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Scorpio New Moon

The New Moon is on November 5 at 9:51 p.m. PT (November 6, 12:51 a.m. ET) at 13º40’ Scorpio.

Starting Tuesday afternoon, when the Moon is 45º from the Sun, until the New Moon, we are in this month’s balsamic, or the dark of the Moon, phase.

The suggestion of attunement to the dark and the internal life is pronounced now as the Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio, with Venus retrograde there as well. The asteroid Vesta is the closest body to the New Moon; she is within a degree and a half of the lunation.

Scorpio New MoonVesta is the goddess of the hearth to the Romans. Her presence was recognized by the sacred fire burning in the hearth. In our world, she shows us how to tend to the inner fire of our own being.

Venus retrograde in Scorpio, in very ordinary language, certainly suggests awkwardness in social situations. She tends toward being ill at ease in her sign of detriment. Her natural grace, and confidence in her own appeal, so clear in Taurus, is weakened in Scorpio. Venus’s retrograde phase, beckoning towards inner contentment, can also bring unskillful moments in what would generally be expected to be easy, effortless situations.

I have heard stories this week from friends and clients about bumbling social situations. Most of these stories have the hallmark of a moment where things just didn’t “feel right” — nothing particularly devastating, or of long-term consequence, but a bit clumsy or inelegant.

I went through something today that caught me by surprise: a friend, not a close friend, but someone who has been a fellow traveler and confidante this past while, told me that he felt misunderstood and unsettled in our last meeting and is choosing to end our friendship. I know Venus retrograde is blundering and prone to misunderstandings, but I was surprised by how this impacted me. Ah! But then I remembered that Chiron and Neptune both station direct on November 5. Aside from an exquisite openness to guidance from the invisible realms, the pervasive sensitivity of this combination can be experienced quite subjectively, and ‘hurt’ feelings are easily magnified.

Vesta’s close presence at this lunation shows us something, too. The inner flame can be kindled now within ourselves, in whatever ways we have access to — look to Vesta’s placement in the natal chart as an entryway to that internal source of life.

There may be some newly found inner resource or gem from Scorpio’s undying knowingness that comes to life with this New Moon. In the meantime, I will enjoy whatever time I have to be alone now, and I’ll try to be extra kind, as everyone is in this sometimes awkward dance together.

Thanks for coming by.

I hope you all have a good and deeply restorative week.