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Barak Obama’s Moment

Most of us are looking ahead to the inauguration with a hope for a better time to come. I found an article on a new blog, The Political Astrology Blog, which captures well the altruistic side of Neptune in Aquarius.

Astrologer Patrick Watson has a fine article called Barak Obama’s Rise to Power, which focuses on his natal Neptune and the eclipse patterns in his recent life.

(One thing I’d like to add is that Barak Obama’s prenatal solar eclipse is at 26°25′ Aquarius, conjunct the US Sibly Moon at 27° Aquarius. I noted Michelle’s prenatal solar eclipse degree and her husband’s chart in my previous blog post, Michelle Obama.)

In case Watson’s charts don’t look familiar to you – he is using Whole Sign houses, with 0 degrees of the sign on the first house cusp and the Ascendant and Midheaven degrees marked in their respective houses.

Thanks Patrick for your fine work.

Take good care one and all.




  1. Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed the article! The Political Astrology Blog, or the PAB, just started up but there will be plenty of new content coming in, as well as on our sister blogs and

    Patrick Watson

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Looks like you’ve got a good thing starting..

    All the best,


  3. Looking forward to a column/article on the many tie-ins of the 1/26/09 eclipse with new President Obama’s Neptune and the USA Sibly & chart for Federal Government of 1789 ( Moon at 4° Gemini conjunct Obama’s natal Moon, and his South Node conjunct the Sibly Moon). This is the first time since 1900 (as per Bernadette Brady’s list) that an eclipse has been on 6° Aquarius (It’s conjunct Mercury’s stationary retrograde degree of Jan 12.) Thanks for the referral to Watson’s site – very informative.

  4. just wanted to wish michelle a happy birthday, and today is also my birthday, but i am a little older by 20 years. thank you

  5. I’m fascinated by Obama’s second swearing in ceremony. The first one – at noon on the 20th – was by most astrological accounts that I read less than auspicious. It was difficult to find an accurate time for when Chief Justice Roberts came to the White House for the “do-over.” The best I could find was “31 hours later” which would put it at 7pm on Wednesday the 21st.

    Can anyone shed any light on whether this time will be better (or worse) for his presidency than the original time? It makes for an interesting question as to when his presidency actually started.

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  6. Hello Robert,

    The time for the second swearing in ceremony was 7:35 pm..if you go over to the comments under this week’s post, Yeah Aquarius!, there are a few ideas starting to percolate..

    Thanks for stopping by..

  7. I would think (according to the laws of the universe) that Obama’s first swearing in would be the most important due to the power of intention. By law energy (feminine force) wraps itself around intent (masculine force) and with the power of the word, the power of the feelings and the physical act — you have creation… in this case the commitment ceremony for a man who has been working very hard for this moment. I believe the second swearing in had to do with caution and compliance with man-made law but spiritual law (containing Obama’s deep intention) would have had to have been the first cause.

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