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Organizing for 2012: Calendars and Datebooks


Jim Maynard’s Quicksilver Productions offers four versions of his beautifully produced and consistently reliable calendars. Each of the formats is a complete astrological reference. They contain clearly written introductory material on the signs of the zodiac, the planets and aspects, the Moon’s signs and phases, and planting information. The exact times for daily aspects, planetary stations, the Moon’s sign changes and void-of-course fit clearly and neatly into each day’s display. There is also a guide to visibility of the planets, eclipse and meteor information, and more.

The artwork is always a striking feature in the calendars. The 2012 cover is a painting of Stonehenge, and the zodiac signs for each month are interesting digital collages in lots of warm colors. Celestial Influences 2012 ($12.95) is a wall calendar; the Celestial Guide 2012 ($11.95) is a spiral-bound (available also as a loose-leaf) engagement calendar; the Astrologer’s Datebook ($8.95) is a smaller version of the guide, and the Pocket Astrologer ($6.95) is a compact version. The wall calendar and Pocket Astrologer are available in either Eastern or Pacific Time; the Celestial Guide and Datebook include data for both Eastern and Pacific Time.


Mother Tongue Ink Productions has produced a version of the We’Moon calendar for 30 years. Available as a wall calendar or sturdy spiral datebook, the work is described as Gaia Rhythms for Womyn and contains a compilation of art and writing by women from around the world.

The theme for 2012, around which the art and writing is woven, is Chrysalis. The book “is dedicated to all women who commit their hearts, time and skills to the Chrysalis places — the broken, re-forming places — and work to bring about healing and justice.”  The beginning pages introduce some key astrological ideas (i.e., Sun and Moon signs and transits; eclipses and Mercury retrograde). The Moon’s phase, sign changes, and aspects, and the other planet’s significant aspects, are shown for each day. There is astrological commentary, along with a plethora of poems, essays, and artwork. There is an asteroid ephemeris (that includes Psyche, Eros, Lilith, Toro, etc.) and a planetary ephemeris. The datebook is $18.95.

We’Moon on the Wall calendar ($14.95) includes lunar rhythms (daily moon phases and signs), key astrological information (planetary ingresses and retrogrades), holy day writings, predictions for each sun sign, and other astrological articles from We’Moon 2012.

Readers may also be interested in In the Spirit of We’Moon– Celebrating 30 Years, An Anthology of We’Moon Art and Writing from the We’Moon Datebook. This is a lusciously produced and lovingly assembled compilation of words and visuals. Astrological writers are represented and the overall experience of living in tune with natural rhythms is a common thread throughout this unique book. Please go here for ordering information. ($25.95)

Astrocal makes a visually beautiful series of products, including a wall calendar, Astro Calendar 2012, and a full color spiral bound Astrological Diary. The monthly wall calendar pages are designed in a circular graphic — the month is arranged as a spiral. (The format is clearly explained and, if you get confused, the web site has lots of additional pointers for getting familiar with the layout.)

The circular monthly page shows phases and signs of the Moon, the ingresses of Moon and planets, and planetary stations. Other information is arranged in tables and graphs, e.g., Sun and Moon Rise and Set for each day of the month (given for London); main aspects (i.e., conjunction, trine, opposition, square, and sextile) for the planets (including Chiron) for the month; a monthly forecast, and a section called The Night Sky, which gives quite specific information of highlights of the visible planets. For January 16th, for instance, the calendar says: “The Moon is 2° below the star Spica, with Saturn above and left of Spica, in the southern sky at 05:00.” All times are GMT and BST. (There is a World Time Zone Map for converting to your area.)

The forecasts are nicely written. They are not sorted by Sun sign, but instead capture the most significant planetary movements and patterns of the month. £11.99 each (approximately $19 U.S. dollars + shipping). You can order from the web site.

Paula Belluomini is the astrologer who writes The Professional’s 2012 Wall and Pocket Calendars. They are elegantly designed, very colorful and illustrated with many graphics. Daily planetary aspects, lunations, extensive information on eclipses and other astronomical events, an introduction to the Moon cycle and health, and an ephemeris which includes declination are some of the features. Both Eastern and Pacific Time are shown. One especially nice feature is the page where the horoscopes for each of the lunations (set for Washington, D.C.) are assembled together, a month at a glance.
The Pocket calendar is $11.95; the Wall calendar is $15.95, and there is a special price for purchasing both.

Philip Levine has produced Cosmic Window Personal Appointment Calendar for 28 years. It is based on your specific birth data and is available in a technical or non-technical version. He includes such details as Chiron transits, the Sabian Symbols for the birth chart placements, a summary of the year (including progressions), Major Activity cycles for the year, and more. He also offers A Calendar of Archetypal Influences, co-designed with Richard Tarnas. The calendars are available in either printed or PDF versions, can begin with any month, and are $75 each. Please see the web site for details.

Planetary Calendars has been in publication since 1949 and is a simple, no frills design with some unique astrological information. The calendar guides you to watch for favorable and unfavorable days based on the conditions of the planet ruling your Sun sign.  Each day in the monthly calendar shows (in a simple and effective design) which planets are in good condition and which are not favored. Exceptionally favorable or adverse days are also marked. The calendar has monthly forecasts written by Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis; they include Fixed Stars and asteroids.
The wall sized Planetary Calendar (smaller than most) is 8 ½ x 6 ½ and is $12 (to U.S.); $15 outside the U.S. The pocket-sized version is $10 (and $12). There is also an electronically delivered PDF for computer or smart phone for $8.

Janet’s Plan-its 2012 Celestial Planner is an Easy-to-Use Astrological Calendar ($18.98). Written by Janet Booth, it is in a datebook format with (some) room for writing appointments. You can learn a lot of astrology using this calendar; the book is absolutely packed with information. Along with such essentials as sign changes, Moon void periods, a full ephemeris (including how to read it), etc., Janet includes weekly highlights, seasonal synopses, daily messages, best and worst days for various activities, and extensive notes on ingresses, aspects, and eclipses. She also includes minor aspects, (e.g. quintile, bi-quintile, septile, etc.), out-of-bounds planets, important midpoints, Eris, and mutual receptions in her interpretations. The 2012 edition has an “All Star List” of major astrological phenomena sorted by degree; health tips for the signs by Diane Cramer; rituals for each of the eight phases of the Moon by Maria Kay Simms, and the “Moon Family” tables for 2012 from Dietrech Pessin’s Lunar Shadows III.

Astrid Fallon has an assortment of colorful tools for astrologers. Her Astro Diary is an appointment book with a chart of the planetary motion for each week. It is formatted for GMT. The Rainbow Ephemeris 2012 is available in French and is an extensively detailed and colorful design. Astrid is a very careful observer of the skies — I’m not sure who else has noted the upcoming (rare) series of Pluto and Jupiter occultations. Her ephemeris also has a page on the June 6th Venus transit with astromapping and declination data. Please see her website for more information.

Gardening by the Moon Calendar is available as a wall calendar ($14.95), or as a digital download by the month ($12 for 12 months). There are three versions of the printed calendar for short, medium, or long growing seasons. There is also a more elaborate digital Moon Planting Matrix ($49.99) that allows you “to customize for your exact frost dates, time zone, and the vegetables and fruits you want to grow — with our usual easy to read moon phase and sign, and more precise planting lists. It includes a database with more cultivation information on each plant, and capability of storing notes and harvest records.” (You can download a free trial sample from the website.)

Llewellyn’s 2012 Astrological Calendar ($13.99), Daily Planetary Guide ($12.99) and Pocket Planner ($8.99) are all available from the from the website.
The wall calendar features a monthly overview; forecasts for each sign; a guide to the planets, signs, houses, aspects, and transits; travel forecasts by Bruce Scofield; best days for planting and fishing, along with the Moon’s sign, phase, and void-of-course dates, a graphic planetary retrograde table and major daily aspects, monthly ephemeredes and 2012 eclipses.
Daily Planetary Guide has an aspectarian for Eastern and Pacific Time zones and room for making notes. It contains essential information: planet and Moon aspects and ingress times; Moon sign, phase, and void-of-course periods; planetary stations; ephemeredes (with Chiron and four asteroids); instructions for planetary hours; a guide to visible planets, weekly forecasts by Pam Ciampi, and more. Jim Shawvan writes on “Opportunity Periods.”
Pocket Planner is comprehensive and compact. It includes daily Moon signs, phases, and aspects; 2012 week-at-a-glance, and three years of ephemeris and aspectarian data  (from 2011 to 2013).

Elizabeth Jones makes an Astro-Event Guide in a PDF format. This is a comprehensive chart that is color-coded and very handy to use. (Some users print out the PDF and have it laminated so it holds up well as we course on through the year.) The guide contains key events by month (ingresses, aspects, lunations, and more); key events by degree; Mercury retrograde periods (including when it comes to the ‘shadow point’); lunations and eclipses; planetary stations and ingresses and key aspects between planets (e.g., Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). It is available in all four U.S. time zones and GMT. (If you purchase one, you can download any or all of the zones you want from one page.)

And here’s an offer to TMA readers: Elizabeth has made the 2011 Guide available for free. Try it out for this month. Once you get to the website, enter this code in the cart: AEG-FREE-TMA. Remember, once you are on the page to download, you can get any of the five time zones, or even all five. Thank you, Elizabeth.

I also found some free calendars. For quick reference, here’s a page called Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events 2012

You can download an Astro Calendar in either Eastern or Pacific Time. The calendars include daily aspects, void of course Moon, and Daylight Savings Time Changes, as well as new Moon, and monthly ephemeris.

MoonCat’s Astrology Monthly MoonSign and Planetary Aspect Calendar is also a free PDF download. (The MoonCat astrologer, Danielle Astrid Ricard, includes the 72º quintile aspect on the pages.)

Another free calendar is at this easy-on-the-eyes astronomy/astrology site. There is a digital art calendar for each month noting New and Full Moons, with a few words from esoteric astrology about each.  There are lots of other interesting links here, such as the World Sunlight Map and lists for Astro-Images and Astro-Models & Animations links.

You can also download a free wall calendar with Moon events, lunar void of course dates, planetary ingress, direction changes, and more, from Moon Tracks Astrology Calendars. This is a basic format, and it looks like, if you printed it out, there would be space for adding appointments or notes.

I have included basic prices; please see respective websites for shipping fees or taxes.

Please feel free to suggest any other calendars that I didn’t find.

I happened to see an astrological writer friend yesterday, who has already wrapped up the forecasts for 2013 and is well into 2014. I didn’t ask her how it all turns out, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Have a good week, friends, and onwards into 2012.


  1. Is it true that Jim Maynard’s “Celestial Infuences 2012” engagement calendar this year doesn’t feature the coil binding so the engagement, wk- at -a -glance won’t lie flat for ease of use? Let me know if it is offered at all. Can’t do without it. It’s had the same format for “eons”. Checked with my local store and they say they haven’t got it. Must I look farther afield or contact publisher?

    Thanks for your advice.


    • Hi Silke,

      Jim Maynard definitely is making the spiral bound….I have one right in front of me..

      If you check the website you’ll see..

      Thanks for asking..


  2. Thank you, Mary!

    • Hi Kathy,

      I am sorry I overlooked Tom’s Annual…I used it myself for years and it is wonderful…lots of great forecasting, etc..

      Please forgive my oversight..


  3. Mary one I’ve used for years is the NZ Creative Cronies diary & calendar. More usable for us in the Sthn hemisphere. Used to be a brilliant Aussie one called Grounded Heavens diary format but the wonderful astrologer Steve Jolley passed away some years ago. Creative Cronies is at Cheers Lisa

  4. Mary,
    I don’t know if you have ever been to ZodiacArts
    Sandra & David Mosely’s sight. I’ve been going for years. I like to make a donation and I have purchased their desk calendars. Great place.

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