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Random Wonderful Blogs

Jeremy Neal of Chirotic Journal has an intriguing new post, Decommissioning Pluto. He concludes his current thinking on the planet: “…..this is the key insight into the raison d’etre of Pluto. Its true power to transmute the soul is realised in the forgoing of it. We cannot remove the poison cell, it’s a part of the human condition, all we can do is decommission it, a little like Chernobyl or Fukushima, and never go there again.”

Linea Van Horn has a lovely article on the current sky, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, at Daykeeper Journal. You can still see Jupiter and Venus in the evening sky. “Now, Venus is higher than Jupiter, and both are still very bright. The monthly visitation of the crescent Moon only increases the beauty of the alignment. Soon, Jupiter will disappear into the rays of the Sun, and this lovely and fortuitous coming-together will be but a distant memory.” (We are having some clear nights in Oregon after weeks of rain; Venus just about knocked me over last night, so bright and so beautiful.)

Thanks to Linea’s article, I went to the Transit of Venus site, which you won’t want to miss. This is an awesome gathering of information about the upcoming, and past, Venus transits. There is a great 4-minute video explaining how the transit has been used for astronomical measurements.
“Without question, Earth, Venus, and the sun will line up in a row as the nodes of their planetary orbits intersect on June 5-6, 2012.  This is not a mere “close conjunction.”  Rather, it is a near-perfect alignment, a rare transit of Venus, and it has a track record of influencing humans since the first recorded observation in 1639.”

And for Venus watchers, don’t forget David Tresemer’s fascinating book about the event, The Venus Eclipse of the Sun 2012.  Here’s my review.

Here’s a new blog to me: Ari Mostofi of the U.K. at Astrology of Current Affairs.  His current post gives some good advice for these next few days with the Moon in Gemini.

The always interesting and provocative Jude Cowell of Stars over Washington finds a link (via a key midpoint picture and the fixed star, Alcyone) between the May 20 solar eclipse and the “shot heard round the world,” (April 19, 1775), which began the American Revolution.

John and Susan Townley’s site AstroCocktail is just brimming with great articles. The current forecast advises: “Now what we’re experiencing is the sparking on and off of the celestial starter, trying to get the engine of destiny revved up again so we can all finally start getting something accomplished.
That doesn’t mean charge ahead full tilt first thing – it means recharge those weak batteries and test your circuits to see that everything is in phase before you put the pedal to the metal and burn rubber into the summer.”

Nina Gryphon’s wonderful traditional astrology blog, Gryphon Astrology, is back. She recently completed a research project on 132 years of Presidential election year charts and demonstrates her findings with a prediction for this year’s outcome. Here’s her article on the 2012 election. (Spoiler alert: I think most readers of this blog will be happy with her predicted outcome.)

TMA columnist Dana Gerhardt has a lovely column on the Taurus New Moon at Mooncircles. She includes the Santeria Venus ritual for invoking Venus blessings, especially potent now with the Sun in Taurus.

Another site that I just found, Patrice Thompson’s Cosmic Life Coach, has an entry on today’s Sun trine Mars. “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

Have a wonderful week, everyone. I’m so glad you’re out there and we’re all in this together!


  1. Mary, this is a great and varied round-up for our cosmic Venusian times–and thanks for including me in it!

    • Sure Jude…I always appreciate your writing..

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