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Sandra Bullock and the Royal Stars

I know the Health Care Bill is of huge importance and the time it passes will be an important chart. But it’s late in the day on Sunday and I can’t wait any longer for a blog topic. So, I’m looking at something perhaps less monumental in the long run, but of interest to moviegoers and romantics everywhere — the birth chart for Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock was born on July 26, 1964 at 3:15 a.m. in Washington, D.C. A Leo Sun, with Aquarius Moon and Gemini rising, the actress has Mars and Venus conjunct the Ascendant. [1] (This time has to be considered DD, or unsubstantiated thus far by any documentation. I haven’t rectified the time, but am looking at it as if it were correct. I don’t usually proceed with DD, but the astrology suggested for this time is so interesting, I couldn’t resist.)

Sandra Bullock, natal chartShe’s known for her accessibility, for being likeable, friendly, and normal in the tough Hollywood world. Mars and Venus on the Ascendant certainly describe that public face well. (Although she’s not a personal favorite of mine as an actress, I do have two close friends, both with Leo Moon’s, who said this week that they really like her; she seems so “nice” and “real.”)

With Gemini rising, Sandra Bullock’s horoscope ruler is Mercury, positioned at birth at 28°25’ Leo, the degree of Regulus (29° Leo). One of the brilliant Royal stars, Bernadette Brady describes Regulus as, “Success if revenge is avoided.”

She has another of the four Royal stars in a prominent place: Fomalhaut at 3° Pisces is the degree of her Midheaven and Saturn. Brady says of Fomalhaut: “Success through noble ideas.” Although I did not see the film for which she won the Academy Award, she played a woman who acted against what was expected of her from her upbringing and peers. Perhaps this shows a flavor of the great star, Fomahault?

Ms. Bullock went from winning the Oscar for Best Actress (March 7) to the public announcement of her husband’s infidelity a few days later.

The actress was married on July 16, 2005. Her progressed Ascendant then was 28°24’ Cancer, and she was in the Balsamic phase of the progressed lunation cycle.

Sandra Bullock, progressed to weddingThe progressed Moon (ruler of the Cancer Ascendant) was at 0°49’ Virgo, exactly opposite progressed Saturn at 0°49 Pisces (ruler of the Capricorn Descendant). But whatever deeper implications may be suggested by that aspect, the day itself must have been very happy. I couldn’t find a time for the exchange of vows, but reports say it was a “sunset” ceremony near Santa Barbara. [2]

Sandra Bullock Wedding

There is a Sun-Moon trine and a fire trine between Mars, Venus, and Pluto. A bit more ominously (at least in hindsight) is Saturn exactly opposite Chiron; Mercury and Venus just past an opposition to Neptune; Venus square the Moon, and Mars in Aries, as the final dispositor of the chart, square the Sun.

Bullock began a 29-year cycle of development with the progressed New Moon in June 2006 at 13°36’ Virgo (conjunct Pluto). Also, her progressed Ascendant changed signs and moved into Leo in October 2008.

The progressed Moon entered Scorpio in December 2009. In January 2010 the progressed Moon squared the progressed Ascendant and progressed Venus. We can imagine she had private inclinations of marital trouble then.

Sandra Bullock, progressed to Jan 2010

The progressed Moon, now at 3° Scorpio, has just passed the square (March 17) to the natal Sun (a private wound?) and is now applying to trine natal Saturn and natal Midheaven at 3° Pisces, the degree of Fomalhaut. This can be seen as a public fulfillment and very visible success. (This trine is partile from March 29-31).

Sandra Bullock, natal & progressed to March 2010
As I’m finishing writing this, the Health Care Bill has passed. One quick observation is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is being given a lot of credit for her great determination in steering the Bill through an epic political battle to its successful passage, was born with Saturn at 0°43’ Taurus exactly square Pluto at 0°41’ Leo. [3] She has the fortitude demanded by the times, as now, of course, we are experiencing the square between the two planets again.


(1) Wikipedia; time reported at various sites: famous-relationships


(3) Wikipedia



  1. Pelosi’s SA-90-PL is all the more interesting as it has been been manifestly transited by the recent MA retrograde direct station. It is also = the SO 0.46 AQ and ME 0.40AQ [which are in 22.30 aspect to NE at 23.05 AQ = UR/MC] of Obama Inauguration and, of course, the UR 1.00 LE of the USA national chart, 30 Apr 1789, which in itself is = SO/NE = MA/PL = VE/UR and thus in 22.30, or H16 aspect pattern, to the MC of the USA at 22.44 TA.

    Quite a show on the mere surface of things!
    Which to my mind describes the actual events in a very cogent fashion.

    Sandra Bullock? Who?


  2. Hi there, I agree that Pelosi’s Saturn Pluto square is most interesting..

    I mentioned it last week, but no one else commented on it, so thank you!

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