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Refresher: Astrology Podcasts

Here is a manageable collection of some of the undoubtedly thousands of astrology podcasts. It’s always rewarding for me to listen to some of the diverse and skillful members of the astrological — and adjacent — communities. I’ve started with a few that may be under the radar to some readers and go on from there. I hope you enjoy.

On the Soul’s Terms: Chris Skidmore is an astrologer, psychotherapist and practitioner of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. With a calm voice and gentle pacing he takes listeners into the great landscape of myth. Intuition and trusting one’s inner voice are recognized in his approach as the path he’s on is led “by invisible forces whose absence of form does not make them less than real.” Chris’s recounting of myths and their corresponding zodiacal signs, both in solo episodes and with equally introspective guests, are vivid, subtle – and slightly mesmorising – and will undoubtedly open new veins of insight. There are 60 of Chris’s past podcasts available here creating a reservoir of these soulful words to tap into at your leisure.

The Quietmind Astrology Podcast by Jeremy Devens “teaches you the ancient Indian practice of Vedic Astrology with weekly horoscopes and lessons…..Rooted in the source texts of Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology while encouraging inquiry into current personal and world events.” The work is based on Jeremy’s 17 years of experience and the pod has been going for four years. I listened to the very beginning of the most recent episode where Jeremy, in a soothing voice, expresses compassion for everyone affected by turbulence in the world. He focuses on the personal as “that’s where we have most influence.” Weekly entries seem to average about an hour each.

Luminaries In and Out of Sect podcast is “a show about the Moon and how astrologers embody and relate to it.” SP Hall hosts this unique space for intimate conversations with his various astrological guests. SP began his studies with traditional astrology and has an inquisitive mind and curiosity about other applications and traditions. He is a sensitive host, a good listener and his guests seem relaxed and open as they land with SP in the realm of the Moon. The episodes, posted bimonthly, usually last well over an hour.

Within Orb Podcast is one of many creative offspring from sky-lover, teacher, publisher, TMA editor, founder of CAELi (Celestial Arts Education Library), Dr. Jenn Zahrt. Jenn is totally dialed in to many branches of the astrological/magical community and she knows how to keep it lively. “Tune in every week to hear our host and founder, Jenn Zahrt, interview a new voice in the field about the books (not always astrological!) that changed how they work with celestial arts.” There are 17 interviews here, including talks with Sasha Ravitch, Lars Panaro, Stormie Grace, Cameron Allen and Aerin Fogel.

Allegedly Astrology is a weekly comedy podcast where “true crime, scandals, and celebrity gossip meet astrology when three unhinged friends discuss the transits that have influenced some of the biggest cultural moments throughout history.” The hosts Dana DeFranco, Elyse Carlucci and Sarah Dembkowski cover “the charts behind everything from Fyre Fest, to JonBenet Ramsey, to the Salem Witch Trials.” The synastry of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce; Armie Hammer, and Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX (“that lunar eclipse in Taurus will get ya”) are some recent topics. Accessible to beginners and entertaining for all this pod is a welcome break from the woes that befall us. (Episodes last between 30 – 60 minutes.)

Girl and Her Moon Podcast is a randomly updated personal talk by Jordane Maree who is informed by astrology, psychology, symbolism, energy work, ancient teachings and poetry. “Exploring what it means to be alive, to be rooted in both our divinity and humanness, and returning to the space where they are one.” I listened to a bit of her 30-minute presentation, Nodal Shift: Aries North Node Invitations, where she encourages one’s “lived experience of the planets.” Another recent entry, Saturn in Pisces & Saturn Returns with Issa, is a two-hour exploration of that pivotal time.

Sparkles of Gold Astrology Manifesto Podcast: “Join Sparkle of Gold (Nicholas Polimenakos) in a no filtered manifesto on all things Astrology including current transits and forecasts, book reviews and tangental thoughts on the Occult.” Among other items Nicholas has a series of interviews asking 3 Questions to various astrologers — hi Rae! — including at least one (Astrologer Pixtea) who has an active digital community. I was reminded of Nicholas’s work recently as he was on Chris Brennan’s Astrology Podcast for the October 2023 forecast. I listened to some of it and it sounds like he has lots of practical experience as a consulting astrologer.

Rising Moon Astrology Podcast with Mary Pat Lynch. Mary Pat wrote a popular (and accessible) lunation series for TMA’s website. She offers two episodes a month, each about 18 minutes, with an overview for each New and Full Moon. Mary Pat is keen on working “with the energies to reach our goals” and finds hope in where Pluto’s transit in Capricorn may be leading us.

Astrology With Christina and Sally featuring Christine Rodenbeck and Sally Kirkman, “two well-known astrologers chatting over a cup of strong coffee or weak tea about their favorite topic – the language of the stars. Once a month, we take astrology by the scruff of its neck and give it a good shake out. Our starting point is the star sign of the month and the major astrological events coming up.” They also have a series of shorter conversations called Astrology Talk Investigates where they answer specific questions, i.e., What Does It Mean If You Were Born On An Eclipse? or, Why is Keanu Reeves the Internet Boy Friend?

Evolutionary Astrology Podcasts with Mark Jones has an archive which includes an hour-long discussion called Deep Journeys Podcast: Therapeutic Use Of Astrology, and a conversation on Planetary Nodes with Adam Sommer.

Steven Forrest Evolutionary Astrology Podcast was updated recently with a 12-minute talk, The Fall of the Dark Fathers.

Christina Caudill’s archive of past episodes of The Radiant Astrology Podcast includes interviews with Sherene Vismaya on Saturn and the Father Archetype, and Archetypal Astrology + Carl Jung with Becca Tarnas. She has recently recorded a 60-minute entry “to reflect on the monumental cosmic transition of Pluto entering Aquarius.”

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    Thank you for mentioning my podcast Sparkles of Gold Astrology Manifesto! It was a nice surprise. Maybe one day…You will answer 3 questions 😉 – Nicholas Polimenakos AKA Sparkles of Gold

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