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Reports from Around the Astrology Blogs

So much happens in a week . . . It’s time again for a collection of astro-bloggers covering life from lots of angles: Sunday’s Mercury retrograde, Chiron’s ingress into Pisces, the volcanic ash in Europe, the summer’s aspects, speculations on the afterlife, and more.

Donna Cunningham’s Enough with the Mercury Retrograde Hysteria! is funny and makes some subtle points about the different qualities of Mercury’s retrograde period. (This Mercury retrograde is accompanied by a square to Mars in Leo.)

Nancy Sommers looks at global events in Mercury Languishes on her political site, Nancy’s Starlight News Blog: Connecting the Dots in World Affairs.

Chiron in Pisces – Water Over Rocks, by Mandi Lockley, offers a gentle view of today’s ingress. The author writes, “like Chiron we can eventually learn how to use the knowledge we learn from carrying our own pain to help others to carry their own.”

John and Susan Townley’s site, AstroCocktail, has lots of articles, including Waterloo??!!, a synopsis of the current planetary patterns. April, he writes is “the wide-open field with plenty of running room, a full gallop in any direction into a final fray that, whichever choice you make, is just a part of the bigger picture reflected across the entire landscape — personal, political, economical, and even spiritual.”

AstroCocktail has a great service in providing links to astrologically relevant stories in the media. I found this NPR story there:  a musical animation where you can “listen to the proportional relative tones of the planets, the music of the spheres.”

U.K. astrologer Dharmaruci’s new blog is Gaia, the End of the World, and Jung. He speculates on climate change and looks at the astrological signatures for James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia hypothesis, and the horoscope of Carl Jung. Jung felt that his experience working with old people “had shown him that the Unconscious behaves as though life is going to continue.”

Ali Mostofi Bracknell has a short look at the upcoming UK 2010 Election Horoscope on his Astrology of Current Affairs blog.

Lara Owen continues her work on the Saturn-Uranus oppositions with a look at the last two (of five) oppositions, i.e., on April 26 and July 26. “Look for the underlying goodness and relief in letting go rather than in dramatizing and clinging. Trust the life force and the forward movement of your life.”

In her blog, Writing from the Twelfth House, Anne Whitaker (author of the recent Jupiter Meets Uranus: From Erotic Bathing to Stargazing) reports on changed travel plans due to the volcanic ash: The summer of disruption starts here: Jupiter and Uranus team up!

Astrological transits blog has a collection of easy-to-read articles summarizing economic and global trends with key upcoming dates to watch for and lists of historical events connected to transits in the past. In a good summary of the approach herein, the anonymous blogger writes: “What we need is a big change of thinking!”

In case we’ve forgotten to laugh, celebrate National Humor Month at Random Funny Astrology Bits, complete with Twitter updates. My favorite (along with the touchy Cancer Moon sulking because it was eclipsed): If I told you I have Venus-square-Neptune, would you still respect me?)

On the subject of wisdom and laughter, Michael Lutin is in a class of his own. (I was delightedly reminded of this recently at the NCGR Conference in Boston.)

Enjoy, everyone, and have a good week!


  1. Hi Mary

    thanks for the heads-up on my recent ashy Jupiter/Uranus experiences!The Fates work in strange ways – having been unexpectedly diverted by the Icelandic volcano from the West of England to the remote Isle of Iona in Scotland, it has been wonderfully refreshing spiritually to be here in this beautiful sacred place.


  2. Ali Mostofi Bracknell’s chart for the Close of Polls of the UK General Election is significant. He is right to use the Close of Polls chart (i.e. when the die is cast) – but at Westminster the Saturn-Uranus opposition will be aligned almost EXACTLY with the vertical axis at this time!
    Also of interest is the ‘birth chart’ for the Labour Party (noon at Westminster on 12th February 1906). It has a grand cross in early Cardinal which will be strongly affected by the coming Cardinal Climax. Are we about to witness the demise of the Labour Party?

  3. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for the link, it gave me such a thrill when I saw it!

    Warm regards,

  4. This is cool, Mary! Moving right along! Same here, the tech is getting sooo good! I hope you are well, and flowing with the go during this stubborn Hermes reversing the hooves of Apollo’s cattle! Trickster at work!

  5. Hi Neeti,

    Since I have Moon in Cancer, I can especially relate to the big sulk…



  6. Hi Erin,

    Nice to see you here..

    Yes, moving through the trickster’s domain one more time!

    I envy you that you’re around your grandchildren…my one and only granddaughter moved to Idaho last year..I miss that little Taurus girl (now, I always, unabashedly, say that Taurus is my favorite sign!)

    Much Love,

    Mary P.

    PS NCGR in Boston was fun, my first big conference in years..missed seeing you..

  7. Hi Anne,

    So good to hear that you’ve had such a nice surprising turn of events! Onwards, to whatever could possibly be next??



  8. Good summary Mary of many influences at play. Thanks.

    As Jupiter in Pisces continues to amplify the emotional/humanitarian fields, more water intensity, such as we saw with Iceland (physical) and Haiti (emotional), may manifest. Adding Uranus to the mix sets the stage for quite a wild ride. The upside to this turmoil – greater access to our inner psychic channels.

  9. Thanks Mary for the mention of my blog post on Chiron – you made my day!
    All the best,

  10. I moved to a new flat on the 15th of April, as Mercury was stationing retrograde in my 4th house and guess what?
    I don’t have coverage for my cell phone in most of the flat, in the middle of Barcelona!, and my internet connection is much slower.
    Since we watch Sky television, i have to wait for a special technician to install everything and he is not available until Wednesday the 27th of April. so, no TV either. Not a bad thing, but, is there anything more Mercury Retrograde than that?
    My question is, will it always be like this in this flat? or just until Mercury goes back to direct motion? ha! not an easy one! right?
    All my love to you all

  11. Thanks, Mary…we’ve always had a focus on what the world is saying and thinking about astrology and astrologers, and their place in general society in different cultures. Hence, the broad and often funny (sometimes scary or tragic) that reflects the part of the real world we contribute to…and, if you like that wonderful musical animation, it’s perfectly reflective of the actual proportions that both planetary and musical (and even light) cycle lengths always share, physically and emotionally, the planets being the bass track…more on that at …and while you’re spinning, don’t miss the new animated monthly and yearly sky video charts on the right of the news page, a virtual moving (and pausable, in your player) daily sky show…

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