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Some perspectives on the current skies….

Hello star-gazer friends, one and all. Here’s an eclectic mix of resources to add perspective to the various upheavals and possibilities upon us. Enjoy!

Journeys in the astral light by David Coleman has a generous article, The Astrology of 2021. The information is presented in two parts — the first part discusses the overall trends of the planets (i.e., Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris) and the second part looks in great detail at each month.

In one synopsis of The overall territory, he writes: “However although 2021 will undoubtedly be dominated by the squares between Saturn and Uranus, the underlying tension of a double Pluto square Eris will erupt in the later part of the year. We could say then that in the first part of the year it is the Fixed/Stable signs that produce most of the tension while in the latter part of the year both Fixed/Stable signs and Cardinal/Active signs are generating challenges for everyone. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – the Reactive/Mutable signs – are relatively quiet.”

There is a graphic ephemeris for the year — he explains how to decipher it — and lots of mandala graphics woven into the text.

Wendy Guy, writer at Evolving Door Astrology has a detailed consideration of Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius 2020.

She writes: “On one hand, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction brings a ray of hope. For starters, Jupiter is no longer in Capricorn (yay!) where it was in detriment (difficult to express its natural energy). Jupiter, normally upbeat, optimistic and confident, while in Capricorn tends to be more sober, cautious and skeptical. We’ve been experiencing Jupiter this way since December 2019 and astrologically it has contributed to a very uphill struggle through 2020….Jupiter is now in Aquarius, and while it has little dignity there, Jupiter will likely find it easier to channel its buoyant nature toward the collective, and focus on the future rather than the heavy present.”

There is a graphic of the cycles of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions from 1782 – 2219, making the change from Earth to Air easy to see. She ends the essay: “We are all right sometimes, we are all wrong sometimes. We are all flawed, mistaken or misguided at times. And we are all inspired, brilliant and transcendent at times. We need to find a way back to a vision of shared humanity despite our differences – this is the ideal in Aquarius. This new Jupiter-Saturn cycle can help us find that again—or find it anew—even as we recognize that we have witnessed some of the best and the worst in each other and maybe even ourselves.”

Astrologos has a YouTube channel with lectures by founder Bernadette Brady. Subjects include a one-hour video on Researching the Astrology of Flu Pandemic, and Astrology, a cosmological or creative creature, a lecture by Bernadette to the students of the MA of Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the Bath in June 2016. This lecture “explores the possible ontological roots of astrology and looks at astrology having more of a link to chaos then to the perfect world of cosmos.”

For a different perspective of the year, Michael Neutrino uses Human Design and the Gene Keys in a 17-minute video, Are We Seeing the End of Tribal Consciousness?

“As a humanity, we are in the midst of a great evolutionary process. As we lead up to the great Solar Plexus Mutation in 2027 we are becoming more and more pressurized to leave our old ancestral consciousness behind. On the world stage we are seeing that power struggle play out now. The 2021 New Year’s Chart says that we will be in the channel of revolution which is the pressure to get our survival needs met.”

“Real astrology for real people” is a weekly podcast with astrologer/author April Elliott Kent and co-host and producer Jen Braun. The current 25-minute entry is Mars, Uranus, and Revisiting the US Pluto Return.

“April and Jen take an astrological look at the events of January 6 here in the U.S., including Pluto inching ever closer to its 2022 return in the U.S. chart. And as Inauguration Day approaches, we give some side-eye to the unpredictable combination of Mars and Uranus, and a Taurus First Quarter Moon overflowing with tension. In other news, Sun enters Aquarius and joins up with Saturn; plus Mars and Jupiter face off (again). Plus: honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.” There are time stamps, links for further information and a written transcript of the blog — a multi-faceted enterprise which I was happy to find.

Key Astrology Cycles for 2021 is a 70-minute video with archetypal astrologer and transformational coach Sheila Belanger.

She also offers weekly Astrology Alchemy Podcasts via her website. The podcasts seem to be mostly about 20-minutes (I didn’t have time to linger, but will be back.) For the Week of January 18, 2021: “We Must Be Done with Cruelty,” she discusses “the dynamic cycles this week of:
1) Jupiter square Uranus: expand old beliefs about security and connection
2) Mars conjunct Uranus: activate your sacred warrior/ess
3) Mars squares Jupiter: address and redefine freedom vs. security
4) Sun conjunct Saturn: align with your mature adult and practical side”

Ghost of a Podcast is a twice weekly astrology and advice podcast, by Jessica Lanyadoo. Again (a nod to Mars-Uranus) I didn’t have time to listen, but, here’s her description: “Lanyadoo is an astrologer, psychic medium, and animal communicator with more than 20 years experience. She offers guidance twice weekly that’s practical, inspiring, and that helps you help yourself. Lanyadoo answers listeners’ questions, teaches astrology, and drops a horoscope every Sunday, including best practices for your week ahead. Lanyadoo delivers tools for living your very best life, one step at a time.”

Another one I’d like to come back to is Amelia Quint’s Bad Astrologers. “Bad Astrologers is a biweekly podcast from Amelia Quint that will give you a useful, unexpected look at the cultural, spiritual, literary, mythological world of the heavens.” She’s in season three and a current (January 13) pod is Ep. 3: Reimagining astrology for 2021. It’s 45-minutes with timestamps. Here’s her description:
“How can we use astrology to bring more empathy, accountability, and hope to our communities in 2021? In this episode, Amelia dives deep into how we can move from a place of crisis to progress using the stars, exploring self-care for oracles, astrology’s Saturn transit, and strategies for success in the new era of air.”

In the Holes to Heavens podcast Adam Sommer interviews astrologers and healers — a current podcast (posted on December 29) is Enchanting Fortuna with Amanda Simon: …a different look into healing and divination.

He’s also a music lover and cryptocurrency enthusiast — listen to his playlists and follow his writing which includes a blog On the Great Conjunction. Adam closes his essay with this uplifting thought: “We are the music of the spheres. Musica Universalis. Singing and dancing, humming and vibrating, whistling that eternal song to the end of time. Don’t be afraid. Just change your language. Tell better stories. Listen to better music. And try not to listen to fear flinging ‘star tooters’ about this being the end. This is only another beginning.”

Have a great week everyone.


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