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Saturn’s ingress into Sagittarius….

Saturn’s ingress into Sagittarius was on December 23. Except for a three-month dip back into Scorpio (mid June through mid September), we’re in the zone of working with compression and boundaries within mutable fire until December 19, 2017.

When looking at natal charts using whole sign houses, as soon as a planet ingresses into a new sign, it will impact a different house in the horoscope.

I’ve noticed some headlines that speak of the new emphasis on Sagittarius and decided to do a mini-survey of people that I know. (1)

I have three stories of Sagittarius rising birth charts, in which Saturn has moved into their whole sign first house.

I hadn’t talked to one friend in awhile and I asked her if anything in her life circumstances or feelings about her situation had changed recently. She said, with Sag’s typical gusto, that “everything has changed.” She has thought about making a “change in her living arrangements” for years, but in the last week she “feels clear that she needs to do it.” She’s beginning to visualize the move, beginning to set it up and plan it so it will go well. Her Ascendant is 19° Sag, so she has time; she said it will not be “impulsive,” which is her usual style.

Tellingly, she also said that all of her previous moves have been for family or business concerns, but this move is the first time she “is moving for me.” It’s what she feels is right for her being; she is not responding to any external demand. (I know her well and this decisiveness and change in perspective is very noticeable.)

I had a long conversation with another Sagittarius rising friend the other day. I was just listening to her talk about what is going on in her life. (It was this conversation that actually sparked the idea for this blog). She said that “all of a sudden” she was feeling very cramped in her living space, happiness with domestic partner notwithstanding. It’s small, and she actually said that having the fireplace going “all the time” in such a small space is such “dry heat, very uncomfortable.” (Those could be Saturn in Sag’s words: “dry heat, too cramped.”)

Another Sagittarius rising story: This friend is a long-time meditator and healer. He very intimately accompanied a friend through her dying process on December 29 and he told me the story. It was a stormy night. His friend’s breathing was very labored, she was “deeply struggling,” but he was able to sit very close to her head and breathe deeply with her, and she was able to settle into a calm state. My friend invoked his prayers and guides, as he had practiced for years, and was with her for the transition.

He said that he was “ignited” by the experience and it has “changed his life.” He said that “his faith became real; what you work on inside yourself is real,” and that he was a guide for her “without any doubt.” He said that the experience “confirmed to me that the inner worlds are real.”

I’ve had two conversations with Gemini rising individuals, who have had Saturn move into their 7th house. One person (her Ascendant is 1° Gemini) told me that an event in the past week had been quite dramatic — she was able to have a very direct conversation with her partner about something that has been emotionally charged and upsetting for a long time. She relayed that she was able to speak to her partner very clearly, as she said, “just the facts,” without emotion, describing what she observed. She was amazed at how clear she felt and how easily the partner listened. She reported it to me as a very significant breakthrough in their dynamic.

Another (anonymous but dearly loved) person, also with 1° Gemini rising, spoke somewhat similarly. She reported that she felt an “energetic shift” from being in a role of service and necessity in her relationship, to one of wanting a more equal partnership. She also said that a significant conversation occurred with her partner on the very day of Saturn’s ingress. (She is an astrologer, so she may have chosen the time for the conversation a bit more consciously than the first example.)

Here’s another example, perhaps more subtle, as Saturn’s ingress is not connected to an angle: someone with Sag on the 3rd-house cusp told me about going through piles of old files at his desk. In a hidden away file he found a list that he had written “long ago.” It was “five important things to keep in the front of your mind every day.” It sounds like it was Buddhist precepts written in accessible language. He told me how touching it was to find that again and how deeply that guidance was perfect for where he is in life now. He’s placed it right where he can see it easily everyday. (I’m thinking of the 3rd house as information from the immediate environment.)

Someone else has Sag on the 2nd house and within a few days of the ingress, she realized that her income needed boosting and applied for Social Security retirement benefits (a bit early). She took this action decisively, after thinking about it for at least a year. Another person with Sag on the 2nd-house cusp just found out she will be unable to work for quite awhile as she needs a minor surgery; she is going to write a new resume and look for a less physically demanding source of income.

Saturn changing signs is often something we notice. When considering whole sign houses, the focus of our attention changes, from the matters of one house to the next house. It’s in our immediate lives, our connection to time and space, it is tangible and real, or crystallized, as the old books say.

Along with the change in house, we can look at any natal planets in very early Sagittarius as having a current transmission to take us through what might seem to be a melancholy passageway into a teaching that we are ready to hear.

I’d love to hear any of your stories.


(1) I know it’s not a funny subject, but I did think this was a funny headline for Saturn in Sagittarius: “Bad Luck Plays Predominate Role in Cancer.” (The study has been refuted by some since its publication.)
Hopkins Medicine

Also, Pope Francis gave a “withering critique” to Vatican leadership just as Saturn ingressed into Sagittarius. Some of his points (which sound like antidotes for Saturn in Sag):

“Other items on his catalog of 15 illnesses included:
‘Excessive planning,’ not leaving room for spontaneity and surprise.
‘Existential schizophrenia,’ inducing people to ‘hypocrisy’ and a ‘double life.’
‘Excessive ‘melancholy,’ producing a ‘theatrical severity and pessimism’ that the pope said are often ‘symptoms of fear and insecurity.’ Officials should never forget, he said, ‘how much good is done by a healthy sense of humor.’ ”
Boston Globe


  1. Hi Mary,

    Yesterday I sent an email to the director of the Sundance Theater Lab about my musical revue A New Wrinkle. I worked with him at an acupuncture college in the Eighties. I have wanted to contact him about the revue for 2 years or more, but was very intimidated. Now I think, what the heck? Life is short.

    Also, traveling in Mexico since the end of October challenges me in various ways, as I have seldom ventured out of Ashland for over 30 years, and certainly not for 5 or 6 months.

    I like meeting new people along the way…it accentuates the way that things are always unfolding in mysterious ways.


  2. Progressed Sun in Gemini at 3 degrees and Progressed Asdt. In Sag….have had similar experiences, and the seemingly sudden release of blocks and stalls that have been holding me back for a while…fast forward and unfolding nicely. All that deep work in Scorpio and getting clear about what I want and need, has helped open some new doors.

    • Hi Catherine,

      Nice description of the change between Scorpio and Sag..

      Thank you for reading and writing,


  3. Mundanely speaking, this Dec. 28 story clearly resonates with Saturn in Sagittarius.

    The Sagittarius ingress of Saturn chart cast for Paris, France, shows the epochal Uranus-Pluto square directly linked with the relationship axis (AS-DS).

  4. Wow, that is me 19 deg Sag ascendant. Have been feeling like I need a shift however now it has become such a strong feeling and yes for the first time it is my and my daughters decision, no other. Yes we are visualising it now and making plan, even if it is simply decluttering as a first step.
    Also feels like it is time to integrate my past, the healer, the meditator with the Mama. Life has made it impossible to ignore.

  5. I am a Sag rising [26 degrees], and had been profoundly changed while Saturn traversed Scorpio. When Saturn moved to Sag (along with all the other KEY aspects and transits) my life became unrecognizable!

    I’m new to the true understanding of Astrology and how it helps shape our day-to-day lives, but the more I learn the more I see how transits and aspects have deeply impacted my life as I’ve come to know it over the last several years.

    I lost my job on December 30th, and the very next day I packed a couple of bags with essentials and left home [I’m 45, grown children, even 3 grandkids]. Literally a few bucks in the bank, no source of income at all, and a stack of bills. I left everything behind, and headed for places unknown for reasons I don’t yet understand.

    I’m trusting that everything will become more clear as the days, weeks, and even months pass by for me. I won’t lie about the fact that I’ve had a couple of “Holy S#!t” moments since I left nearly two weeks ago, but I remind myself how utterly stagnant my life had become where I was and that brings me back to my center.

    I just wish I was more versed in this “As Above, So Below” [astrology]. But perhaps I’m supposed to be relying on Pure Faith that Spirit will take care of my basic needs, as long as I take care of my Spiritual Contract! 😛

    For there is no turning back

    • Dear Paula,

      What a brave and trusting change for you…be well on your journey and thank you for sharing..


  6. Great article Mary. Saturn has just entered my whole sigh 9th house after an arduous residence in my sun sign during which I completed my masters degree. On Dec 23 I got an email from my college professor initiatiating an offer to co-write a paper on my research for a peer reviewed journal and assist with a chapter on a book he was editing. This was not a surprise as he told me when saturn was early in my 8th that he would like to support my writing career, although I had almost given up as the last year of Saturn in my 8th was exhausting. Needless to say I felt a sudden wave of enthusiastic mutable Sagitarius energy and responded decisively. Note that the email came in during the last 6 seconds of the 29th degree of Scorpio (I am in Australia so earlier time than US) and after a few emails back and forth by he sent his specific recommendations and a plan for the paper. Saturn had moved to exactly 0 degrees of Sag, making both publishing projects viable and concrete.

    • Hi Sophie, what a great story! I love the specificity in the timing..

      Congratulations and all best,


  7. Natal Sag Moon 0 degrees. Natal Jupiter in Sag 1 degrees. Saturn in Sag currently in my 9th house. My question is will Sag moon be affected as much as those that are Sag Sun and ASC?

  8. I just figured out how Saturn in Scorpio affected me by reading this. I’m an aries who slowed down with sex during the Scorpio transit. Pope Francis’s 15 points is illuminating to say the least everything changed the moment I read this.

  9. Hi Mary

    Happy New Year! I love this research feedback and will share on my Facebook Page! No time to say more. Saturn crossed my IC, moving into Sag/4th House in late December 2014 and I am moving into a new small but lovely work office this week – a half hour walk from home – good exercise for my restless Jupiterian mind!

  10. I finished and submitted a 4,550-word essay to a noted academic journal on 1.5.15. Whew! I’m 22* Gem. rising, but 0* Pisces MH, so Saturn is transiting sq. MH.

    I’d worked on the piece but put it aside, since I’d missed the deadline last spring. The editor emailed on Dec. 28th (!!!) saying I had until Jan. 5th if I was still doing it.

    I pulled a marathon writing session, getting all the rough drafts and notes together. Another equally taxing writing opportunity surfaced in early Dec. for a Feb. public library reading of a play. I’m revising the play; an early version of it was published which I’d shown to the librarian who books writers.

    I’d wondered how Sat/MH would manifest. Now I see: more work but the projects are higher status.

  11. I am of the age when this is my second bout of Saturn returning to my Ascendant – 15 deg. Sag. The first time around was pregnancy (natal Saturn in Cancer) and I am sure that Saturn’s natal place is relevant in every transit to the angles. In Cancer, birth, mothering, nurturing, homemaking applies. Like other writers on this page, I am thinking of downsizing to something more manageable (I also have Uranus about to cross my IC) and the last Uranus/Pluto square occurs at 15 degrees making a trine (Uranus) to Asc and a semi-sextile to Asc in March/April – I guess I will find a smaller living space then. The following years with Sag rising will mean less of an involvement with the outer world and more time to reflect on self and true interests. Pregnancy last time around did that for me and it was not until the transit of the IC by Saturn that I got back into the world of work again!

  12. Waiting for my second Saturn return (13 degrees Sag). That cliche about this being “the first day of the rest of your life” is quite true for me now. It’s the last opportunity for me to get things in place so that I can enjoy the last phase of this life.

    I also have an exact Saturn/Moon trine natally, so Saturn in Sag is giving me even more emotional stability than ever. I’m looking forward to the next few years.

  13. Hello Mountain Astrologer,
    what a great read on Saturn. I’m a Leo with Moon on 8 Aries; Mercury on 0 Leo, making a grand trine with Saturn; and i feel a distinct strengthening of purpose. It’s like one of the commenters said, all the deep Scorpio work is starting to pay off. Wow! It’s like someone has come with a big truck to help move stuff. And my dear husband and friend of 28 years is actually finding his strength too – he has a Yod figure Pluto in Virgo, Nep in Scorpio both inconjunct Sun in Aries – and it’s like all the indecisiveness and fear of failure is falling off him like water off a duck’s back, finally, which is great and also quite weird!
    thanks again for the work, it helps!! Greetings from windy rainy Netherlands, Eline

  14. I, for one, am thrilled to see Saturn move out of mutual reception with Pluto, which gave government and big business waaaaaay too much power and control. I don’t know if we can take back their foothold, but I hope it will at least slow them down.

    My Saturn is in Sag and transiting Saturn currently trines my natal Uranus, while transiting Uranus trines my natal Saturn. The new moon in Aquarius will make an exact trine to my natal Jupiter. I’ve been living in hell for the past 13 years, so I’m looking forward to catching a break, however brief it may be.

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