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Saturn and Uranus: One More Time

On September 9, Saturn entered a new degree (24°) of Virgo, lining up for the exact opposition to Uranus at 24°43’ on Tuesday. That, of course, was the night when President Obama addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress to outline his proposal for reforming health care.

Everyone who watched was shocked by the “You lie!” outburst from South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson. The Congressman, like the President,  is a Leo Sun, born on July 31,1947 in Charleston, S.C.  (1)

Joe Wilson natal


Wilson’s Saturn is at 11° Leo, and Pluto is at 12° Leo. The President’s Sun is at 12° Leo. Saturn and Pluto sitting on the Sun — an attempt to squelch or insult (Saturn is in his detriment, after all) the President’s authority in many ways. I thought that Obama kept his natural Leonine dignity and handled the moment well.

Wilson’s natal Mars is at 21° Gemini, conjunct Uranus at 24°, and the President’s natal Mars is at 22°35’ Virgo. With Mars square Mars, we saw a personal challenge and a display of antagonism.

Wilson, Obama bi-wheel

The U.S. Sibly Mars, however, is also at 21°23’ Gemini, the same degree as the Congressman’s. Wilson seems to have been a voice for people who may not only have a legitimate difference of opinion with the President but are actually angry at him (or feel threatened by him?).

The outburst was a breach of protocol, but Mars is never known to be polite. However, with the polarizing, divisive potential of Saturn and Uranus close at hand, the words had a chilling effect.

Wilson has transiting Saturn opposite Uranus squaring his natal Mars (and Uranus). I’d say he’s personally plugged into the grand creative stretch that we all need to make, as we are impelled to move toward resolution of the apparent conflict between the pull of the past (Saturn) and the promise of the future (Uranus).

Obama has Aquarius rising and presents abstract ideas with ease. On last night’s 60 Minutes TV interview, he seemed to describe the archetypes of his co-ruling planets when he spoke of the high level of “anxiety” felt in the country now and characterized the current disagreements as part of America’s recurring redefinition of the role and size of government.

Glenn Beck is another influential character on the U.S. stage at the moment. Not only is the talk show host popular with the public, he seems to be exhibiting a phenomenal influence on the Obama administration. (Remember Van Jones’ resignation?) Beck was born on February 10, 1964, the day before Sarah Palin. (2)

Glenn Beck

Sarah Palin natal chart

Both have the Sun, Mars, and Saturn in Aquarius, conjunct the U.S. Sibly Moon. (Saturn at 25° is the closest to the U.S. Moon in each case.)

US Sibly


The words “reactionary” and “progressive” have various meanings in the political world today, but the resonance that the particular worldview voiced by Palin and Beck has with the U.S. public is rather startling to see.

Transiting Jupiter stations direct on October 12 within one degree of the President’s Ascendant. The exact passage of Jupiter on the Ascendant was in March, and again on September 19 and November 4. I trust that this will help Obama to keep his spirits up, in spite of the relentless difficulties he faces. Aside from the obvious cyclical collective stress implied by Saturn opposite Uranus, Obama’s progressed horoscope shows many stressful aspects. Progressed Mercury squared progressed Saturn the week he was elected; progressed Mars squared progressed Saturn in March 2009, and progressed Mars was semi-square progressed Pluto during the last week of August. (Still to come: progressed Mercury square natal Saturn in August 2010 and progressed Mars square natal Saturn in April 2012.)

Taking the long view (toward Uranus) can sometimes be a good idea when the moment (Saturn) seems impossible: I think that the President will be much stronger overall — that is, more effective — next year; in September 2010, his progressed Sun (now at 29°04’ Virgo) moves to 0° Libra.

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(2) Wikipedia


  1. Good article, Mary. There was also an exact Saturn/Uranus opposition on election day last November. There is an upcoming exact opposition of Saturn and Uranus next July in 00 Aries/00 Libra, probably the most potent axis in the zodiac. That may have influence on Obama’s progressed Sun moving into Libra if transiting Saturn is in the same degree and opposed by transiting Uranus in Aries. I would think it could have definite implications for the November 2010 congressional elections.

    All of the charts above have had impact from the 29 Cancer eclipse in July, with probably additional highlights on or near Oct. 18, when the New Moon squares the eclipse point.


  2. Also, Beck has the Venus at the 29 Pisces, and his progressed Mars conjoined it. With the upcoming lunation it could be that the pressure is at a maximum–it is off by less than three degrees. From the lunacy portrayed on his show and by his fans, it is possible that management has given him an ultimatum: “Increase your audience now” as up to 65 or so advertisers have removed their support from the Glenn Beck Show. Thus the fever pitch, reaching into the White House and the rabid fidelity of fans armed with guns. Michelle brings up an exceptional point about the Oct. 18 period, signified by the NM square to the eclipse point of the end of July.


  3. Thanks Mary for your articles and insights.
    Classic astrology, you gotta laugh, this Mercury retro connected with pluto/mars and all these outburst, how much more textbook does it get?

  4. Hi all,

    Thanks for your great comments..

    Claire-France: Venus did make it into Aries the day Beck was born..whatever degree, it’s on the Aries Point, so his values (Venus) are on big display..

    Michelle: yes, of course Obama’s term is very much a Saturn/Uranus affair..and thanks for pointing out the NM at 25 Libra on Oct 18..transiting Mars crosses that eclipse degree on Oct 14 as well..

    Donna: yes, Mercury square Pluto opposite Mars on Aug 26; then today, and again on Oct 10..

    With the Aries Point involvement..I’ve been watching BBC news these past few weeks, and the general tone seems to be “what is going on with these crazy Americans?…fighting over health care, etc??”

    What would we do without astrology? (My sister Katie suggests we would be putting complicated puzzles together if we had the time..)

    Thanks again for reading and adding so much!!

    Warmest wishes to all


  5. Hi, Mary & All –

    When it comes to dealing with outbursts, and Mars transits – like those of Wilson, Obama (A Beer with the President), or Kanye West at the MTV Awards (T Moon-T Mars in Cancer square N Pluto) – I sure am glad that mine do not belong to a public figure. 🙂

    You present an interesting Aquarian duo of innovators with Beck and Palin. With his Capricorn Moon, perhaps we could say that being an independent ideologue is Beck’s business; while group affiliation for social improvement (politics) is Palin’s arena, with her Aquarius Moon.

    A provocative topic, thanks.

  6. Thanks Mary, your columns are reliably ‘wonder’-full. Am I in error to ‘wonder’ is Palin’s Moon VOC ? The chart shows quincunx but there seems to be more than 4 degrees!! Thought 2-1/2 was limit. And there is no other aspect (within orb). The double Aquarius (Su & Mo) in a stellium lead by Mercury in mutual reception with Uranus doesn’t show much stability for all that air. Mayhaps the ‘politician’ is ALL talk-with Ur now in Picses there’s also ‘smoke & mirrors’ and her progressed chart gets ‘involved’, too !! You brought up some interesting considerations when you did her resignation.

  7. Hi Roberta,

    Ms Palin’s Moon is applying to sextile Jupiter and square Neptune. Even though the orbs are wide, the fact that the Moon is moving towards those connections means (as far as I understand it) that the Moon is not VOC..the Moon is also rising directly ahead of the Sun, which in the old methods, is called the “planet of oriental appearance” indicator of vocation or some special skill…not sure what I could say about that here, except a strongly emotional nature and also strong connections to the public? and family maybe?

  8. Thanks Mary…so, does the Moon qualify as unaspected? (since they’re out of orb) And would this give ‘more erratic’-ness to an Aquarius planet – sort of on-again/off-again temperament? Or does the placement give it stability no matter the sign? Guess I’m looking for ‘proof’ of my 12th House Mercury’s ‘feeling’.

  9. So interesting. I have had the strong feeling that Barack won’t be reelected. I know it’s not wishful thinking, because I have done his chart, and have held back judgment on what kind of President he would be. I am still neutral, actually.

    If I am right, he will have been a figurehead – marker of changing consciousness in the U.S.

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