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Swine Flu Outbreak in Mexico

We are all lucky to have such a brilliant (and prolific) astrologer as Robert Blaschke in our midst. I am especially fortunate to have him as an ever generous friend. Although he was preparing for a teaching trip, Robert offered to send me his research on the swine flu to use for today’s blog.

Here is the Mexico mundane horoscope as a tri-wheel with its secondary progressions for Sunday, April 26 when the transiting Mars-Pluto square perfects.

Here is a summary of Robert’s research:

“Viruses are ruled by Pluto. In the Mexican Constitution mundane horoscope (1) transiting Pluto is in a stationary opposition with its national Pluto at 2°41′ Cancer from January 13 until July 4.

The Mars-Pluto square perfected on Sunday at 9:08 AM PDT. This is forming a transiting cardinal T-Cross in the Mexican horoscope.

One would presume that the outbreak would peak on Sunday, and then subside.

When transiting Mars opposes the Mexican progressed Moon (symbolizing the public) between May 1 and May 4, another flare-up could occur.

It is also of interest that this viral outbreak is taking place as Jupiter transits the Mexican progressed Uranus. This is not good for containment – Uranus rules aviation and Jupiter rules international travel.

Already, some school children in NYC who had recently traveled to Mexico City are reported to have these swine flu symptoms.”

(1)  Described here as BWH#216, that is from the Book of World Horoscopes, by Nicholas Campion, chart #216. Tri-wheel: inner wheel: Mexico Constitution, January 31, 1917; 4:00 p.m. LMT; Queretaro, Mexico (20°N28′; 100°W23′);  middle wheel: progressed to April 26, 2009; outer wheel: Mars square Pluto, April 26, 2009.


  1. Mary,

    Thanks for posting this! I wanted to link you to an article I wrote on pandemics in 2005, called “Planetary Miasms”:

    At the end, I pointed to this period as the time of the next possible pandemic. (Not to worry anyone or anything) 😉

    Let me say that our methods of disease management are better than they were in 1918, but let’s see how this is handled in the early days. Authorities may be able to stem the tide.

  2. Thanks both to Robert Blaschke and Terry Lamb, for her excellent article. In researching the 1918 pandemic I cam across some slightly different dates, and this site gives a detailed history with many documents. According to these sources, the flu first appeared in the spring of 1918 and then died off only to return with full, devastating force in the early autumn.

    This recombinant flu is likely to reappear in the fall of 2009 in much the same way for reasons that
    Terry points out in her article: the Jupter, Neptune (and Chiron) conjunction will repeat, along with Saturn Uranus, and the Saturn Pluto Square.

  3. Great post, Robert, and thanks for your insights, Terry and Lynn. I was thinking about the symbolism of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius, and how Aquarius is connected to science (either science as a solution — or source of — the problem) and also symbolizes humanity at large. Jupiter means “big” and “international” as well as “beneficial,” and Chiron to me means “leaks” as well as “alternatives.” Of course, we know Neptune’s connections to “deception” and “widespread diffusion” and “leveling” — all food for thought here. These symbols do not at all indicate containment or control, although there was a septile between Pluto and Chiron at the time of outbreak. At the latest equinox, Juno was in tight conjunction with Chiron and Neptune, all septile Pluto. Any thoughts out there on this?

  4. Thanks for the insights on how this conjunction is manifesting, certainly mass media and fear is part of the mix. My hope is that with the conjunction on the Moon of the USA chart that Jupiter will “help out” a bit and not be devastating in terms of deaths, and that the vaccine will be out shortly.

  5. You could also consider the quincunx from transiting Pluto to natal Neptune (the immune system)the sixth house to the first house (both about health and well being). As well as the trine from transiting Mars (fever) the highest point in the chart to the natal Neptune. The transiting south node passing over the first house Neptune may be of interest as well. Transiting Pluto is also in quincunx to natal Moon while opposing the natal Pluto which is at the midpoint between the natal Neptune and natal Moon.

  6. Interesting article, but would like to see some sources mentioned as to how one comes to these conclusions. For example, the ancient sages, such as Ali Aben Ragel mentions in his “El Libro Conplido en los Iudizios de las Estrellas” how to judge pestilence and famine. When one applies these sources, you can clearly delineate the chart and see what is happening, but even more so, make an accurate prediction.

    If you visit you will see a short discourse on this subject, that can be applied anywhere else and help determine the graveness of the situation, and when it will happen.

    This type of delineation is what the ancients would have done, and would have successfully achieved in their prediction.

    Hoping to expand our astrological view, I remain respectfully,

  7. For Centuries ancient sages approached these concerns in antiguity, understanding the importance that this subject had for Kings and noblemen. I would like to share with you, a translations from an unpublished Castillian book “El Libro Conplido en los Iudizios de las Estrellas” in which Ali Aben Ragel explains how we can identify Pestilance and Famine.

    Looking at the Mexico ingress chart, one can identify and know when this would happen, just by following the instruction.

    What is important about this short discourse, is the fact that one should use sources to identify what was left from our ancient. Just visit the following page;

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