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Short and Sweet

I took a wild and windy drive these past few days from Ashland to San Francisco and back through a major storm that came with the SuperMoon. After some jittery days when radiation and earthquake scares rippled through the west coast with the shifting of the plates, my close companions and I landed in a deeper version of the simple truth to “choose love over fear” and so we went to the airport to pick up our special visitor.

At the beginning of the drive, we saw a massive, perfect double rainbow off to the east. It appeared to be the essence of rainbow. It was ecstatically bright for a moment, then gone. There were furious and lashing winds and hail most of the rest of the trip, and it took all of my attention to keep the car steady. As we got closer to the end of the drive, there was again a singular, perfect gift from the sky — a brilliant and dazzling lightning bolt flashed straight ahead.

It was a wild and momentous journey and it led me to take a break from thinking about the ongoing worldly calamities to indulge in homage to Uranian magic.

These days we go to sleep at night not knowing what the morning will bring. That is always true, naturally, but with the tremendous force of Uranus at 0º Aries, this is an equinox like no other.

What if we could really just start all over again? What if the regretful, sorrowful, anxious, depressed, gloomy, bluesy, hopeless, helpless, depleted, dismayed, disturbed, and despairing parts of our brains could be re-fired with the inspiration, bliss, and newness brought to us by the potency carried in Aries? We may have moments of unimaginable innocence, and a simple and pure motivation to fully give back to this life with our whole hearts and beings.

Perhaps a gift from this spring equinox is an increased ability to notice the present moment. One of my friends (who is very sensitive to subtle energy) lives on a farm and keeps her hands close to the earth. Last night she said, “All you can do is look around and see what needs to be done, and do it.”

Venus is traveling with Neptune now. On Saturday, the two will be conjunct at 29º44’ Aquarius, just before Venus moves into Pisces, her sign of exaltation. Amidst all the other aspects that are occurring now, this suggests a kind and gentle note to our story these days.

Love to all. Have a good week.

(P.S. This title Short and Sweet refers to this blog itself, and also to my special visitor, my Sun-and-Venus-in-Taurus granddaughter.)