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South of the Border

A third mayor in less than a month has been assassinated in Mexico. (1) This act has come on the heels of a gubernatorial candidate also being assassinated this June. (2) These political killings are on top of the estimated 28,000 murders of civilians in the past four years due to the war on drugs. When I pause to think about that number, I realize that it is about the same as the population of the town I live in. (3) The president of Mexico and other politicians are seriously considering legalizing drugs because they believe that all anti-drug policies have failed. They are looking at the success of nations that have decriminalized drugs, such as those in Europe, for their inspiration.

Most of us here in the United States  cannot really imagine what daily life is like south of the border. The last time political candidates were assassinated here was nearly fifty years ago during the turbulent 60’s. What is going on astrologically for Mexico? The current t-square.

According to Nick Campion’s The Book of World Horoscopes, Mexican astrologer’s use an independence chart set for September 28, 1821, at 6:00 pm. (4) Let’s take a look at the chart and then a bi-wheel chart with the current planetary transits.


Mexico horoscope

Mexico’s radix chart has a t-square between the Sun at 5° Libra, opposed by Pluto at 28° Pisces, squared by Uranus conjunct Neptune conjunct the MC (29° Sagittarius 0° Capricorn, and 6° Capricorn, respectively). The current alignment of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto in a t-square is aligned directly on Mexico’s radix t-square, indicating a very difficult time period indeed.

In mundane astrology, the Sun represents the ruler of a nation, national character, and major events. In Libra, we can see Mexico’s leaders as nice guys, always trying to make peace, but especially trying to avoid conflict. Pluto represents dictators, the underworld of organized crime, death, financial and political power. In Pisces, we can see that a national collective obsession to avoid the criminal element by diving into the spiritual waters of their own unique blend of Catholicism and indigenous beliefs. We also see that religion (Pisces), i.e., the Catholic Church, is also the power (Pluto) there. Neptune rules drugs, ineffectiveness, covert actions, fraud and scandal. In Capricorn, drugs become big business. Uranus represents revolutions, as well as progressive to radical movements. In Sagittarius, Uranus represents the high idealism of revolution, but also the lack of long-term planning that plagues a country without sound infrastructure or social services.

Neptune and Uranus conjunct the MC, which represents the government itself, shows the marked tendency for Mexico’s government to be stricken with inefficacy and sudden swings in policy. Uranus is the ruler of Mexico’s 11th house, which represents the legislature. Being conjunct Neptune, the legislature faces the same conundrum as the leader: it is lost in the Neptune fog of idealism, failing to use resources and rule effectively.

Mexico’s Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct and nothing says big bureaucracy better than that! Trined by the Neptune-Uranus conjunction, there is probably a lot of talk about things changing, but the more things change, the more they stay the same. The Neptune-Uranus conjunction of their revolution must have led more than a few people to wonder, after it was all said and done, what really changed? This conjunction causes whatever progressive ideas and policies that could help the poor and needy to evaporate into nothing in the heat of a siesta.

Mexico & transitsLooking at the bi-wheel, with the current alignment of planets, we see that transiting Saturn is conjunct Mexico’s Sun, indicating an immense stress level, with pressure from all sides and the feeling that there is no way out. Mexico’s Sun is also opposed by transiting Uranus (and Jupiter), which have been conjunct Mexico’s radix Pluto. The criminal gangs and mafia (Pluto) in Mexico have had a huge (Jupiter) and unexpected (Uranus) killing spree (Pluto) of political candidates and office holders (Sun).

Mexico’s radix Uranus-Neptune conjunction has been transited by Pluto, which is now poised to cross over Mexico’s MC. Again, Pluto, symbolizing the criminal underworld, has begun to do business in a radically new way — using car bombs (Uranus) to keep their drug money coming (Neptune) and to increase their power (Pluto). The criminal gangs have, for all intents and purposes, taken over the government (conjunct MC and Uranus, which rules the 11th house of the legislature).

But there is hope. Perhaps the current president and government will do something radical to destroy the criminal underworld. With transiting Uranus conjunct radix Pluto, decriminalization of drugs could very well be the solution. Doubly so with transiting Pluto on Mexico’s MC. At first, there could appear to be a complete destruction of the government, yet from the ashes the phoenix will rise. Transiting Saturn on the radix Sun will, hopefully, provide enough support for the president to implement new laws to tackle this horrific criminal war on the peoples of his nation.

This article is just a brief peak at Mexico’s radix chart and current transits. Here in the United States, we have our own issues with the current transiting t-square — governmental bureaucracy, corruption,  and high death rates due to violence and lack of social services. Let us pray that our brothers and sisters to the south (whose former land many of us now live on) can find a way through these trying times and create a country that is safe and prosperous for all. And may we here in the U.S. be able to do the same.

Copyright Audra B. Stenger. 2010 All Rights Reserved.


(4) The Book of World Horoscopes, Nick Campion, The Wessex Astrologer Ltd.,  2004, pp. 210-211.


Audra Stenger started in astrology more than 14 years ago while working as a paramedic. She has a bachelor’s degree as a Physician’s Assistant and has passed Level 1 testing for NCGR. Audra employs a variety of techniques in her consultations including Vedic, Medieval, and modern. She also offers a free monthly astrology newsletter. Her website is She can be contacted via e-mail:


  1. Chiron, the planet of woundings and healings, is not on either of your Mexico charts. Allow me to ask WHY you omitted it.
    Chiron is presently parked next to Neptune and has been for quite some lengthy time. So both Mexico and the USA are taking woundings from Neptunian drugs and from drug lords and gangsters, and Neptune’s FOG is obscuring what to do about the massive social problem to bring about Chironic healing. Much though I hate to see drugs legalized, perhaps it is the only way to solve the national problem of Mexican criminality regarding drug sales and export to the USA. I do not have space here to talk about the illegal purchase of Mexican drugs made by folks in the USA. America is also fogged by Neptune next to Chiron.

    • Hi Phyllis, thank you for writing and bringing up Chiron. The current T-square is trumping the Neptune/Chiron conjunction which is in sextile to Mexico’s radix Jupiter/Uranus, and for brevity’s sake it was omitted from the analysis.
      In Mexico’s chart, Chiron is at 4 Aries so it is also being affected by the current T-square transits. There has been a lot of deep wounding in Mexico over the past few years, and let us hope they can find a way to heal themselves. As Uranus is the last major part of the T-square to touch Chiron, perhaps it will be a true Uranian fix – a way no one has thought of yet.

  2. The exact time for Mexico’s birth chart has been found to be 6h23 pm LMT of the same day,the very moment when general Iturbide entered the major plaza downtown mexico and was acclaimed by the crowds. This exact time, which works incredibly well for the Mexico mundane events, was a major contribution by astrologer Luis Lesur, who died last year and this is perhaps his major legacy to modern mexican astrology. This puts the ascendant at 16º Aries and Mercury exactly conjunct the Descendant. A good position for thieves, who have always made their bounty out of the country’s resources in these two centuries. Neptune and Uranus fall then deep into the 9th house of laws, which have never been respected and can be considered in the long run the cause of such corruption. The governement in itself is not Neptunian, it is better described by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction: bureaucratic and authoritarian. I hope this will help to understand a little bit better the interesting observations in this article.

    • Hello Carlos,
      Thank you for writing. In Campion’s The Book of World Horoscopes, he mentions another possible chart for Mexico as being for when Iturbide made his triumphal entry into Mexico City, but he lists that event as occurring on September 27th. I checked other historical sources, and they too list the 27th.
      Like the US, Mexico has a few possible charts such as the date of their revolution, and the date of their constitution. It comes down to rectifying the time for this event, with special attention to where Mexico’s Moon is: Libra or Scorpio. History is always being rewritten, and we are always trying to be as accurate as possible.

  3. By the way, I hope they do NOT legalize drugs, because the organized criminals will then find themselves unemployed and will start targeting civilians for kidnappings and extorsion at a mass scale. They have already started with some important political personalities…

  4. Thank you Audra for a great article. And thanks to the comment-givers, too.

  5. Fascinating and well-written article (I appreciate the footnotes and references); one can sit back and appreciate the astrological revelations unfold in the hands of an author who obviously values fact and research as well as skillful interpretation. I have used astrology throughout my life to counsel and guide myself and a the occasional interested friend, but had little idea of the value and incisiveness of Mundane Astrology, particularly during these difficult (and more to come I’m afraid) times! Thank you Audra for this and your even more illuminating article on Toyota Motor Corp. in the last current issue. I look forward to your next newsletter.

  6. As a long time MA reader and astrology enthusiast, I welcome Audra and her fascinating articles to Mountain Astrologer. Enjoy the combination of Vedic and Western astrology with Jungian symbology in relation to current events. After Toyota and Mexico, looking forward to something in regards to American politics and religion. Cant’ wait.

  7. Hello all,

    Thanks for reading and your fine comments..

    I am thrilled to have Audra’s fine work on display here on TMA’s blog..

    Many thanks to you Audra..

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