity to grow and expand into new territory. Watch for the tendency to say things only to please others, or to be rash or impulsive and promise what we are unable to deliver. We may uncover thought-forms or beliefs which hold fear or anxiety producing crisscrossed wires of conflicted thinking. Our interactions with other people, situations, or a group will bring the opportunity to become aware of what we have been unconscious of. It is good to find the middle ground and bring harmony, such as creating a win/win outcome rather than a this-or-that approach. We can balance listening with speaking to create the best results.

As November comes to an end, we may want to reflect on what has transpired that has enriched our lives and enhanced meaning. The various transits throughout the month and their potential are supportive to our spiritual evolution, as well as to becoming more conscious of our choices and actions. Let’s do our best to nurture and strengthen inspiration and encourage one another during this time.

photo: Vasilis Karkalas, Unsplash

Dipali Desai is an internationally known spiritual teacher/mentor, astrologer, intuitive, healer, and artist. With her capacity as a clear channel, she has the ability to convey intuitive information with tact and directness to help people awaken to their true nature and higher potential. She blends spiritual authentic intuitive guidance and inspiration with practical wisdom in her consultations and writing. Dipali’s website: and Email address:

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