Scorpio Solar Eclipse

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In the early morning hours of October 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio, followed by Venus and the Moon as they line up for a lovely partial solar eclipse, visible in the western U.S.

Solar eclipse, set for Washington DC

The Scorpio solar eclipse (with Venus at the same degree as the lunation) is a powerful ingress that will be followed by 0° New Moons for the next three months. (And, after that, two New Moons at 29°.)  (1)

What the world needs now is a powerful new beginning with positive transformative effects for the majority of the population. Pallas Athena (1°56′ Scorpio) conjoins the current lunation, conferring qualities of wisdom, diplomacy, and tact to be used in navigating the changes upon us.

For some, these changes are already unfolding. The Supreme Court opened the door to same-sex marriage becoming legal in all fifty states with their recent ruling. For others, change appears as hard-fought revolution or insurrection, attempting to topple corrupt dictators and entrenched systems of undemocratic government.

Scorpio is the sign of transformation; this eclipse may further expose the psychological weapons that are used by the enemies of humanity, for instance, the many large corporations that are destroying the planet. They try to lull us into a false sense of security, while mixing some of the most toxic substances into our food supply and manufacturing seeds that don’t reproduce, driving farmers deep into debt.

Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn, all in the 7th house of the solar eclipse chart set for Washington, D.C., show the nation’s trends.

The 7th house represents relationships and open enemies. The Scorpio planets suggest that control, jealousy, revenge and open hostility may be rampant. In these tough financial times people can’t always afford to leave a relationship and may stay together despite the contempt, frustration and anger that seethes below the surface. Challenging relationships may be further stressed by Juno (6° Leo) squaring the Scorpio stellium, which can lead to conflicts over roles in the relationship.

Mercury in Libra is retrograde and conjunct the North Node in the 6th house, so talking things out in a practical, civil manner goes a long way toward solving interpersonal problems and generating greater harmony. An open dialogue also helps: Mercury (17° Libra) is sextile Jupiter (19° Leo) in the 5th house; experiencing and expressing love is the best way to show this energy.

Unfortunately, Mars rules the chart (Aries rising in Washington); placed in the 9th house, it can inflame ongoing international conflicts and provoke new ones. Pluto is on the Midheaven reminding us of the many crises in the world.  (For example, over the last 40 years, the destruction of many wildlife habitats and climate change has lead to the disappearance of species at an alarming rate.)

And then there’s the Ebola virus. The reason for the sudden outbreak may be indicated by the asteroid Hygeia (15° Cancer) opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus and the nodes. (2) Unfortunately, the illness is causing hysteria, even though it can only be transmitted through contact with the sick person’s bodily fluids. However, that information doesn’t seem to matter to the fear-mongers.

On a note unrelated to the Scorpio eclipse, the Sun (11°26′ Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (11°26′ Capricorn) on November 3rd, the eve of the mid-term elections. This suggests a desire for significant changes within our government regarding entrenched financial interests who have paid a fortune for a ruling body sympathetic to their own interests. This has resulted in rampant corruption that prevents the little guy from having his concerns and needs represented.

We can change our fate before it’s too late . . . next month, vote for progressive candidates.

(1) The November 22 New Moon is 0°07′ Sagittarius; December New Moon: 0°06′ Capricorn; January New Moon: 0°08′ Aquarius; February New Moon: 29°59′ Aquarius; March New Moon: 29° 27′ Pisces. 29° is the anaretic degree, which represents an unresolved lesson to be learned about the sign wherein it is placed.

(2) The Full Moon eclipse on October 8 was at 15°05 Aries, with the Moon conjunct Uranus and square Hygeia at 13°37 Cancer.

Bio: Sheldon Rosner began a serious study of astrology right after college and has been a counseling astrologer for many years. His practice emphasizes the evolutionary journey, the process of reincarnation, compatibility and relationships, medical and forensic astrology. In the past 13 years, his work has also included mundane astrology. He currently leads the Marion March Memorial Master Class and lectures regularly at the monthly NCGR meetings in Los Angeles. His self-published book, Your Place in the Universe, is written for students of every level. Sheldon can be contacted at or (818) 222-0129.

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