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Our Aquarius moment..

You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.
Pema Chödrön

The reality of the terrible grief of many thousands of lives — and jobs, security, homes, habitats — lost in the last year is beyond comprehension.

And yet, creeping slowly along, getting more distance from the epic-changing celestial configuration that perfected in January 2020, (Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn) we have stumbled out of an especially dark and despairing passage and uncovered a precious gem in the rubble.

In December, Saturn and Jupiter came together in the air sign Aquarius. We are in the earliest days of a 200-year cycle of these two planets who line up to renew the inspiration and structures behind our social contracts, our collective agreements of how to make this shared world work. The air element brings the force of wind to disperse density, to bring freshness, and to prevent things from decaying beyond repair.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus have joined Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, and the New Moon at 23° at Aquarius is on February 11th, at 11:05 a.m. PST.

(This chart is set for my location, Ashland OR. Placidus houses.)

The sky as a symbol for awareness is a familiar metaphor. In some traditions, the sky suggests the clear intelligence of the awakened mind.

The Vajrayana master, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910 – 1991) wrote:

“Your view should be as high and vast as the sky. Pure awareness, once it manifests within the mind’s empty nature, can no longer be obscured by negative emotions…”

If there was ever a time to connect to the limitless field of possibilities inherent in the open sky, this is it. The Aquarius planets beckon us into the grand scope of the mind with its limitless capacity for imagination, creativity, fertility. Our visions and ideas and inspirations will follow our own leanings and proclivities, and are unique to each of us. And, we are all part of this great open-sky moment.

This is the sky beyond some fierce storm clouds. Saturn’s gravitas is in attendance, and yet there is a profound optimism when we participate with the great unknown that is longing to be born.

The effects of the pandemic and lockdown have engendered wildly different situations and responses for each of us. We do not know where we are going in this great unfolding, and we all know that we are involved in a profound upheaval in life as we have known it.

An old course is coming to an end and a new way is beginning. We know that time is short, the stakes are high and we are tied together in the matrix of all the elements.

Within the clear views of this storyline, I am thinking about the two benefics — Venus and Jupiter. Co-present in Aquarius now, they form an exact conjunction at the New Moon. We can find joy and happiness within the reality, surely one way to accept Saturn’s offer. There is a practice from the Buddhist tradition that is known as rejoicing. I see it as one of many superpowers for these times. Described as a one of the skillful means, we train the mind to notice the good in ourselves and others, to rejoice when good things happen to others. We rejoice at our own good deeds or successes, and rejoice for other’s good deeds as well. It is said to magnetize the virtue or grace of our actions as a means to bring more happiness and ease suffering for everyone.

Certainly, it lifts the spirits!

Be well, everyone.


  1. Thank you Mary..Nice words from truly an Aquarian Mind!!!

    • thank you dear sister, holder of true Capricorn Mind.


  2. Reading this was a lovely way to start the day. The practice of Rejoicing makes my heart smile. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Mary for this interesting piece. I got into astrology in the late sixties, at that time there was quite a bit of discussion, speculation regarding the Aquarius stellium early February 1962 when Sun, Moon, Mercury RX, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn were all there! Nearly a repeat of that time except Mars now is out of pocket in Taurus. So, what was going on back in ’62? Well there was a bus boycott in Macon Georgia, one of the first civil rights actions; in Washington D.C.about 8000 students gathered for the first anti-war rally; President Kenedy said that American troops would remain in Vietnam until all the communists were eliminated; John Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth; the US Supreme Court ruled that race separation on public transportation was unconstitutional…interesting.

    • Hello Eugene,

      Thank you for the comment and historical perspective.

      On Feb 5, 1962 “During a solar eclipse, an extremely rare grand conjunction of the classical planets occurred, for the first time since 1821. It included all 5 of the naked-eye planets plus the Sun and Moon), all of them within 16° of one another on the ecliptic. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus were on one side of the Sun, while Mercury and Earth were on the opposite side.

      Psychic Jeane Dixon’s made a prophecy that a child would be born “‘somewhere in the Middle East’”, who would ‘revolutionize the world and eventually unite all warring creeds and sects into one all-embracing faiths, and who would bring peace on Earth by 1999.”

  4. I remember well the February 1962 stellium. It was, in many ways, the harbinger of the ‘Swinging Sixties’. Perhaps (hopefully) we are about to see a resurgence of this same spirit of optimism in the 2020s.

    • Yes, Anthony, wouldn’t that be refreshing at this point.

  5. As a Scorpio, I’ve experienced friends that I had for more than 30 years betray me. Go figure.

    • Hi Linda,

      Betrayal feels awful…I hope you get through the difficulty without too much pain…better days ahead (from the optimistic side of Aquarius)

  6. I’m a Democrat, I’m compassionate, I believe in Justice and Jesus.

    • Hi Linda,

      That sounds like a good combination!
      Be well,


  7. Luckily I’ve been married to my best friend for 19 years who is an Aquarius. May the planets shine on him, his birthday tomorrow!

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you…the planets shining on him…happy birthday to your best friend

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