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Some of the Current Best Astrology Blogs

This is a good job! It finally rained here in southern Oregon and I spent a long cozy afternoon looking around at astrology blogs. There are lots of wonderful writers and creative astrologers out there and I’ve collected just a few places on a range of subjects.

Funk Astrology Blog (Cutting Edge Astrology for Uranian Times) has a quick snapshot (including fixed stars) of today’s unusual grouping of planets called 24 Degrees Anything? Intense Transit Alert for Sunday/Monday.

TMA readers are familiar with Jessica Murray, and her October Skywatch column is as thoughtful as ever. She writes on The Color of Money (which, in the U.S., is “even hotter than death and sex” right now).

Robert Wilkinson’s Aquarius Papers site has a new article on this month’s triggering of the ongoing Neptune septile Pluto, which he has coined “the Grand Irrationality.” Wilkinson writes: “Septile series aspects are associated with non-rational conditions and experiences, when our own or others’ obsessive or compulsive attitudes and behaviors often lead to very strange responses. When the septile series aspects are at work, things don’t make sense, and we feel propelled by circumstances out of our control.” The Grand Irrationality at Work, October 2009 – Major Choices, Changes, and Shifts is the place to go “if things seem a bit unhinged during the first half of October, or you’re confronting things that make little or no sense.”

Raging Universe has an entry titled A Closer Look With Thee. This looks back at the 2009 inaugural chart: “Saturn is in opposition to Venus-Uranus in Pisces in the 11th house, and if you use this as the significator of Congress, you can see the chaotic potential with the legislative body opposing the executive Saturn and dissolving what it does.”

Many of us read the long New York Times article on September 16 about the imminent publication of Carl Jung’s “Red Book.” The book is his private journal beginning in 1914 and was kept under lock and key until it was removed from a vault in late 2007. In her two part article, Carl Jung’s “Red Book”: The Astrology Behind the Publication of Jung’s Most Personal Work, Amy Herring discusses the book’s publication date (October 7, 2009), Jung’s natal chart, and the progressions and transits for when he started writing in 1914.

The_Betty: Astrological Analysis of Politics and Current Events – Feature Series: The Rise of Obama is a long series that employs many astrological techniques, including Arabic Parts, the vertex, and an ongoing investigation of the July 21 eclipse. She is generous in her writing, which is aimed “to have fun, fill in gaps, validate assumptions, and spur new inquiries.”

Astrologer Jude Cowell is based in Washington, D.C. and is always interesting. Her blog, Stars Over Washington, had its original focus on “our Founding Fathers as Freemasons, the White Lodge we call the ‘White House’, and the Masonic Temple that is the Capitol Building.” Her newest entry (she updates frequently), Iran-Contra Videos + Solar Eclipse of constitutional crisis 2011, looks ahead to the eclipse in June of that year.

Astrologer Julie Demboski is another prolific blogger with a range of astrological techniques in her repertoire. She demonstrates (i.e., teaches) a lot of astrology in a friendly, personal voice. Her current blog, Weekend Forecast: The Impulsive Spark, is on the past weekend’s transits; scroll down to link to her article from last fall on the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

Zane Stein has an article called 32 Years on Matrix Blog. Renowned as an early Chiron-watcher, Stein herein writes on the Chiron recurrence return, which occurs this month. This year, 32 years after Chiron’s discovery in 1977, marks the Sun-Venus recurrence along with a Venus-Mars recurrence. “The depth of Chiron’s importance to us is going to be revealed in no uncertain terms as a result of this recurrence return. If we thought we were getting a handle on Chiron’s meaning before now, we will come to realize that we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg (or the halo of the comet, if you’d prefer), and we are going to learn about Chiron whether we want to or not.”

Thanks to all these fine writers and thinkers for all of your efforts.