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Six of Disks, Moon ruled decan of Taurus

Art by Autumn Skye

The second decan of Taurus, bathed in the earthy sensuality of Venus and guided by the nurturing intuition of the Moon, transcends the self-sufficiency of the first decan and embraces the power of giving and receiving within a web of interconnected life. This decan embodies the spirit of reciprocity, where individual prosperity is intricately linked to the well-being of the larger community. This resonates deeply with the theory of María Puig de la Bellacasa’s “Ecologies of Care,” which emphasizes fostering life-sustaining relationships between all living beings.

Ruled by the Moon, the planet of nurturing and connection, this decan embodies the cyclical dance of interdependence within an ecosystem.  Just as the Moon influences the tides and the Earth’s fertility, each member within a system plays a crucial role in its overall well-being.  Think of the complex dance between honeybees and flowering plants. The bees rely on the nectar for survival, while the plants rely on the bees for pollination to reproduce. This collaborative spirit echoes Puig de la Bellacasa’s concept of “matters of care”. Here, care isn’t just about individual acts of kindness. It’s a continuous commitment to building and maintaining relationships. These relationships form complex webs, encompassing not just humans but also organisms, objects, and materials. This ongoing “care” ensures “we” – in its broadest sense – can thrive. [1]  Her perspective echoes Joan Tronto’s idea of care as a relational ethic. [2] It involves reciprocal actions and a moral commitment to collective well-being.

The Moon’s influence on this decan brings an intuitive quality to the Taurean love of building and creating.  Here, the focus isn’t just on material abundance but on cultivating a sense of shared prosperity within a thriving ecosystem.  Imagine a community garden where each member contributes their time and skills, and everyone benefits from the bounty of the harvest.  This collaborative spirit ensures not just a plentiful yield but also strengthens the bonds within the community. The image of the key-holding figure in Agrippa’s work, often associated with this decan, symbolizes the key to success in life.  This success, however, is not achieved through individual striving alone. The key unlocks the door to a world where prosperity thrives through a continuous exchange of resources and support.  The focus shifts from personal wealth accumulation to cultivating a thriving web of life where all beings can flourish.

The energies of Taurus 2, call to cultivate abundance extending far beyond personal possessions. They are natural bridge-builders, fostering cooperation and ensuring that everyone benefits from the collaboration. They are drawn to careers in agriculture, sustainable living practices, and environmental protection. Their success lies in understanding the interconnectedness of all living things and fostering a sense of ecological responsibility. By embracing the principles of reciprocity, collaboration, and care, we can cultivate a world that mirrors the interconnectedness of nature, as envisioned by María Puig de la Bellacasa’s Ecologies of Care. We are all part of a complex and interdependent tapestry of life, and our actions have the power to either nurture or disrupt this delicate balance. Taurus 2 offers us the key to unlock a future where cooperation and care form the foundation of a sustainable and thriving world.

The associated tarot card with this decan would be the Six of Disks. Traditionally interpreted as a card of charity and sharing resources, it resonates with the Moon’s nurturing energy and the emphasis on reciprocity in Taurus 2.

The Six of Disks traditionally signifies a period of relief from material scarcity. However, through the lens of Taurus 2 and Ecologies of Care, we can expand this interpretation. Here, it’s not just about individual needs being met, but about fostering a healthy flow of resources within a community. Think of a mycorrhizal network, where fungi share nutrients with plants in exchange for sugars. Everyone benefits from this reciprocal exchange, ensuring the health of the entire ecosystem. Similarly, in human communities, the Six of Disks encourages us to participate in a cycle of giving and receiving that strengthens the social fabric. Sharing resources, skills, and knowledge becomes an act of care, fostering a sense of collective well-being.

Taurus, symbolized by the bull, is an earthy sign known for its love of building, creating, and cultivating abundance. The Moon’s influence on the second decan of Taurus adds a nurturing dimension to this Taurean energy. Here, the Six of Disks reflects this lunar-infused abundance. It’s not just about accumulating a personal hoard, like a bull stockpiling resources, but about cultivating a fertile environment where everyone can thrive.

Imagine a community garden, a vibrant tapestry woven from the combined efforts of its members. The act of sharing seeds, tools, and knowledge embodies the spirit of the Six of Disks. This isn’t just charity; it’s a form of care that strengthens the connections within the community, just as a healthy herd of bulls relies on cooperation for survival. By nurturing this shared space, we ensure the long-term sustainability of the garden, mirroring the bull’s patient and persistent approach to building a secure foundation.

The Six of Disks can also represent success in various aspects of life, from business to relationships.  However, it is important to note that all sixes in Tarot are about balance between self-exaltation and self-sacrifice. It’s not just about individual achievement but about fostering a sense of interconnected well-being.  A thriving business that prioritizes fair trade practices and environmental sustainability embodies this kind of success.  Similarly, a healthy relationship built on mutual respect and support reflects the reciprocal spirit of the Six of Disks.

In conclusion, the Sif of Disks teaches that true abundance arises not from individual accumulation, but from fostering a web of interconnected relationships where giving and receiving flow freely. By nurturing our communities, sharing resources, and prioritizing collective well-being, we cultivate a world that mirrors the interdependent dance of life. This is the essence of the Six of Disks and the philosophy of Ecologies of Care, reminding us that we are all part of a larger tapestry, and our actions have the power to weave a future of shared prosperity and sustainability.


Taurus 2 – Together

Mirage, man, mammal stitched

I become the camel image; man in tattered shroud

from desert thirst and fertile gloom.

Hooved hands, marked flesh 

against the sun. He tills the land


to yield, a tapestry of sweat 

and seed, milk pouring rays 

from craters, from side wounds, trace the moon

as it cycles this bounty, for the frayed

communion. Faces etched with hunger’s hollow

he feeds, bull masked in human hide, a chimera

giving nourished moods, silver chalice –

holy grail, becomes hands to hold;

that pumps life into the barren, 

a rhythm of care,

 a promise rooted deep into the ground. 


We rise or fall together.



[1] de la Bellacasa, Maria Puig (2017) Matters of Care: Speculative Ethics in More Than Human Worlds, Minneapolis, MN/ London: University of Minnesota Press.

[2] Tronto, Joan Claire (1998) ‘An ethic of care’, Generations: Journal of the American society on aging 22 (3): 15–20.

McCalla Ann (she/they) is an interdisciplinary multimedia artist, diviner, ritualist, poet-philosopher, and witch residing in Houston, Texas, by way of New Orleans. McCalla’s current witchcraft studies focus on the extra-sensuous nature of ritual performance and expression as it intersects with meta-linguistics, poetics, and mystic embodiment. As an MA student of the GEM program developed for Religious Studies students at Rice University, McCalla puts particular attention to the study of mysticism, eroticism, and the monstrous body. McCalla supports her community by acting as host to the conversational and art-focused occult podcast SaturnVox, and her infamously affective and notoriously accurate tarot readings. In her spare time McCalla devotes loving attention to tending her garden, reveling in fashion and design, and has had a career in performance art and fire dancing for over a decade. She also has a deep appreciation for film and narratology, and can often be found consuming a story alongside her cat on the couch.

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