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Paris — The City of Light Is Shocked

I was imagining a gentle and subtle conversation about Saturn and Neptune for this week’s blog when world events took another dramatic turn. With the aim of offering astrological perspectives to TMA’s wide readership, we decided to link to some early commentators on the terrible event in Paris. (If this is too soon after the event for analysis for some of you, maybe just scroll to the song at the very bottom.)

Leah Whitehorse at Lua Astrology articulates many specific planetary aspects in the horoscope of the attack in Paris, including Uranus at the apex of a yod aspect and the Sabian symbol for the rising sign. She concludes by noting the significance of the south node moving into Pisces with these words:
“But if we really want change in the world, each of us must look to the details of our own lives, to resolve our own conflicts, to deal with our own inner demons, to shake off our fears of the unknown. The politics surrounding who did what to whom and why is mind-boggling and we may never know the entire truth of what is really going on. With the South Node entering Pisces, it is too easy to despair, but our collective task is not to give in but instead pick up the pieces and make this a better world.”

Here is an interview with Jean Jullien, the artist who created this image: Paris/peace symbol
“I can’t say I’m happy because it’s such a tragedy and such a horrible event,” he says. “I can just say that in all this horror there’s something positive that people are coming together in a sense of unity and peace.”

British astrologer Steve Judd has a short video on the event:

An article called Why attack Paris? is on the web site Astrology in Crime, hosted by an anonymous writer, Mountain Misst. This blog focuses first on the horoscope for France (the 5th Republic, October 6, 1958) and considers the asteroids and Black Moon Lilith. The attack chart is also written about in detail. “The 22 degree features strongly once again with the ascendant/horizon axis at 22°36′ Cancer (security breach).”

Tara Greene’s Pray for Paris – The Astrology of the Terrorist Attacks begins by a delineation of the chart for France: “France’s Moon at 21 degrees Cancer in the 4th house is all about food. It’s so feminine, home-loving and all about nurturing, very emotional and sentimental. The French are not known to be fighters, but defenders.”
She expresses a clear point of view in looking at the chart for the attack and what is ahead. “As I predicted last year and continue to predict for 2016, large scale detention camps will be set up in all major European cities and in the U.S. to detain Muslims and any suspected radical groups as a result of these acts of terrorism. Borders will be closed all over Europe. Astrologically, Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces will be a huge wake-up call for strong borders and to stop Sagittarius refugees, and the end of the Pisces compassion that has been shown by allowing religious fanatics so much freedom. This then allows them to become Pisces martyrs and internal enemies (like cancer cells) and we also then become their martyrs.”

Alison Gunn, Ph.D at Beyond the Stars, includes Arabic Parts in her quite detailed assessment. Among her points: “Further, the Arabic Part or Lot of Death is also conjunct the North Node, in Libra at 1°46′. This grouping falls in the 4th house within 1 – 3 degrees of the Imum Coeli, what I see as the most sensitive point in the chart, since it represents the ‘dark underbelly’ of hidden, deeply-felt psychological motivations.
The Arabic Part of Suicide (three of the assassins wore suicide vests, and apparently seven out of eight of the killers committed suicide) at 27°22′ Gemini, falls in square to the Node/Mars/Part of Death (from the 12th house to the 4th house/IC).”

Mundane astrologer Ed Tamplin begins his weekly blog: “It’s very difficult running any commentary on the Friday 13 events of Paris. It’s difficult dissecting any human tragedy. Life is not supposed to be the theatre of war. Neither was the Bataclan Concert Hall. In an instant it became one. A series of six coordinated attacks from 9:16 p.m. brought the horrors of the Middle East reigning down upon the City of Lights. Paris became a war zone.”

Adam Elenbaas at Nightlight Astrology writes his thoughts in Paris Attacks and the Saturn-Neptune Square. “First, let’s remember that the Saturn-Neptune square easily creates the feeling of simple, obvious victims and simple, obvious enemies. Scapegoats, martyrs, sinners, and saints. Black and white. And this is the stark literalism of Saturn as well as the deluded or intoxicated haze and victimhood of Neptune. To put it simply, there are bombs being dropped on innocent people by ‘democracies’ day in and day out, and these events are justified because of similarly extreme beliefs that uphold the western/capitalist/consumerist/materialist way of life. We are just as fiercely complicit in ideological violence (or at least we should sincerely consider this if we haven’t) as any other group. Our finger may not be on the triggers, but that’s because we’ve dissolved the cold feeling of the trigger with the Neptunian warmth of media, film, wealth, and Starbucks idealism about the reality of things (notice the Saturn-Neptune themes again!).”

If you like Michael Franti, here is a song that has a special poignancy now: Hey World, (Don’t Give Up)


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