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November’s Top Five Astro-Events

1. Ceres is favorably sextile Chiron on the 8th, and a strong influence from the 1st through 13th. Ceres-Chiron aspects are often found in alternative health practitioners’ charts, and this holistic astro-event favors a mind-body-spirit approach to whatever ails you. Ceres (a caretaking, nurturing influence), in aspect to the outer planets is associated with ecological interests. This month, Ceres aspects Pluto (1st to 6th) and Saturn from the 11th through 17th, making climate change concerns a top priority. Retrograde and in Gemini, one potential problem – especially at the Glasgow Summit – is all talk and promise but no real commitment. However, the beneficial sextile to Chiron and trine to Saturn may lead to constructive advances.

2. Mars squares Saturn on the 10th and opposes Uranus on the 17th. In effect, Mars in Scorpio is translating the disruptive square between Saturn and Uranus from the 8th through 18th, and defines a phase where intense encounters, stand-offs, forceful displays, and ultimatums bring about significant changes. Those with placements in the 6º-12º range of fixed signs will be pushed to take action, overcome obstacles, and break away from stagnant situations. Watch out for accidents, power plays, and arbitrary authority. Although these three planets can make life difficult, for some, this is a good time to take a stand for what you believe in, to fight the good fight. Be careful not to get mired in trivial disputes. Choose your battles wisely.

3. The Sun is octile Venus on the 19th, and a friendly influence from the 13th through 23rd. In contrast to the harsh Mars-Saturn-Uranus dynamic, this Sun-Venus vibe brings out the peacemakers, artists, diplomats, and lovers. Tune in to your creative instincts to take full advantage of this phase, improve your personal style, appearance, and demeanor. The Sun and Venus together promote engagement with others, working out differences, and amorous get-togethers. This is a good time to meet someone new, if you’re in the market. Venus goes on to sextile Mars in Scorpio from the 20th through month’s end, making a good time to share intimacy with someone special.

4. A Lunar Eclipse on the 19th (3:47 am EDT) takes place at 27º Taurus with the Sun at 27º Scorpio. It marks a dramatic peak of contrasting astrological dynamics, epitomized by the third and final Saturn-Uranus square (coming in December). For many, this eclipse may feel like a collapse of arrangements, key relationships, and unsustainable goals. For those who are on the right path, this eclipse may further your sense of stability, determination, and financial goals. Set in Washington, this eclipse features an angular Pluto-Eris square, a sure sign that independent troublemakers (Eris in Aries) and the corporate elite (Pluto in Capricorn) are setting the agenda and/or disrupting the common good (Jupiter in Aquarius trines the Libra Ascendant).

5. Saturn sextiles Chiron on the 26th and is in effect from the 16th into the first week of December. This combination goes a long way toward smoothing out differences between contrasting lifestyles, political views, and personal or professional relationships. For those with chronic illness, a promising long-term program can restore health. Saturn in Aquarius is working toward a solid common social agenda, but challenged by the independent, parochial nature of Uranus in Taurus. Chiron as the “cosmic adjuster” can offer solutions to bridge this gap. This Saturn-Chiron duo is a problem solver and can restore one’s sense of having a social network, a safety net. This is a good time to get involved in some group activity.

Bio: Michael O’Reilly is a professional astrologer and counselor specializing in the use of political and evolutionary astrology. His recently published book, The Ultimate Book of Astrology Books, is a collection of book reviews he wrote for Dell Horoscope magazine between 1993 and 2020. Visit his website at or email him at

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