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Obama’s Inaugural

What a tribute to a very public Mercury retrograde as we watched the eloquent President Obama taking the oath of office and stopping to sort out the garbled words! (Not to mention repeating the oath the next day.) The very public event was watched by 38 million TV viewers, the most to watch a presidential inauguration since Reagan’s first inaugural in 1981. (Mr. Bush’s second inaugural in 2005 had the lowest rating since records have been kept – 15 million.)

Mercury’s prominence is seen astrologically – it is the most elevated planet as well as Cazimi (the “heart of the Sun” i.e., within 17 minutes of arc) with the Sun, giving it maximum strength and brilliance.

The chart for the oath on the following day has Virgo rising and the chart ruler, Mercury, back into Capricorn. This is a more sober chart, with an emphasis on hard work and service.  Apparently, the President offered to just do it again as a precaution against any attempts to discredit the first oath. Maybe it was an easy moment for Obama’s Gemini Moon to speak: let’s just have two? Why not?

So far, my personal favorite Mercury retrograde statement is the report on the condition of the Bush administration’s woefully inept computer systems: Obama’s Staff Finds White House in the Technological Dark Ages. To quote the essence of the article: “Two years after launching the most technologically savvy presidential campaign in history, Obama officials ran smack into the constraints of the federal bureaucracy yesterday, encountering a jumble of disconnected phone lines, old computer software, and security regulations forbidding outside e-mail accounts.”

How’s that for a snapshot of an Aquarius stellium, with Mercury heading back into Capricorn?

There are lots of wonderful comments out there regarding the inauguration. A good place to start is with Jeff Jawer’s Inauguration Confusion and Competence. Jeff finds a big connection between today’s solar eclipse and Chief Justice John Roberts’s natal horoscope.

Jude Cowell has some words on the historical meaning of the Void-of-Course Moon, and an astute observation about the VOC Moon at this inaugural.

British astrologer Dharmaruci posted a clear, non-technical article several weeks ago on the inaugural chart. (He also looks at Obama’s natal chart and that of the new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.)

Terry Lamb’s Astro-Pol blog is rocking with a four-part series on Obama’s first term, including key dates for him in these next four years. (She also has a post on the Mercury redux of the oath.)

Fixed star watchers must read Bernadette Brady’s article on the stars at the inauguration. This extensive article looks back at previous Inaugurations and what has transpired as the date and place of the U.S. presidential inauguation has changed over time. Her views on the “melody of place” are unique and evocative, as is Darrelyn Gunzburg’s “When the Crown Prince becomes a King: the Journey of Barack Obama.” Both articles are part of the January 2009 issue of the Visual Astrology Newsletter at the same link.

Astrologer Lynn Hayes posted Happy Inauguration Day! A look at the chart for the US on January 20th. She considers transits to the U.S. Sibly chart, especially Pluto square the Midheaven and the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition.

For those readers who enjoy astrological detail, here’s a splendid, specifically timed analysis of the inauguration. Martin Bulgerin takes us through the timing of Obama’s address to the nation, including minor aspects, the Galactic Center degree, and major asteroids. He even has the precise time that Mr. Bush boarded the heliocopter for the last time!

I hope I found something for everyone in this assortment of bloggers.

Enjoy yourselves, and please do come back with a quick (or long and thoughtful!) comment. We love to hear from you.


  1. Hi Mary,

    This is a great round-up and it’s good to have several inaugural links in one spot. And thanks so much for mentioning my offering!


  2. The 1st oath was taken while the moon was still void- about 12:05 pm I believe. I was so glad he had it redone regardless of what the chart was like. I’m convinced his administration would have come to naught. After all he is facing enough obstacles as it is. The second oath gives me great hope for his success- he will get things right even if he has to do it over and look somewhat foolish in the process.

    Charles du Lac

  3. Hi Jude & Carl,

    Thanks for stopping by..

    I like what you say about the second chart, Carl, very perceptive..

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